Warning: Don't send Hevad Khan money

The new Nigerian scam is pretending to be your friend who has lost their cell phone or other “normal” contact method and needs you to wire them money ASAP. In most cases these people will actually be contacting you from that person’s online account on AIM or Facebook.

Somebody posing as Hevad using his account is asking people related to SRK to send $300-1000 money transfers to his “friend” Steph Coleman or Edna Martinez and possibly others, promising a later payback. Other scammers have posed as other SRK members.

Do not do this. Do not give “Hevad” your account information. (Don’t ever give anyone your account information.)

According to Hevad, his account was hacked/hijacked, so block his AIM account (K1NGKh4NG) now:

People are being hit up on both AIM and Facebook at this point for this scam. Don’t fall for it. Have them call you. Since they have hacked that person’s account, they will definitely know just enough to be able to impersonate your friend. Be wary. Don’t wire anybody “emergency” money.

studio traffic never forget

although if kara can get a fully paid trip to SBO by posing as a girl…

As opposed to Studio Traffic, this is someone various people would have thought of as a friend/acquaintance asking for relatively reasonable assistance.

lol didn’t Hevad place top 8 in WSOP? someone must have made a bad bet.


everyone thought the same way of Duc too

Awesome. Totally unrelated to personal monetary transactions. Stop trolling. :tup:


hahahah oh good

but seriously, now we add the middle east to the list of people trying to screw others out of money on SRK

-middle eastern

Who in the fuck would send a millionaire money?

^-- I want to know why anyone would ever give anyone their account information ever.

First rule of being online: no one EVER needs your account information or ANYTHING related to your bank account.

Sheesh. If people are going to pay you back: use PayPal. Or a personal check if PayPal is a problem. Or a money order. THAT’S IT.

Hopefully we can either spare future victims or realize this was all a misunderstanding.

Given that it appears that a dude gave Hevad his account info and had that account hijacked, though -------

Yeah, I don’t know why anyone is ever dumb enough to give people their account information. That’s neither here nor there: the point is to raise the Shady Shit flag.

Ok, this has been going on for a few weeks or so, it IS NOT Hevad. I tried to make sure. I asked him how much I put on Yipes vs Justin and he was like, you didn’t bet on Justin or Yipes, you backed out lol… When I put $1500 and Hevad paid me straight up so I know it’s not Hevad. It’s a hacker who hacked into his account, please don’t mistake Hevad for some scammer. Because he isn’t one.

there was a thread about this on 2p2 about a month ago


Crazy. I’m sorry some people didn’t hear about it.

Yeah this happened a while ago.

^-- That’s cool that you knew about it. Ever think to tell others? :wink:

I feel bad for a friend that got hit for about $1k.

And how the fuck does your account get hijacked and you don’t bother to fix/clean it up for … a month or so afterwards?


Preppy, i dont think u pulled the shady flag I honestly think this thread is helpful in stopping further scams.

I was gonna post a thread myself. The strange part is you think its hevad because he even asked me about MvC2 first. Then proceeded.

Yeah, I knew it wasn’t Hevad. Guy got pissed when I refused to give him money. Anyone know who it is behind that hijacking? I’d like to break his fingers one by one with a hammer if I ever see him.

Thats exactly what i’m wondering.:rolleyes:

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