[WARNING: Violent Content Inside]

23 Seconds of the Mexican Drug War

As someone who lives in a Mexican community, I get first hand information of the slaughter going on just south of the border. Many of my homies have family members who have been affected one way or another by the war. One of them had and uncle who was shot in the neck because he was in line at a street vendor. They were trying to hit some other guy but he got caught in the crossfire. It reminds me so much of my motherland Brazil. Where wars on the street in the favelas claim untold amounts of people. Gunfire is so common you just drowned it out instead of covering. I can just imagine how people in Mexico must be feeling.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the Mexican people having to live thourgh this bullshit. I know how it feels to be under siege. I hope a resolution to this conflict comes quick.

Now, what can be done to stop the Cartel power in Mexico? Should we legalize drugs to stop the black market? Should we put stronger restrictions on guns in Texas where they get their weapons from?

Basically the reason we have this is because there’s pig headed people who don’t get that the illegality of drugs creates a lucrative black market. Also don’t count on Texans to take restrictions on guns. I know all the conservatives in my states don’t go anywhere without their mutated anthrax… for duck hunting.

Fuck you. When you take a gun in your hand and decide to shoot up innocent people, it’s your own fault and nobody elses.

I really don’t understand this response. Where was HJ saying it wasn’t someone’s own fault for shooting someone else?

Thats definately a big part of it.

Did those guys shoot one of their own?

^ I think so, he was the only one to be dragged away alive. I watched the video twice. This is sad and raw rolled up into a giant cluster fuck. Just watching, it was so real it was scary. One second they were standing then the next they’re straight up dead, like as in muhfucking gone forever that quick. That’s some powerful shit.

Back off you mother canucker. All I’m saying is even if it was proven the people who are a part of the drug cartels got their guns from Texas and adding restrictions would help that even then conservatives wouldn’t give a shit. It doesn’t even matter that their kids (and a portion of the adults) are the ones buying the drugs and causing the fucking problem.

You ever wonder why people want to jump the fence? Could it have something to do with the drug cartels shooting people in the streets? Have you ever seen someone dragged out of their car by the mafia then have to bow your head and pretend you didn’t see anything because the police are on their pay roll? That’s what they have to deal with every day, and yet all people want to do is piss on them. Fuck em’. They aren’t our people, right? We can pour billions into Iraq, but we can’t be bothered to give a shit about our next door neighbors. Neighbors who are directly affected by the garbage we’re tossing over the fence with our vices and moral hypocrisies.

WOW!! THat video was insane:shake: I feel bad for all of the regular people that are living amidst this nonsense. An unarmed security guard who’s worst fears were realized.:sad: It was definitely a message shooting of the police commander. It’s extra sad b/c now their daughter who just had surgery has to grow up without a father and mother.

Stuff like this makes me sick every time I hear about it. The thing is that stuff like this will continue to happen regardless of what actions are done. Doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do anything( every thing possible should be done); it’s just that it wil most likely continue to occur.

Seeing those ppl die was pretty harsh, too! You always see ppl die in games or movies, but seeing actual ppl die was much more poignant! You know that the director can’t call cut so that they can stand up again and move on with their lives. My prayers are with the little girl and the other families that lose loved ones to this nonsense.

Like I said a while ago, we should have just invaded Mexico. They have some of the nearest terrorist to us, but I’m not one for politics and all so meh. I’m probably wrong.

This shit happens every day. I’ve had family that had drug cartels do drive bys on their streets with a fucking RPG. I don’t know exactly what the weapon was, but my cousin described it in Spanish as a “Explosive Cannon” so I’m assuming it was some kind of RPG. They’re not even poor by Mexican standards either, they are actually middle class, so it’s not even like this only happens in the poor streets. I honestly think a middle class Mexican would happily trade places with a black person in Harlem on just about any given day of the week.

Police chiefs get assassinated for trying to stop corruption, and hell there was one who didn’t even last a day. It’s really a sad situation, and of course the big hypocrisy is how some people are so “proud” for helping the people of Iraq. People who never even asked for nor wanted our help. And yet we can’t help the people right next to us who would like nothing better than assistance. Our philosophy is we should beat back the people trying to get over the fence with a broom and let them take care of their own shit. Because it’s not like we caused the problem …

Damn, I shouldn’t have watched it. I feel all shitty now. :sad:

One of the shooters did shoot his buddy. He had to be carried out and they had to pick up his gun.

It’s scary to see these people get shot up so quickly. But more disturbing is that the final shooter puts in some extra bullets to the bodies lying motionless on the floor. :shake:

I’m pretty much speechless…

I’m pretty damn sure they didn’t buy their AKs from some random gun shop.

Wow, that was some powerful shit. Videos like that make you realize that you could go real quick and without warning.

wow, not even sure what happened there.

but american drug policy isn’t the cause of this. the failure of the mexican government to run their country is. does mexico even have a military? and if so, what the fuck are they doing with their time?

Where do you think the cartels are getting the majority of their money? The mexican police and even the military is constantly out-manned, out-gunned, and outspent in every way imaginable.

If they are getting guns from Texas. Just hypothetically speaking. Do you really think the people would give enough of a shit to pass restrictions on it in Texas?

is there anything any one of us could do to survive that?

also is it normal to be extremely pissed at those guys after watching the video?

Wow those guys have no souls. Especially the guy who shot again after everybody was down just because the woman was moving a little.

Fuck, I shouldn’t have watched that. :mad: :sad: