Warhawk... revived!

I couldn’t find a thread for this.

Anyways, just got a ps3 last week and I’ve been addicted to this game! Finally, a large scale type game that isn’t cluttered with a bunch of useless shit. Anyone still play it?

Bought it the day it was released two years ago, and I still play it. Just a fun game that isn’t too serious. Could use a lot more online features & an offline story mode, but the game itself is fun.

I’ve had it for this entire year and I still play it xD

Though it’s taking a short break for Uncharted 2 ATM.

I always considered picking this game up, maybe I’ll give it a try now that I know some still play it.

I tried it recently, but I couldn’t get into it. Everyone was already too amazing for me to handle. It does look like a LOT of fun though.

There’s a lot of active people that still play Warhawk. We’ve had it since it came out and I still adore it. I’d play it constantly if the PS3 I used was actually mine and generally not inhabited.

But yeah, I’ve loaned my spare copy to people and they really got into it. Yet I found it was hard for some considering everyone online is pretty good.

Personally, I’m so much more efficient with Warhawk than Call of Duty. I prefer to be whooping ass as opposed to respawning all the time.