Warriors Fate: Street Fighter story thread, revived

It actually crossed my mind to ask him about some translations a few times, but I didn’t, because we’ve never talked about any topic and I know he’s been busy with his family and all. Nice to read. Thank you lots.

I will. Thanks Kataklysmic.

It brings me much satisfaction to see someone fluent in Japanese echo what I’ve been saying for a couple years now.

It took nothing less. I don’t understand why I’m the one who had to do this. The best anyone had around here was mountains of bullshit typed ad nauseum.

No problem. Just be sure to ask him for some good lessons on understanding Japanese, will you? Because you really have no leg to stand on anymore. Azrael didn’t learn by reading a book like you apparently did. He communicates with Japanese every hour of his motherfucking life. And everyone who’s been to this site for the last ten years knows that.

The sheer disappointment I have right now is baffling. It was bad enough that anyone reading the plot guide would have to come to you for a translation of a TRANSLATION. But to know the result is more than likely a misinterpretation after the fact? I never believed you’d be the type that would lie, but this is ridiculous. Ultima said it best. The plot guide really is no better off than a goddamn wiki now.

Wish I had known of Azrael…only really seen his name thrown around a couple times. Honestly, thanks for going the extra mile to approach the situation from another angle (and a very effective one at that). Whatever side of a discussion I’m on, right or wrong, I do honestly appreciate the effort, Kataklysmic just as I appreciate Azrael taking the time to use his linguistic expertise. I’ll have to shoot him a thank you PM for the work (though honestly, I’d expect a “who the hell are you?” response hah).

Also, mea culpa on not taking your approach. Knowing Azrael, or someone else I could ask for Japanese translations, would have allowed me to do so. Only person I know that speaks fluent Japanese is my buddy David but he’s currently in the air-force so he can’t help me with translations at the moment. Not an excuse, just saying sorry for not being able to seek answers in the same way. Thanks again.

Hold on a second dude. If you mean I learned by teaching myself, that’s not the case. I was taught the language in school, and I was taught to be able to read and understand pretty much anything in the language with the aid of dictionaries for words I’m not automatically familiar with. That’s what I’ve been doing all this time, and it’s what allowed me to initially verify most of everything Saiki had presented.

Also I had always allowed the opportunity for others fluent in the language to judge my efforts, because Tiamat did the same. This is the first time I’ve ever received such a thorough strike-down from anyone like that though, and from someone I had previously thought supported my findings. I’m not making any of this up.

In any case, because I look to have been counted as completely incapable of what I thought I was justified as able to do, I’ll see that the guide and the appendices are taken away from everywhere since they no longer serve their intended purpose the way they presently are. I’m sincerely sorry to everyone for all these years, and I really don’t know what else to say to make amends. Sayonara minna-san…this is my last post here.

You shouldn’t beat yourself up over it. Japanese is really fucking hard. They leave out a lot of pronouns that English usually uses and you have to assume/guess who or what they’re talking about. The language structure is not similar at all, and that’s not even counting cultural differences and just the way Japanese people think to communicate things. Plus SF is an entertainment medium; you have characters talking using archaic language and pretty much slang. The best way to overcome mistakes is to learn from them. :slight_smile:

You just need to separate confirmed things from speculations and theories. Just admit that there are things that are unclear and that they have their room in the guide. The problem here is that you always tried to get an absolute truth that did not exist in many cases. I have always brought the “Charlie Nash” thing as the most clear example because of how trivial it is and how you don’t even consider mentioning it in the guide. It made it evident that you would just not consider anything that went against your ideas. It’s a problem of attitude that you can change, not incapability.

I’m pretty sure that you can understand Japanese and do a valuable job translating stuff as long as you don’t try to favour your speculations by reading between lines too much. That said, those speculations are always welcome and they might even be right, you just have to understand them for what they are and not try to sell them as unquestionable facts.

Holy melodrama Batman!

This doesn’t show that you should leave and give-up Vas. It just goes to show that the plot guide is something that is, rightfully, too big for one individual. Sole authority on something like that is dangerous because of how much room there is for misinterpretation. That’s why people, for so long, have been trying to convince you of other outlooks, views and opinions on stuff in the guide. Not to argue with you, or because of some personal vendetta…but because of personal beliefs that lead to personal points of view. It is an attempt to help. The problem arises when criticisms of errors in the guide are taken as personal. Then it becomes an issue of attitude, because it becomes about defending one’s self and one’s integrity instead of honestly discussing the content and the merits of different points of view.

Still, the situation has to sting at the moment…and it sucks sure…but it happens and it’s only as big a deal as you make it. You’re passionate about this stuff and it shows. I’m sure if you give it some time, you’ll realize taking the guide down and going away A) isn’t helpful to Street Fighter or it’s fans and B) isn’t really what you want to do. Right now you’re the quarterback that fumbled the ball…but the quarterback isn’t the only guy on the field. Yeah it’s easy to blame yourself and take your ball and go home, but the plot guide is something that you took over. It’s gone through different people and had different peoples input. Team effort. Community effort. The community still exists and people that are interested in helping the plot guide still exist.

I’ve said before I think you’re a smart guy…I think you’ll come to a better decision than one made in the heat of the moment like your last post. Prove me right.

when the plot guide was in Tiamat’s hands he got or think he got most of the info from Saiki and he hasn’t post here in a long time.

We’ve had plenty of disagreements Vas, but it’s never been that I don’t think you contribute valuable stuff to the guide.

All I’ve ever said, and continue to say, is that you need to be willing to clearly mark where something is uncertain, and not freak out when somebody suggests that POSSIBLY something is other than what you said. Just put all the evidence in there and let people decide, you don’t have to be responsible for deciding truth on your own.

Just look at tiamat’s portions, there’s tons of places where he just says “i’m not sure” and that’s perfectly fine.

Vasili10 I understand that you’re upset and all and if you don’t wish to contribute to the Plot Guide that’s well and fine. However, sinking it so no one can see it I feel is wrong and an incredibly rash action since a lot of us put tons of work into it. Not more than you or Tiamat have mantaining the thing, but still.

At the very least if you do have the latest copy feel free to E-mail it to me since I did enjoy reading it.

For what it’s worth maybe because I’m older or whatever and have read so many bad comics, seen bad movies and junk I often take the parts of stories I like and role with it so I don’t have to argue about what’s official and what isn’t.

In my head Poison had an operation, Gouken survived via what Udon said and while I’m at it, Gen’s still dead because he NEVER had to save Chun-Li man fuck him. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t argue that anything I said is official or canon, I just feel they could’ve done A LOT better with Gouken, Gen and Poison and since they didn’t lol whatever it’s still a fighting game. Nothing in it is written in stone until the next game tells us what happened and what didn’t anyway. The series has always been like that.

Arguing back and forth what’s deemed official and canon is well and fine but some of this debate has gone a little too far with regards to a faq that so many people easily dismiss in the first place. People are going to take what’s in the games and make of them what they will.

LOL all of our hard work and people still say Righ-You. Chris Hardwick even says Righ-You on the Wreck-It-Ralph DVD and he’s a self proclaimed nerd, YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER! x_X That’s why I stay out of a lot of these types of discussions. The faq will never reach all of the people we want it to. You can write Poison is 1,000% female in there and that debate will still continue for years and years.

Wow I didn’t realize you actually did take down the guide. Look, if you want to make unavailable whatever changes you’ve made, that’s fine, that’s your material and your right to do with as you wish. But a lot of that guide is the content of others, so I’m going to include here a version I have saved (I’m not sure it’s the most recent one, but I just want to make sure everything isn’t lost)


That’s the latest version, indeed. Version .5.ae

I have it in html format in case someone wants it.

here’s a comment about Sakura from Tomoaki Ayano the current producer of Street Fighter

“It’s often said that you become proficient at that which you love. And Sakura loves street fighting from the bottom of her heart. Add to that some great reflexes, as well as the ability to copy the Hadoken just by watching it, and it’s safe to say that Sakura is a fighting prodigy. A genius, even. That’s why she’s able to fight everyone so well!”

a Japanese player was asking how Sakura could go toe to toe with martial arts masters and above is Ayano’s reply to that.

Thanks. Turns out I did have that copy saved, just had to find it. The first word in my doc was ‘Gamefaqs’ and I was looking for ‘Street Fighter’ or ‘Plot Guide’ lol!

Anyone want a copy feel free to E-mail me at colladoa@sullcrom.com - It’s my work E-mail address so if you ask me on Saturday or Sunday just wait a bit.

For anyone who cares I have no idea what any of these developments mean for the CFE quote faq but I normally wouldn’t update for a few months anyway. Around then if Vas isn’t back I’ll email him, and if he’s out it’s done. Glad we got Ingrid’s quotes in there at least.

wow a lot of writing in that saved box makes it unreadable

LOL. What do you know? He says he wants to make amends, but would rather run off instead of cleaning up the huge mess he made. Yeah, that’s real humility there, Vas.

What’s frustrating is this guy actually had some things going for him, mainly that Ono was wrong about things pertaining to every game released prior to SF4. I refuse to believe that all the games are set in their own universes when they clearly still reference each other, or that the ages of all the “teenage” characters are frozen when Ryu’s clearly isn’t. What’s the fucking point of giving him red hair and a slimmer build in Alpha if he wasn’t meant to be younger in that series? This “word of god” shit can only be stretched so far. And the fact Ono lied about the polling results for SF4 on consoles was enough to just make me hate him.

But my blogtv experience was almost completely ruined because Vasili made a liar out of me. I’m still a fan of Omar Dogan’s work and continue to get commissions from him when the opportunity is there. The thing is, he has a tendency to act like he knows everything, and at times he can be a pompous asshole. I defended the plot guide and said to just look for the old Capcom publications for evidence, and Omar threw it back in my face. Now I can’t blame him anymore. I told him and Jim Zubkavich things under some predisposition that everything that came directly from Ono was bullshit, when in fact it was mostly Vasili wanting to dismiss everything that came from UDON or Capcom USA with no validation. Even after Sven came out and said Capcom had no localization office anywhere outside Japan, he still wanted to blame every inconsistency he perceived on someone else.

I didn’t care for the whole Gouken and Gen issue. The fact Gouken came back at all was ridiculous as is, so I thought the zombie thing might have been a joke Capcom made up to make him playable, sort of like Yun traveling back in time for Alpha 3. But while Vasili believed he had all the answers, his behavior towards others indicated the exact opposite. Sure, YagamiFire did come off as a fucking troll, but telling a bunch of random people on Unity they’re wrong just because? Taking the consistency between that and his incredibly senseless rationale behind the zombies, “Charlie Nash” not being official, and the developers referring to Poison as a “he” despite recent interviews, you begin to sense he’s not being responsible with his work. He’s only in it for the bells and whistles.

It really is pathetic that it took all this pointless shit slinging to prompt ME to get someone with real Japanese knowledge to correct him. It’s a shame Saiki left. If he’d hung around long enough, Tiamat wouldn’t have been duped into giving the guide up.

For what it’s worth I’ve emailed both Tiamat and Saiki about what just happened. Now I haven’t maintained regular email conversations with either of them in years and even when I did, neither are the quickest to respond. Just felt they should know. Not even sure they still use their old email addresses but worth a shot.

I speak to vasili10 with emails and PMs fairly regularly but right now it’s probably to soon to get in contact with him. A cooling off period might be best.

You’re a wise man, Sano.