Warning: Street Fighter 4 hackers


well i was at my friends house the other day and i was watching him play sf4 ON PS3. he was playing a ranked match and won by a long shot he destroyed that guy. well like always he got a message we thought it was the usual hate mail and it was, but this one was a little bit different it had a picture attache to it. so he then selected the picture and it was nothing next you know all his battle points were fucking gone and all his characters we went to the memory save file and it said corrupted WTF. i just want to warn everybody about this so it doesn’t happen to you guys. let me know what you guys think ?:amazed:


wow that sucks. thanks for the heads up.


yup just letting you guys know about the bull shit the noobs do


Seems pretty unlikely. Maybe your friend’s save data happened to become corrupted just at that time.