WARNING: Thief Alert

Hey I posted this in NorCal forums, I don’t want to be spamming it everywhere but I think it’d be unfair not to give you guys a heads up too, as this person has lived in SoCal for a while. They live in NorCal now but they still visit down there and I’d hate to see people in SoCal, especially AI, get hit by this.


man thats some bullshit… can we get a pic of this *** in case he wants to start using an alias or some shit?

that way we can ban his ass from ever coming to wnf or whatever function where people have valuable games/controllers/consoles

i fucking hate thieves.


Dime_x: You should give Shglbmx a heads up. Better yet, go to the original thread, print this prick’s pictures from the original thread and hand them to Shglbmx personally. I would hate to see any stupid shit like this happen at WNF

a pic from the multiple threads

Notice the mole on his upper-right lip (your left).

He will be auto-banned from FFA. Thanks for the heads up! <3

Hey Kevin, if you’re reading this, you’re still welcome to come to dreamlab anytime (b^_^)b

Wtf. This is lame to hear. I’m not a violent person but this fool should get thrown down AI’s stairs if he comes in there.

I think I’ve seen him before.

I’ll be sure to let you guys know if I run across him at AI or Super.

hey i know who he is

plays Ibuki/makoto