Warning: Reminder to cancel ign insider subscription for evo2k9

I was just given a paypal notice that I have been charged by IGN for an additional year of insider subscription. I don’t ever recall that being part of the deal when I signed up, but apparently the auto renewal is buried in the fine print of the subscription terms. I’m hoping that other people will catch this early enough to go in and cancel their renewal before it is too late.

I know this is not strictly evo related, but most people last year would have signed up for IGN insider because of evo2k9.

Yup, I canceled mine last week.

Thanks. Mine was due for renewal in 6 days time. I had no idea about the auto-renewal.

Thanks for this! My subscription was going to renew in 3 days.

Wow, that is some shady bullshit.

Every subscription service has auto-renewal

have you guys been living under rocks?

Thanks for the heads up, I would have gotten hit in one day, glad I checked this forum. :tup:

Thanks! I just canceled – 1 day before the it was going to billed again!

oh man, just read this one hour before i would have been charged. thank god for this thread.:tup:

Yep, major Kudos. I completely forgot about this and I was meant to be charged today! :o

I got my cancellation in so it’s all good.

If they pre-billed you already, but you haven’t got to the actual renew date (because they do it 5 days before), they can reverse the charge, right?

thanks for the reminder

Damn I got auto-renewed already. Hate that crap man…

Bumping cause I missed this thread and fell for their BS.

Nope, but any time I’ve signed up for a subscription service online they’ve always sent me a reminder email in the lead-up to my next payment so that I can cancel it if I want. Not IGN apparently.

Nope. They’ll hit you with this;

** Please note that all subscriptions automatically renew and are non-refundable. User Agreement - IGN Entertainment

Holy crap, gotta go check that…

I’m pretty sure they said it was a one-time activation fee for life.

EDIT: I was set to renew in a day.

Thank you so much for this post, Mantle!

This should be stickied. I mean people’s money is at stake, it’s not much but you never know if that little bit is just enough to overdraft or something on a debit card or something else with a spending limit.


^Exactly what’s happened to me, I signed up with a paypal account linked to an old bank account that I don’t use anymore. It had like £3 in it and now I’m gonna need to go to the bank tomorrow cause Paypal and my bank say it’s too late to refuse the transaction. IGN aren’t going to do anything about it.

I tried even nominating the first post for an article on the offchance.

Good idea. I also nominated it.

Thanks guys. I was lucky that after I was charged, I cancelled everything immediately (within minutes of being charged) and disabled autopay on the paypal side, opened a ticket with IGN’s customer service a polite email explaining my situation, and they offered to cancel the renewal for me. However, my subscription was cancelled as of the date of the renewal, not on the date of the expiry, so I lost a few days of subscription and wasn’t able to d/l the HDR pool matches that I wanted to. Oh well, not really complaining though.

If you’re charged, you might want to try asking nicely for them to undo it, you never know.


They never fucking posted additional content, for a whole month, the site kept saying: We will post more videos soon. THEY NEVER FUCKING CAME.

I only signed up so that I can watch stream videos in HD that I missed, but they only had like top 8 videos. 15$ for like 10 vids? what fucking bullshit.

Thanks OP, I had 10 days left till my subscription renewed.