Warpticon's Big Save My Behind Sale

So, i’m not sure exaclty how to handle this. But, basically, I’m selling everything I own, in no particular order, until I have $300 or more, and I need it by Friday at the very latest.


Q: How did this happen?
A: Well, rent is past due, and some of the money I was supposed to be getting to pay it didn’t come through. One of my roommates has been having health problems, so he couldn’t kick in on the bills because of medical expenses. He’ll have that at the end of the week–in the meantime, I’ve had to do some substituting, and now I’m dead broke and unsure if I’ll have the money to take care it by Friday, and I kinda need to live somewhere.

Q: Why not just ebay this stuff?
A: My Paypal account was screwed up until today so I couldn’t sell on ebay or anything, because I had no way to access the money if I got it. I haven’t used the account in years, and it was linked to an old expired email address, so I couldn’t even change settings–plus I had an expired debit card that didn’t get replaced until today. I did sell something nearly two weeks ago, and I finally got the money from it and shipped it out today. I would have shipped same day or next day had it not been for that. Now, I’ve got a three day window, and that’s just not enough time for an auction, payment, and receipt of payment.

Q: Don’t you have a job?
A: Yes and no. I’ve been functionally unemployed for the last several months. My lack of reliable transportation and lack of a working phone have limited my ability to find employment, and what I’ve been able to find hasn’t been consistent. A month ago, after calling my job for a week to see, yet again, if there was any work, I used up my last quarters in the pay phone, so i essentially quit.

Q: How are you on the internet if you’re that broke?
A: Because it hasn’t gotten disconnected yet. I’m posting this at 6:49 PM CST. By the time I get out of the shower when I finish typing this up, it could be out. If it is, I’m going to my mom’s house until further notice, as I need internet to coordinate any of this stuff as well as to do my job.

Q: Okay, so you’re asking for donations?
A: No, I’m basically offering all this various crap I own to anybody that wants it and can get money to me in 48 hours or so. Now, if anybody decided they want to donate, I’m not in any position to turn it down, but that’s not what I"m going for.

Q: Don’t you play guitar? Are you selling those?
A: No, because those are already in a pawn shop.

Q: You post on SRK, you probably got a lot of good gaming stuff.
A: Not really, but it’s available if you want it. Ryu anniversary gamepad, spare Beatmania US controller and game, Taiko Drum Master controller and game. Two Dreamcasts (one works, one doesn’t, and I have no idea which is which, so I guess you’d get them both), one Saturn, two PC Wingman gamepads, few random PS1 controllers, and like 3 PS2 games. I also have a handful of fogettable DVDS. I also have a DM2 dj controller and a Creative Prodikeys PC-MIDI keyboard/keyboard combo.

Q: That’s all? Do you have anything?
A: I have rouglhy 1200 Transformers.

Q: So let’s say I buy something from you. When am I going to get it?
A: If the money clears before 4PM, I’ll ship the item same day. If it’s after, I’ll ship first thing the following morning.

Q: So this all ends Friday?
A: Probably not. I’ve got a near 3 month old pile of clothes in my closet that desparately need to be cleaned, and it’d be nice to eat something that’s not ramen or get my instruments out of the pawn shop, so I don’t intend to cut off exactly at $300 or Friday. But that’s the most important part–I absolutely need $300 by Friday at the latest. I’ll take $400 by friday, or $500 by Sunday, if that’s what it takes.

Q: Why aren’t you on the streets hustling up something?
A: This stuff is not easy to sell quickly and locally. I drove around to 10 or so pawnshops trying to sell these Technics speakers I got, and all I got out of it was a quarter tank of gas lighter.

I guess that’s all for now, except for, I guess, posting a list of Transformers. Any of my nine Devastators, my accessoryless Predaking, my still-in-package Wal-Mart exclusive Transmetal Rattrap. I have pretty close to every Armada figure that came out, and the first half or so of both Energon and Cybertron. I have all of the Alternators but about four, a first issue 20th Anniversary Prime, yellow and black Unicrons a spare Cybertron Prime robot without the armor, and more if I get to digging, dating back to the first series. I’m really not wanting to sell my Hasbro reissues, but if it comes to it, I will. I can post pictures of anything as soon as I figure out how. (my camera is missing, and this one I borrowed isn’t compatible with my card reader).

just build a house with your transformers


I will take the Saturn as long as it works, just tell me what you want for it.

what bout that music equipment an such??? transformers is not gonna work… pawn shops are not gonna give u jack… take that shyt to memphis an work ya equipment an multi programs that you have an stuf… just some suggestions.

edit: no family to lean on?? srk should be a DEAD NO ONE TO GO TO resort…

All my ish is software. My sound card is serious–cost $450 new, but the company is defunct and it’s never getting vista drivers, so I can’t get shit for it. I monitor through an old stereo with a busted 6 disc changer. My main PC doesn’t work for some reason I haven’t been able to figure out, and it’s been like that since late October of last year because I haven’t had the money to try to fix it. Etc. This has been a really, really bad last 10 months or so.

His mom is one of the ones that ran up his credit card in the first place.

ok… understood, but no OTHER FAM… outside partnaz?

just sayin… not tryin to be a bitch/ass/prick but srk is my fuc the world resort. i know warp is into music so maybe he has some connects favor for a favor… again… just sayin

I usually help my mom out. Just…not that way right now. And all my peoples are tapped out. Dad’s got the two kids and wife and grandparents’ health and stuff…and they’ve all helped out semi-recently as it is. I’m not going to dry up the well, and it’s not like I’m asking for money for nothing…just selling stuff.

How much for the beatmania control? Want another one.

im not really sure what you have to offer. can you list things that you have other than transformers?

I’m seeing US bundles going starting at around $45, so for just a IIDX controller…how’s $25 sound?

what are the ps2 titles youve got?

PM me your address. I’ll send something Friday after I get paid. Better yet…gimme your number and I’ll see if I can wire something directly. Hey, y’all helped me out in my time of need, I can do the same when I get paid friday.

Haha…Transformers (the Atari one based on Armada), Beatmania US, and Taiko Drum Master. :lol: