Warrior (TV Drama-Action Series 2019) - Discussion Thread

So I happen to find this new Drama-Action TV series that just recently debuted on Cinemax with Asian leading actors/actresses. It is a series that is based on concepts from Bruce Lee, with his daughter Shannon Lee as the executive producer. I still cannot comprehend how this series has been flying under the radar.

Premiere Date: April 5, 2019 on Cinemax.

Official Site Link: https://www.cinemax.com/warrior

Set at the times of the Tong Wars in the late 1880s in San Francisco, California. The series follows Ah Sahm, a martial arts prodigy originating from China who immigrates to San Francisco and ends up becoming a hatchet man for the most powerful Tong in Chinatown.


Main Cast (Not all Actors or Actresses will be listed)
Andrew Koji as Ah Sahm
Olivia Cheng as Ah Toy
Jason Tobin as Young Jun
Dianne Doan as Mai Ling
Kieran Bew as Officer “Big Bill” O’Hara
Dean S. Jagger as Dan Leary
Joanna Vanderham as Penelope Blake
Tom Weston-Jones as Richard Lee
Hoon Lee as Wang Chao

Screenies & Gifs (Screenies and Gifs are blurred in case people don’t want spoilers)


I’ve seen the first 2 EPs and it certainly has potential. I’m glad they didn’t hold back on the racism and degeneracy of that era.

I still find it funny they’re using a Japanese/ White-looking mixed dude to play 3/4th Chinese. He looks like he used to model for Calvin Klein, but I guess they needed him as the main protagonist for the “broad ethnic appeal” otherwise the show wouldn’t have gotten any funding.

I like how the Chinese dialogue slowly shifts into English letting the audience know that they’re still speaking Chinese.

I hope the show gets some traction because I think it’s cool seeing Asian actors with prominent roles and not being pigeonholed into being sidekicks or plot devices.


Yep, I completely agree. I’m actually really enjoying this, considering the only three series I’m watching currently is Warrior, Badlands and GoT, that’s it.

This series has A Lot of potential because it has a bit of everything, and the fighting is more realistic, dirty and rough, while their are some likeable and hated characters already, and it’s only two episodes in.

I’m really hoping that this series gets traction too, because I’ve already got characters I’m rooting for, and rooting against.

Not gonna lie, the Caucasian female and the Asian female lead thus far are hot imo, and that goes a good ways for me as always :wink:


I was really hoping there would be a topic here about the show. Ever since I learned that Bruce Lee wanted to make “The Warrior”, I would imagine what the general feel could be like. To see his baby finally realized is a wonderfully crafted piece of work.

Everything about the show oozes quality and grit. I’ve been wanting decent martial arts action for a while. I’m feeling like Warrior is absolutely among the best. Sure it still needs to prove itself, but seeing that a second season has already been ordered, it may have already done just that.


After watching a few episodes it kind of ticks me off that I have seen more sex scenes than fighting scenes and the fighting/killing scenes were extremely short. A lesser gripe is that they speak English instead of Chinese dialects. The scene where they are speaking Cantonese and the camera turns to show them speaking English was really jarring.

If this is strongly based on Bruce Lee’s writings, I do not think he was that skilled of a writer despite him being an avid reader. However, it may be more down to the director and execution.

I really liked the raw grit of Mr. Leary, the deviousness of Wang Chao, and finesse/skill of Li Yong. I hope the show gets more action packed and avoids going the implied route of Ah Sahm rising up to become a leader and boning the mayor’s wife.

P.S. I do not appreciate the protagonist mimicking Bruce’s mannerisms as he does not sell how Bruce would commit/feint his attacks.

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The 4th episode is coming out tonight! I won’t be able to watch it right away since I have to be attending a meeting, however I’ll be looking forward to seeing what happens next.

With both groups now launching into the same business, you know that things are going to spill over and that we’ll be getting the mass fighting that we want.

I just don’t want fighting however, it needs to have character driven plots, this in my opinion is what will branch out to those who simply aren’t martial arts fans in order to reach a greater selection of audiences. So I’m down for it.

As for Ah Sahm sharing some Bruce Lee imitations, I’m okay with it. He has some Bruce Lee interpretations, but it’s a completely different individual. Mimicking a full on Bruce Lee wouldn’t be a good idea, however a partial Bruce Lee in “honor” of him per say I’m okay with.

Episode 4 tonight, can’t wait!

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Based on the writing is more likely he had a concept and maybe an outline for what’s going on. Even his movies had other writers to clean his ideas up


Almost every Asian fighter in the series does some Bruce Lee eque nod. The dude that’s banging ahs sister did a Bruce Lee pose when they fought


Really enjoying the show, gets a little over the top with the cussing, especially when the old dude who’s in charge of the Tongs keeps f’ing this and f’ing that whenever he opens his mouth it gets comical.
There’s a lot of Bruce Lee inspiration, you can tell the lead has really studied Lee’s on screen movements he isn’t just mimicking.
LOL at the one guy looking like a young Bolo and of course they dislike each other too.

I agree @white_shadow the language transition is done very well.


Saw episode one. It’s refreshing to have an asian hero and from what I’ve seen of the fight scenes, it seems pretty good. Let’s see where this goes…


Due to my curiosity I will be watching this series, hoping that it will be a good one considering the fact that I am seeing good reviews.

I’m actually liking this series more and more. It reminds me of Hell on Wheels in its prime. The moral ambivalence, sinister and scheming but still likeable characters, and really cool choreography has grown on me even more since the pilot. I really hope this show gets more time to develop and doesn’t disappear into obscurity.

They already renewed for a second season


Things are about to go down in this season! Been waiting for all of this build up to keel over and now it’s about to begin. Can’t wait for this Friday.

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Episode 5 was really fun to see. Makes me want to watch more Quentin stuff. You guys still watching this?

I also like the little details with the language when they switch from chinese to english. Or even when the chinese communicate with the cops and speak in broken english instead. Whereas when they speak “chinese” they speak perfect english.

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I’m slacking by 3 episodes but I’ll catch up

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Bought the score :cowboy_hat_face:


It was slow at the start but episode 9, damn… if they can pull that off…

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I liked the showdown, and I loved how it was made clear that Ah Sahm lost because he wasn’t fighting for anything real, but damn if his sis isn’t coldblooded. Willing to kill off her brother, quite possibly her only family member left who saved her life one episode prior. I hope Ah Sahm learned his lesson and leave her be, permanently.

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Alright I’ve watched all 10 episodes and it was by far some of the best martial arts action I’ve seen in a good while. The characters and story were compelling and those fight scenes…! Episode 10 gives us the full monty with the last fight. Warrior has done the legacy of Bruce Lee a great service and I’m ready for season 2 next year.