Warning/infraction feedback (or rather the absolute lack thereof)


I did something or other I guess and got banned for a month, and the thing is I have absolutely zero idea what it is. There’s no evidence of any warnings or infractions given or any information about such (presuming they exist).

They really can’t serve any purpose at all, if they don’t list somewhere what their causes are… especially with warnings. Getting a ‘warning’ that you never see and have no idea about is really messed up especially if it counts for real somehow in the system.


Just to be clear though, this isn’t so much about getting punished for breaking the rules, its about the way its impossible to tell what rule you broke, why they thought it was over the line, or anything else about the ‘incident’


the infraction should be in your PM box when you get one.


didn’t get one, guess this is an informal bug report then.

(although, having just seen what it’s like, it’s still a bit weird then, 'cuz you can’t see the infraction report until/if the ban expires, due to the total ‘you can’t even log out’ nature of even suspensions.)


Your last 2 infractions were for thread derailing in the John Nelson thread.


Honestly it’s not even about that, not gonna challenge people on the specifics of how I’m being moderated.

If anything I’m asking for clear feedback every time, maybe the old system where there was a message on an infracted/warned post that everyone involved could see.

Not at all expecting you redo a fairly complex portion of your site for malefactors, but still… as it is, instead of being instructive, its seems to more anger/embitter people. Clear feedback and leaving enough access after a ban to PM the mod and ask about the infraction (or even to file a complaint if it were incorrect) would do so much to help.

As it is you’re forcing people to break forum rules even further by creating an alt account if they want to do anything about the ban, and that doesn’t seem right somehow.


Yeah im not arguing with you here, its just how the software is built. If you want to see something changed, you will have to take it up with Xenforo. They are the software maker.