[WARNING: Violent Content Inside]

What was it? “Uzis Aren’t Made In Harlem”? I think that was the quote.

Nothing short of heartbreaking. :sad:

Damn I was not ready for that at all. I have had family affected by these people and my hatred for these people has grown even more.

Yeah, this was fucking bullshit. Shows how fast random (or in this case, not so random) things can just happen. Just like that.

On a lighter note, Shin Akuma’s avatar is love. DAI fucking owns.

I was angry when I first came into this thread and read the news article; my response to HJ was just a backlash at a response which I felt was trying to shift the blame. Cooled down now, my condolences to your family members who have been involved in this mess. Yes, there are a lot of factors that contributed to this mess, but you can’t really oversimplify it. I’m going to stay out of this thread until I educate myself more on the matter.

So are you saying that the U.S. has a responsibility to help Mexico?

Also those guys had automatic AK’s. Those are NFA firearms that are heavily regulated in the U.S. Owners of NFA’s are subject to regular inspection by the BATF. So they could not have come from the U.S. I’m not saying that you’re claiming that the AK’s originated from the U.S. but it’s good to clarify on this point.

This is all true. Freaks me out to go out in public or even at home. It was dark in the house and I kept thinking all these morbid thoughts. I was going upstairs from being in my basement and I felt unnerved. Like what if some robber, saw the house was dark, thought no one was in here and came in and I didnt know? Im freaked out by it.

If more kids and more people who thought they were badass saw this vid, they would shut the hell up. I dont think theres anything they could have done to survive. Even if you were lucky and played dead, the one guy shot after to make sure you werent seeing or feeling anything.

Yeah their lives were taken pretty quick, but the man being a police commander and the wife of a cop. They probably known in the back of their heads it was gonna pop off like that one day.

I just find it interesting conservatives felt the “need” to help out Iraqis yet they feel absolutely no obligation to Mexico. Their outdated notions of temperance did not work for alcohol and only served to help create the black market that ends up killing innocent people in Mexico. It’s just so stupid. If people want to kill themselves on drugs then let them. You can create jobs by legalizing it and you can heavily tax the product like we heavily tax every other vice. It’s what we did with alcohol and cigarettes. I wonder why innocent people should have their country taken over by drug cartels because we feel the need to “protect people from themselves.” The people who would overdose will end up overdosing anyway the only difference is their money goes to drug cartels instead of our American economy. Keep in mind the people we sponsor with our big American dollars are not only involved in drugs, but also human and organ trafficking. They are the worst of the worst and we solidify their power through our stubbornness.

Our utter inability to learn from history pains me greatly. One look at prohibition and Al Capone should tell you everything you need to know about this issue. Also because I know I will be asked: I don’t do drugs. I’m straight edge. No drugs, no alcohol, not even promiscuous sex. I think drugs are fucking stupid and I think they ruin lives. I just also happen to think true freedom means allowing people to ruin their lives in whatever way they choose. What difference is there between ruining your life with drugs and ruining your life with laziness? Or by spending all your time playing video games or spending every day at a club? Just about anything can be a waste depending on your perspective. Why is this so different?

Also, notice how these idiots shot their own guy by accident. Crazy murders happen in the US too but I highly doubt something like that would happen here in broad daylight in a busy area with no one getting caught.

These videos don’t make me sad but more so angry. I could torture those gunman.

Higher- Makes a good point. If people are going to snort, smoke, shoot up themselves into oblivion that’s the choice they make and they have the right to do it.

I agree with you for the most part, but what’s stopping drug Cartels from going after the corporations who selll these drugs?

^ Good point. They might start a war here but they will not have the advantages like they have at home. Plus it will stretch their numbers so as having less people to fight at home. Me rambling…

Cartels are fragile: do you seriously think they have the balls to attack an American corporation?

For one our army is actually a army. Secondly, do you really think they can even dream of competing with the American corporation? Corporations have massive price breaks from buying in bulk, legitimate investors, and their own brand of enforcers known as the U.S. government. When real money is involved mom and pop drug cartels will falter in the face of big business. That is the way these scenarios always play out.

i dont know if legalizing drugs would solve the problem entirely but im sure it would help, and im all for it. Shit like this use to be common in the US when alcohol was outlawed.

But what’s the option? Legalization? No one has come up with a reasonable answer, or a rough draft on a system to monitor distribution of drugs. I’m a pretty liberal guy, but I don’t see hard white being made legal as a resolution. A lot of the cats I know who are saying simple-minded shit like “Let’s just legalize all drugs!” have never had to get a monkey off of their backs. They haven’t seen it touch a loved one or a friend and they fail to cough up a proper way to control usage/dosage when it comes to the US.

I’m not saying you’re one of those jackasses at all, so don’t take it as that. I’m just lost as to what the solution is.

…and guns…yeah. Don’t get me started on Texas. Before I left Lackland AFB from Basic, I had been offered a Kalashnikov, an M240 and a few M16s, all under the table. There’s no reason for that much fucking hardware on the street. None. Shit’s stupid.

Though, the same thing happens in Canada, trust me. A guy who came up for a WW2 recreation offered to sell a WW2 flamethrower to a friend at the shooting range my wife and I attend. Psychotic motherfucker even “demonstrated” in the lot with. If people want guns, they’ll find a way to get them.

cocaine still can’t be grown in america, at least not with the yields that south america gets so cartel coke will either still be flooding the streets or corporations will be forced to do business with them…this is of course assuming cocaine was legalized, which it won’t be. your entire argument falls apart when you admit, “i think drugs are fucking stupid and they ruin lives.” that’s the precise reason why they’re illegal. there’s no ground swell of citizens that are pushing for the legalization of drugs, if you put “legalize all drugs” on the ballot that shit would fail in every state guaranteed. conservatives aren’t ruining mexico, mexicans are ruining it.

the mexican government sucks ass. they can’t and don’t try to stop their people from illegally crossing the border and now they can’t even handle the people that are still over there from killing themselves. maybe you’re right, we should stop what we’re doing in iraq and colonize mexico right quick to put them on the straight and narrow. there are oil fields in mexico, right?


I respect your opinion. However, one of my best friends is currently addicted to cocaine and I have tried everything to get him off of it. I’ve confronted him, talked to his mom, his girlfriend, and tried to get him to go to rehab. I’ve failed on all counts to get him off the stuff permanently, but that really isn’t what this is about. My friend still got addicted and still ruined his life while cocaine is illegal (he’s lost several jobs because of it and still lives with his parents). This has several implications. Firstly, if he welches on his debts he won’t have to answer to a credit company like he would if it was legalized. He will have to answer to a drug dealer who will break his legs or worse. Secondly, it means it’s harder for him to hold a job when he tests positive for drugs which is not something a alcoholic or a smoker, for example, would have to worry about. And lastly, he is addicted even though it is illegal which means he’s giving money to drug cartels he would otherwise be giving to our economy, and as a result those drug cartels are more able to eliminate perceived threats in places like Mexico and other 3rd world countries where their drugs are harvested.

I will restate it again because it is what is at the heart of the matter: Even though it’s illegal he is still addicted. People who are determined to have the drug at all costs will obtain it whether it is legal or not. The only difference legalization would make is where his money goes and how that money is used. Currently it’s used for guns that kill police officers and civilians. Alternately it could be used to bolster our economy. I don’t know how to make policy so I can’t say exactly how drugs should be distributed. The stronger stuff could be obtained via prescription or something of that nature. Again I don’t know. But surely there is someone out there who can make a reasonable system. The only thing I will concede is I am not the person to make that system.

Seriously though, ask yourself this one question: Should the innocent people in these 3rd world countries have to pay for the fuck ups in our country who have every advantage and opportunity to quit? I know it isn’t easy, but it’s also not fair to the innocent people on that surveillance tape and it sure as hell isn’t fair to the people subjected to this level of violence on a daily basis.

AK’s are easy to mod to be full auto. I doubt that’s what happened, nor do I think those particular guns came from the US. Most of the weapons causing problems around the world are cold war stock, stuff the USSR was passing out like candy. I also don’t think all of them were using AKs. It looked like the third guy, the one you only see in the last camera’s view, was carrying some other weapon, some m16/m4 knockoff I’d guess. Vid is hard to tell but I think I see the front and a multi position buttstock.

This is some really sick shit though. It didn’t even seem real and I didn’t feel a reaction to it when the first camera’s perspective was playing. It was like it was a movie. The third camera’s view though got through to me. There was something so casual and sick about the way they moved and acted, especially when he took out the pistol to shoot one more time.

I guess it was because the one guy was a cop. I can’t imagine choosing to be a cop in an area like that. Must be terrifying for them and their families.

I would have bought this. Seriously. I can’t imagine I’d ever use it, but it would be a cool thing to have hanging around as an antique. When I’m old I could tell the neighborhood kids stories about when I was in ww2, and only later will they realize that I’m just a crazy old fuck.

Thurst, were you speaking to me or H. Jin?