Warning: Posting "First" = Temp Ban

So can I say premiero? Lol I keed

Lol I don’t see why we can’t say first anymore. If people are getting negative about it they need to chill out over an Internet post.

Not that I comment news anyway…

Probably because the people in charge of this site find it obnoxious and distracting from the real content of the site.

so if you disagree with a mod and get witty you get banned? but mods are allowed to do the same thing back without any repercussions…yeah make’s sense.

Being a mod has nothing to do with it really. Tragic helps run this site (or use to at least). Sitting around handing out infractions doesn’t work well when you can’t sit around and babysit the site. Mr. Wizard would probably have done the exact same thing.

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maybe…maybe not we dont really know it the end. but like its been mentioned before this was never an issue here. Also the idea that it would spread around seems silly since all we do is laugh at the front page comments anyways at how ridiculous they are.

touche hahaha

Glad to see this going into effect I thought srk was getting soft

Lol this thread…

I’m still failing to see how this is even something to care about. Why ban someone for saying first? It all just seems silly.

This qualifies as nothing to contribute.

Picture a CEO at the top of his company assuming everythings being run perfectly, then one day he visits the job, see’s a problem thinks up a quick fix and implements it without any planing. The quick fix may or may not fix the problem, but the big picture is you have people who deal with the problem daily and people who don’t really care what the problem is until it has already matured.

Ben might not be a CEO, but the point is there was a problem and it needed to be addressed. Wether this quick fix works or not the goal remains to solve the problem.

Does noone remember Mr.Wizards warning about using “…” ?

but…but I thought posting “first” was the beginning of my journey to many friendships! It shows the attentiveness that I have lurking on the website for so long that anything new that appears I am the most dedicated to have informed people that I was at the head of the line for reading it!

In other words I hate it. BUT…I do find it extremely satisfying to see someone do a regular reply to the topic and then have some dickhead post “first” in the second post. Post fail.


It’s working (so far). Haven’t been any “first” posts on any of the news threads today.

Eventually someone will do it, get a short temp ban, and then hopefully they won’t do it again.

Again, it wasn’t about THIS forum… this forum is fine, but it is the general forum… and it appears a lot of people still read it, regardless of whether they actually post or not.

Trag put up notice, whether the problem people see it or pray attention is on them. Ignorance is not an excuse, we already know they’re ignorant.

Either the idiots will get the hint when people get banned, or there will be a STEEP decline in posting in the problem sections. Win/win imo.


shits and giggles/Why the hell not?

Wow, you pretty much summed up my feelings. Things have changed A LOT since I joined; unfortunately for the worst.

So that idiots like you would stop spamming garbage, which removes the amount of trash from this site so that normal people could actually find the good content. Don’t even bother replying with “this site doesn’t have any content worth reading anyway” because I’ll tell you to “gtfo then” in advance.

Thank god, I mean trag, for finally doing something about this.

I don’t even lurk there anymore, got tired of all this “first” immature bullshit that people who are still mentally 4 years old post.

I just wanna thank Trag for finally getting on top of this completely useless style of posting. If i where him tho I would have just started banning. Either people would figure it out and stop, or go away which are both win/win situations.

There is something that annoys me far more than first it’s the “is he died” comments >_<

Haven’t seen that on SRK, touch wood.

Coming from the person who banned Lint for posting a legitimate complaint because the comment was “useless”. Under this definition of “useless” 75% of the posters in GD should have been banned at some point if not currently banned. I understand banning people for posting first in threads, despite me never seeing anyone post “first” in a thread on GD in my entire 9 years posting on SRK. Personally the “useless” standard is just a reason to allow you to ban whomever you feel like, especially if they say something directed at you. The mods on GD already do a great job and the problem you presented is non-existent on GD, so I don’t really understand the sudden outcry for regulation.

in b4 I get banned.

in b4 it proves my point.


Ok, seriously I don’t see any good coming out of this thread being left open. Trag, you’re welcome to reopen it if you need more inpute or discussion but in the meantime I’ll close it (leaving it stickied though).