Warning: Posting "First" = Temp Ban


Enjoy your time-out, hubcapsignstop. See you in a week.

ROFL, this is typically what happens someone posts first but they are 3rd or something lol

GD thread is policed quite well. You don’t see stupid stuff like that, dumb threads usually get trolled on other members

dick in a beverage sounds like someone didn’t strap up and now has a burning sensation.

And I hate when I go to other places like my hiphop sites and the first page is littered with people saying ‘First’, and people telling that person ‘Stop it you aren’t even first’…is it cool or something to be ‘First’?

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I hear certain deeply religious people find it so.

And rcadio even flat out said it was requisite for him, too.

We are talking about hymens, right?

As I see it.

Yeah, I just want people to know it’s going to stop. GD has some great mods, so as I mentioned, I figured that the people here and the mods can let their friends know, and they can let their friends know. It won’t be too long.

It’s just annoying to come read up on the news then go look at the comments and they are filled with idiots trying to get 3 seconds of e-fame by posting “FIRST” or by talking shit to the person that posted “FIRST”. There’s no need for it!

What is the purpose of posting “first”?

Someone explain this to me.

El oh El at the random bannings, dudes will probably invent the cure to cancer with all the spare time they’ll have not posting on SRK.

Pretty much all of GD agree with you, trag.

That’s all the other guys were saying.

The problem children - I’m not saying 09-10ers (but I will say they are post-08ers) - are all up in the SF4 and MvC3 forums/ancient Indian burial grounds.

And that’s where the threat of getting salt tossed onto them will do the most good.

The newer, friendlier SRK, man. :frowning:

I miss the hate… it was more civil.

As I see it.

The crazy thing is, creating this thread was supposed to stop stupid stuff from happening, but all it has done is create even more trouble. IRONY.

Trying to fix a problem that does not exist…you are wasting GD forum space, the same crime you accuse first-posters of committing…only they don’t actually exist.

No one does that in General Discussion. All this thread does is waste space and cause others to want to deride you… thus turning many news posts into collections of negativity.


I’m reporting this thread for trolling.

This board was the shit back in the day, with tons of quality post and actual original content. Now it’s like turning on the radio man, same shit just being regurgitated over and over. You used to be able to pick a random thread and get fresh comedy and now all I see is perpetual circle jerks and waaaay too many cats wasting time spamming “memes” or whatever the fuck it is that their shallow brains consider as humor today. Hell you can’t even lead by example cause niggas is to stupid to understand the mechanics behind why something is what it is. They just want the clif notes, secret formula, or whatever you want to call it to achieving notoriety since they don’t have or want another outlet to thrive in.

Interesting - I thought this fell under one of the existing rules about infraction-worthy posts. Something along the lines of adding a post with no value or something.

Is it just kind of a refresh of that rule?

Either way, it’s welcome.

… and here is a perfect example. This is the type of person that needs to stop trying to be witty. You aren’t original. We’ve been doing this for well over a decade and we’ve seen numerous variations of people trying to be the center of attention by posting absolutely useless crap.

This wasn’t about GD posters posting “FIRST”. It was about GD being a solidly moderated and quality forum on SRK of which I assumed the majority of users would rather spread the word than to be a jackass and perpetuate the uselessness. For the most part, I’ve been right, but there are always people that think their half-assed witty remarks are valuable.

Sure, you think it’s humorous. You think you “one-upped” the evil admin. Guess what, you get a nice little time out too.

Of course, I could just delete the post, but it’s much more informative to see such a useless post accompanied by username and “banned by administrator”.

See you in 3 days.

Hopefully you come back more useful… because if not, it’s easy to change the “3” to a “forever”.

The ones that were temp banned here have posted in other places and I think their title of “Banned By Administrator” will send messages out. I for one am tired of looking out for people, especially in the MvC3 new info thread, so I rather just watch them burn with the other idiots now.

…I don’t see why there’s such a backlash…this trend of posting “first” in any web forum or comment space was irritating since the day before forever.

Also, not a direct correlation, these kind of people would have totally been neg-bombed back in the day, wouldn’t have fixed anything but at least but I would have a laugh or two.

What a great chance to quote myself and update my original post.

I demand Mr. Cureton make me a mod and change my name to Leroy Jenkins for one day so that I can search the forum for the word “First” and decrease SRK’s populace by 70%. lol

wow seriously?? :confused:

Because he disagrees with you you’ve banned him wtf man.

It’s just a 3 day thing, but yeah this thread needs to be closed.

Nah, leave it open. It’ll die if it closes. An open discussion will allow the topic to spread faster.

But it’s not going to spread from here, is the point he was making…

All of the problem children that trag is trying to get to see sense, are too afraid to step into GD, lest they get stomped down, whine to a mod, and then have Valaris or RC disintegrate their very souls.

They stick to the SF4 and MvC3 forums, and the front page.

As I see it.

I was also going to say why not post this sickie in those subforums (not to mention other stuff) where this is actually an problem.

…But then I remembered that it wouldn’t matter since the people never bother to read stuff like they should in those areas, anyway.