Warning: 8001050F Error -- You WILL NOT be able to login to PSN - CONFIRMED FIXED

Hey everyone,
Just aheads up:
Boot up my SF IV and wanted to play a few rounds today and was hit with this error code. Google-fu DID NOT give any fix for this besides calling SONY and hope you get free replacement. My network setup has been the same in the past six months and up-to-date with ps3 firmware. I can surf the web fine using the ps3 web browser.
I shut it off correctly(Quit Game–> turn off system) yesterday so i don’t think the issue is in the client side. I was able to farm souls fine yesterday in Demon’s soul the other day. The full error message is:

‘An error has occurred. You have been signed out of PlayStation Network.’

I hope SONY releases a fix for this. Its going to be crappy getting all those game trophies again :shake:.

the playstation network is down.

The big problem is that new games aren’t booting up at all. My heavy rain wasn’t and after some google searching some people have the same problem with darksiders. I don’t know anything about networking or issues it has but it seems really weird that it wouldn’t let the games boot up because it wouldn’t sync trophy info :confused:

Evidentally this is happening world-wide, supposedly on the older models mainly. It happened to me too. Glad I found out that code didn’t mean my account got hacked. But anyone having problems should post updates on here if they can.

Yea; you are right. Apparently the slim model of PS3 is not being affected by this. Some ppl are reporting trophies are missing/corrupted and saved data missing. Not going to be using PS3 until Sony says so otherwise. I did felt bad for the poor dude that had 300+ hours in Demons’ souls and now its gone:sad::sad:

well, stillllll down. Blah . . . wanted to actually download BadCompany 2 demo to see if it is worth getting Tuesday . . . and what do I get??? Sheeeesh . . . and then I though, well i can replay KZ2 since I was doing that already and it won’t let me either hahaha

I can’t play HD Remix because of this.

My stuff works…

60GB PS3 on my end…

Yep, it’s happening to me, too.

Tried to play Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 around 9:30PM EST and it just won’t boot up. System powers up and down fine, though!

I’ve been lucky and managed to avoid errors that bricked older PS3’s but I’m wondering lately when my luck runs out.

I thought maybe it had something to do with me cleaning the dust off my PS3 and the external fan (Pelican) that I have but that doesn’t make sense!

Good in a way to hear that it’s a software issue.

I hope it gets fixed soon!

I wonder if disabling the Internet connectivity will help at all? If it’s the network and you’ve been able to play offline fine I’d think it shouldn’t affect disc bootups. Disconnecting connectivity shouldn’t mean you can’t play a solo game.

That makes no sense at all!

exactly!!! Sony F’d up big time on that one. I mean, wow . . . i’m still speechless.

So I can’t play any of the PS1 titles I’ve downloaded. Most of the games of downloaded won’t boot like Bionic Commando or HDR, and the ones that will boot either give me error codes or say I haven’t unlocked the full game. Tekken 6 won’t boot either. Disabling network connection doesn’t do anything, I even unplugged the network cable on my PS3 and it didn’t do jack, I continue to get the 8001050F error code.

Fucking Sony.

Scary that everything you paid for can vanish with a simple firmware bug.

Hopefully what I’ve found from reading around that this is what’s going on.

Wait… is the rumor true? will we have to start paying to play online…

So…I GUESS psn is down or FAT ps3 are just unable to log on. I wanted to practice some…damn, oh well. Its not the worst thing, I mean, one day Nestle could stop making Quick.(aka Nesquick, to those born in the nineties.) Then I wouldn’t have anything to drink. ahh im gonna pour myself a glass of choco-milk and play some ssbb.

Disable the internet connection under the Network Settings, next manually change the date to 3/1/2010, and finally restart the PS3. This should allow you to play offline, but only if the game does not have any DLC that goes goes along with it, or if it’s a game that was dl’d off the PSN store.

EDIT: This will not work for all games. Ninja Gaiden 2 and Need for Speed Shift work fine offline (both games that need to sync trophies during start-up), but Dirt 2 (which does not sync on start-up) is not working. SF4 works fine btw, I never dl’d DLC for it.

oh, boy, now what?

I have a fat PS3 and mine works. IDK why everyone else is having problems…

Well aren’t you special.
I’m advising much like everyone else to not play your bugged PS3. My roommate just booted up Critter Crunch, which he beat, and there was no save file. Well there was one in the save data ultility, but the game didn’t load it, just started a new game. Might be unrelated, but probably isn’t. Just thought I’d let people know.