Warning: Posting "First" = Temp Ban

From now on, anyone posting “first” in a news thread, or any attempt to disguise it as a “first” post will receive a temp ban.

If you have nothing to contribute to a post, do not post. There is absolutely no reason to post “first” other than to get 3 seconds of useless e-fame. All it does is waste space and cause others to want to deride you… thus turning many news posts into collections of negativity.

I’m tired of deleting all of the retarded “first” threads over the last few weeks. So take this as your warning. Spread the word.

Again, don’t try to be witty and disguise it either… or you’ll receive a much longer ban for being a smartass.



first after numbers 1 and 2

First plus 3!

This is going to cut the front pages post by half.

As I see it.

Anyone else want to be a smartass? The entire point of this post was to stop people being idiots and starting/filling threads with useless shit. You may think you are funny… but you aren’t.

Enjoy your 3-day timeout.

Just curious why are you posting this in GD? No one does that shit here…

Probably because most of the people who have nothing to contribute post in GD.

…and lol at ViciousSlash getting banned.

I could make an announcement, but that’s kinda spammy anyway. I figure word will carry.

I think you’re better off posting this in the SFIV forum…Most of idiots in GD post only in GD…

Not true.

You mostly post in your asian wife.

[spoiler=]Not that you’re an idiot. Despite your Gief usage.[/spoiler]

As I see it.

Well, the warning has been tested and proven effective. I thought people had stopped doing this about the same time SF3 came out.


I was gonna say, I’ve never seen it in GD. SSF4 and MvC3 on the other hand… People even say first on their own thread.

Where have you been circa 03-09 - present?

As I see it.

It’s more meant for the front page. I posted here because I figured people would spread the word.

Trag, nobody here does it. I’d do an announcement. Or stick a copy of this thread on mvc3 and ssf4 boards. Most everybody here avoids those forums because they’re full of the same idiots who do shit like posting “first!” to a news thread.

Hope to see you at evo, man. You been using the dick in the beverage move at all?

I’m now eagerly awaiting the backstory to this.

I figured the people in this forum are smart enough to relay it to their friends =D.


People who post “first” in threads don’t have friends.

Just let the goofs in the mvc3 and ssf4 sections find out for themselves imo