Warning- Not For The Pious -warning

OK guys… this is something crucial right here…

I just stumbled across a video of Passion of The Christ clips edited with Benny Hill music and comical sound effects…

If there’s a hell then I knew I was going there BEFORE I ROFLed at this.

:rofl: that was fucking hilarious. And fuck the uptight pious, I’m christian and I thought this was funny.

Ha! I haven’t seen that movie yet, but damn…the story is even more absurd when played visually for me to see. How is it that anyone believes that? But I digress., shit’s funny tho.

Added this to favorites with the quickness!

I remember seeing this on Viscant’s blog long ago, but it wasn’t until a couple of months ago that I gathered a thick enough skin/tolerance to watch it.

Now I feel the same way.

I felt rather bad the first time, but I realized that there were faults in the Passion did but too much glorification of the torture part of the thing, rather than the message of sacrifice/resurrection as a whole. Nevermind that I found the flick overelaborate/overlong (and yet didn’t quite enjoy it like I did, say, the Cecil B. DeMille Bible flicks).

It was the SPLAT! sounds during the hammering parts (and the Lance of Longinus) that broke me. :lol:+:looney:+:wasted:

Great find.

i say whip it

Eh, it was alright. Maybe being a Baptist interfered with me finding it too funny. I giggled at the sound effects though heh.

Watching ToyRobot’s link though, I discovered the original Whip It music video… Now WOW, THAT is hilarious. I can’t believe Devo ever thought that would be cool.


I don’t think Devo ever thought that would be cool. They were more into experimental and weird shit, they never gave a fuck about what was cool.

Though… that video is way cool.

Heh, yeah. Is there anything we can’t learn when we look to wikipedia? Apparently Devo heard a story about some out of work guy who started up a dude ranch and charged people money to come watch him whip his wife’s clothes off, so they wanted to make a video to make fun of it.