Warning to anyone playing or considering buying MvC2 off PSN

So yea, I bought MvC2 when first released, of course the bugs were ridiculous. But I never thought, ever that a downloaded game could mess up your ps3. Of course I put up with all the freezing, disconnections, having to restart system. But this time it was too much, I always find it funny when these bugs/glitches happen. So I’m with my friends playing the game, I noticed something wrong and decided to record it with my Iphone. Don’t mind the crappy video quality or the people in the background, we are retarded gamers lol. Anyways here is the video. This was the last and final match of MvC2 played and also the death of my ps3 game froze my ps3 after the match, did a restart and it didnt turn back on


a warning to everyone, this happened a week ago or so, ps3 is still dead.