WARNING: Thief Alert

Hello, fighting game community. I feel this warning message is long overdue. If I posted this earlier it could have saved a lot of people trouble, so I apologize that this came out so late. :\ This is a very long message so if you don’t want to read all the details, scroll down to the emboldened “short version” or the “very short version”. Throughout this post I will refer to people by their first initial because I’m not sure if they want to be mentioned here.

Long story: Two years ago around this time of year Kevin Park (NOT SACRAMENTO KEVIN PARK), a guy whom I considered one of my close friends at the time, borrowed $400 from me. I forget his exact reasons, but he was going through financial problems and I lent him the money because 1. he had a decent job, and 2. he was a good friend whom I thought I could trust. He promised to pay me back before Evo, which was fine. A couple weeks before Evo came I reminded him about it, he said “Sure, sure I can pay you back, no problem”. A few days before Evo came, he gave the same story. After Evo I told him to just make sure he paid me back before school started (he went to Pepperdine in SoCal, so if he left for SoCal it’d be really hard to contact him). He said okay. Once again, same story.

I was patient with this because (I would like to think) I’m a good friend, and I trust my friends. He came back up for winter break and still didn’t pay me back, not even a dollar. I was annoyed at this because I always saw him at the arcade spending hella money, going out to eat all the time, etc. so I complained about it to my friend K. His response surprised me – K said Kevin borrowed $350 from him and it was the same story as mine. K and I both go to SVGL and that’s how we met Kevin Park. Bad news, right? It gets worse.

Another good friend of mine (and Kevin’s at the time), A, works for a certain electronics company. Kevin asked A if he could purchase a $900 laptop through A because of A’s employee discount. A agreed and paid for the laptop and had it shipped to Kevin since he was in SoCal at the time. I’m not sure what their exact terms for the payment were, but Kevin had promised to pay A back, and hasn’t paid him a penny. This was about a year ago and this happened to A because he didn’t know about what happened with me and K months before.

There are other known instances of Kevin borrowing around $100~200 sums from others, so many I can’t even list them all here.

You might think, “Okay you guys are stupid for letting him borrow that much money, I’d never do that not even for a friend, why do I care?”

But it isn?t only limited to ?borrowing? from friends. Kevin has begun to take money directly from people’s wallets. Friends who go to SVGL who I have warned about this person think to themselves “Okay, as long as I don’t let him borrow money I’m safe”. Well after having him over to session at their house, money is mysteriously missing from their wallets. In one case, my friend E realized he had $40 missing from his wallet, as well as his mom’s wallet completely missing without a trace. Another friend had a clean $100 bill missing.

Because of this, recently a lot of the people mentioned above, the mom whose wallet got stolen, and I visited his house to talk to his parents about it. They took our name and numbers down but haven’t called us back - so they basically don’t give a fuck and don’t plan on doing shit.

Let it be known that I?ve confronted Kevin Park numerous times about the money. Each time he just turns around and immediately leaves without uttering a word. He won?t discuss anything with any of us, and at this point he tries to go to SVGL at odd times in order not to be spotted by anyone he owes money to.

**Short story: So basically Kevin Park (not Sacramento Kevin Park) has stolen an estimated sum of $2400+ from my friends and me, every single one of them are people he met at SVGL. If you don’t know who he is, he’s a scrub 3S player as well as a IIDX player. He used to go to AI, SVGL and other arcades just like all of us, that’s how we all met and became friends. Once he exhausted my friendship, he moved onto the next person and got money from them, too. He?s even stooped to stealing from ?friends? wallets recently. I’m not saying this to “start shit” or ruin his life. I’m posting it because it feels like every week I hear about some new person from our arcade falling for the Kevin Park scam and I feel like if I had come forward and said something earlier, they would have known better (even though I keep thinking I’ve told hella people already, some just don’t listen too -________-). I also posted this in bemanistyle forums because Kevin Park also plays music games and is known in that crowd, as well as in SoCal forums since he went to AI and other places down there; hopefully none of those guys got hit too. Jason (SVGL manager) has banned Kevin Park and is just waiting for someone to get him pictures, which will happen by the end of the week. But please, please still be on the lookout for this. **

The very short story: Kevin Park is a leech/thief; stay away from him.

Also if you have any suggestions for how I or any of the others can deal with this situation please PM me or post.

Again, anyone who didn’t know about this before and got hit, I’m really sorry for not getting it out as I’m pretty certain I was the first person it happened to. I was patient and didn’t want to get the word out because I had faith he would still pay me back, and when he didn’t I thought he would learn from his mistake. Unfortunately, I think the only thing he learned is how easy it is to make friends and systematically steal from them.

Hey guys, just don’t mistake this Kevin Park with the Sacramento tournament organizer Kevin Park. The Kevin Park in sac is LEGIT.

Yeah sorry, I didn’t take into consideration that Park is a really popular Korean name… as well as Kevin as a first name. ><! This guy I’m talking about probably has never been to Sac. He’s strictly south bay, and scattered around SoCal arcades occasionally. Sorry legit Kevin. ><

Sacramento Kevin Park has nice hair and man pecs. /truestory

Which one has a user name here?

The one I’m referring to goes by “traqueofziche” on SRK… doesn’t post a lot but he goes to SVGL a TON. He mostly plays music games and he’s jacked most of us in that community but he’s increasingly starting to steal from 3S, Tekken, SFIV, etc people which is why I felt it necessary to post this.

very short story is the best one

hahahaha I LOL’ed IRL! Sacramento Kevin Park suggests to get as close to him as possible (trust wise/Relationship) and rob this imposter blind. /realtalk I was like woah when i saw my name, like what did i do this time. I’ve been out of the game for so long.

cmon son… someone needs to pop that pussy. that fool should be dead by now lol. i kno ur super nice but if its that bad u need to get a big ass motherfucker to hold that nigga upside down and shake the lunch money out his pocket.

fuck a thief.

That seriously blows. :<!

Does anyone have a picture of him, so I know who to avoid?

Ok. I’ll be serious on this matter. What you need to do is take this fool to court (small claims $5000 and under). And have any evidence that this was indeed a loan. Telephone calls, emails,text anything to prove that he borrowed money from you guys. Also get all the victims info that he scammed or have them show up in court or an affidavit. Verbal contracts are still strong in your case and hold up very well in court. File a claim against him with all the other victims. Have an officer subpoena him (cost like $40) or you can do it yourself and have him show up to court. If he rejects or doesn’t show you auto win. Hope this helps and please take my suggestion into consideration.

-Kevin Park (Legit one)

is this the same kevin park that used to work with us?

This guy.

Santokitokiya thanks!! I was planning on doing that as my next step since talking to his parents didn’t work out. I have a bit of evidence but I’m not going to talk about it on here cuz it’s a forum that he’s likely to read. It also helps that my uncle is a cop. :smiley: Thank you for the specific advice!

And Ronny, no it wasn’t the Kevin Park that worked with us at Circuit. That Kevin DID get banned from SVGL anyway though cuz he went there drunk and broke one of the maxitune screens. lol that guy was an idiot but I kinda miss him.

Hey good luck with your court claim. I hope he gets what he deserves!

word? man he seemed super chill when we would play 3s at SVGL

that sucks

He shames my name…! and look. But np yan i hate shady ass people and i hope he gets his just deserts. Karma will catch up with him 10 folds. It’s only a matter of time.

If he goes to Pepperdine then he probably fears God. Give him that Christian guilt, and if he’s had enough of the religious kool-aid, perhaps he’ll feel like it’s the right thing to do and pay you back. Tell him God will hate him until he pays people back.

I think I met this fellow recently.

I believe he plays Necro in 3s.

just find him and beat the shit outta him then take his shoes.

I understand the shoe taking back in the wars but what meaning does it hold for the present? D:

Anyway, hope you get your money back, I’m sort of in a similar situation but I know where the guy lives and he doesn’t have a job or anything so I’m just waiting, guess it’s convenient living in Hawaii, haha.