Warriors Fate: Street Fighter story thread, revived


Great! I’m hoping the process now was pretty easy to handle?

Yagami’s changes are up for review at


Let’s please have a look over it and come to a decision here about whether or not it should go in (maybe just use the ‘Agree’ / ‘Disagree’ interface on his post like was proposed before to vote on it? it’s a good interface since you can change your vote as Yagami continues to edit his change).

I’ve put up some of my own comments, note that those with repository access can comment on specific lines of the change on the page itself. More general comments about the overall change should be done here, and Yagami can respond by continuing to fix it up until it meets everyone’s approval.


What are the benefits/drawbacks to this system vs something like a curated wiki?


Copying my answer from over on the unity forums:

You could do something similar with a curated wiki, it’d just be a lot more work to set up and maintain for the purposes of generating a single text file at the end of the day. The repository hosts a set of text files which can easily be merged any time to create the full guide. To do this with a wiki, we’d have to create pages for all these files and it would be more work to re-merge them into a text file when we want to.

We don’t get any of the other features of a wiki like making links between pages, etc., but the guide doesn’t have any of that anyway.


We kind of touch up on this in the last two pages of this thread. Basically, SF has adapted a sliding time scale pretty much like super-hero comics use.

SSF4 is always going to take place in the current year, until a new game is released and then that game will take place in the current year. So birthdates don’t really work in a sliding time scale model.

Birthdates and the years we have set aside for the game are not really contradictory if you go in with Larry Hama’s G.I. Joe mind set when he recently continued his original Marvel run in G.I. Joe A Real American Hero and everyone busted out Ipods even though supposedly Snake Eyes served in Viet Nam! He said it’s not the real world anyway lol! For what it’s worth he has yet to mention Viet Nam in his new run though.

It’s like how Marvel will never give Spider-Man a birth year because he’s always going to stay around 25 - 30 from now until the end of time. Right around where he’s been my entire life of reading comics lol!


The thing is, Capcom (as well as anyone with two bits) has probably thought that finally adopting Charlie Nash is the most convenient solution. Udon did it, The Legend of Chun Li did it, and apparently Capcom did it through Studio 4C now.

The moment you write a Japanese story in English you have to draw the line somewhere. We could go otaku and call the characters Ryu-san and all, or we could go all English and refer to the Killing Intent instead of SnH… It’s a bit difficult to draw that line. Considering that I see the character Western names every time in the games, I’m personally more confortable with them, but I can understand otherwise.

I think there was a quote saying that SF4 and SSF4 are two different tournaments. After all, a year has passed, and they talk about a new tournament in each of the games. The fact that they kept all rival matches didn’t help conveying that idea, though, and the same may happen with Ultra. Considering the time that is left until release I wonder if they are going to do new openings and endings.

That’s a bit confuse. We have Guile, Cammy and Hawk talking to Bison, then Akuma killing him, then Ryu arriving… And on the other hand we have the SF4 trailer featuring the Chun Li hero team taking on Bison. I… think that Capcom is confused too. Maybe some publications described the ingame event as just an ingame event and others made it canon… I don’t really know. It has even crossed my mind that all those books might not be more reliable than any random game guide that is written by external writers with only moderate insight from Capcom when asked here and there. For example, some stuff in Udon’s storyline guide was their invention, wasn’t it? The same might have happened in those other books, to the point that Capcom themselves are no longer sure on what has been declared as official. Things can go quite messy when going through different hands in a span of decades.


Hi guys, I made a new thread for guide updates and change reviews:

Let’s handle change discussion and voting over there.


Just read Sano’s email and came here.
Wow, kinda surprised this thread is still going. lol

Only thing I’d like make a note about right away is the names. I don’t agree with changing the names to the US names. Since the whole point of this thread/plot guide is stay true to original and accurate story of street fighter. It wouldn’t be right to just pick and choose to use the incorrect US names of the characters just because that’s what everyone is comfortable with…
Just my 2 cents

There’s quite a few more things I’d like to comment on but I dont have time so I’ll try to post it all on the weekend.


Pleasure to have you back, Saiki.

But I have to maintain my stance on the names. The plot guide is still meant for English-speakers, and with SF4 having brought a whole new generation of gamers to fighting games, it’s clear that not everyone started playing SF when WW came out, let alone became aware of the overseas changes. The Japanese names will just create more confusion. There should already be footnotes in each of the character sections for whom the name swaps apply to, stating that they were originally called X in Japan but changed to Y overseas. Beyond that, nobody should have to bother remembering Claw is actually called “Balrog” after they’d gone through all the trouble of scrolling down to “Vega.” The plot guide is just too big.

Besides, Tiamat used the English names when he was writing the guide, and it worked out fine.


I’m also going to go with the stance that we should keep the English names. It’s one thing if we call Akuma “Gouki,” but the Shadaloo lords that swap names are just going to make things confusing.


Well it seems we may be going back to Tiamat’s version of the guide anyway ( see vasili10’s post - The Street Fighter Plot Canon Guide development thread ) which has all the names in English already so this issue’s already resolved.

Myself I prefer the Japanese names on the grounds of most of the English names are stupid and a result of three bad decisions. The four boss name switch mess, calling Gouki the Japanese word for devil / demon what the… And the whole Nash mess (which may or may not be resolved, but he’s still just Nash to me).

I’m not like that about everything. Mega Man sounds way better than Rockman. Castlevania, lol even people in Japan call it Castlevania instead of Akumajo… whatever. Resident Evil sounds way better than Biohazzard which sounds more like an oil spill LOL! It’s case by case. I usually just go with what sounds better.

Though hey I’m really not concerned with which version the guide uses. So long as I know who you are talking about and their alternate names are listed like always it’s cool.


Long time since I’ve posted here. Here’s why: Mikros and I wanted to see if getting some accurate translations would’ve been at all possible a few years back when SF4 just came out.

That took place 10/2009. Interesting that it’s pretty much been business as usual since I’ve been gone. I REALLY look forward to seeing some accuracy in the text especially now that things are changing and hopefully for the better.

Now I don’t dislike the guy, but it would’ve been nice to have had a more concerted effort instead of him monopolizing on pretty much everything. But it’s a new era and seeing dialog take place on the future of the guide is definitely healthy.


Geez you leave to do some raiding and find everything’s gone off the rails.


I know, right? :confused:


If I could, I would insert that picture of those two male gorillas (silverbacks), fixing to throw down with the caption “S*** is about to get real”.

But otherwise, I have to agree with Saiki in the sense that the guide was originally meant to be the accurate and true story of Street Fighter w/o any of the changes that up until recently, Capcom of America was making. As of late, with SF4 and all its variants, is more accurate to the actual SF canon in both the US and Japan, so maybe that part of the plot guide has outlived its usefulness.

On the other hand, I don’t know off-hand if Capcom of America has stopped making those arbitrary changes to the story. Ie… altering win quotes and the like.


Capcom doesn’t have a localization office anywhere outside Japan, which means CoA they never made any of those changes. But Azrael lives in Japan, and he can assure you that everything you see in the English versions for SF4 is true to the original.


Well, they might not have changed big things (like Cammy being Vega’s lover in SSF2), but that doesn’t mean they didn’t changed some details…
About the localization office… those things can be changed in Japan by CoA request…


Except that never happened. No such requests were made by Sven or anyone else at CoA. I asked them directly, and they didn’t know anything about the original scripts for these games.

If anything, CoA might have some parameters for questionable content to be filtered out like swearing and nudity. Beyond that, they don’t give CoJ any input on localizations.


But…should that stop us from wildly speculating about behind the scenes stuff we have no real idea about just so we can continue to perpetuate a non-existent East vs West division in Capcom?!

Oh…right. Yes. Of course it should.


all the changes to the old games and the mistranslations were the localization’s team who did those games fault. the localization team that did the SF4 aren’t the same team that did the old games localization. the English Translator for SF4 is David Crislip and the lead translator for Street Fighter X Tekken is Andrew Alfonso who also happens to be the Localization Director.


Jesus… Looks like I missed some real fireworks in my latest absence!

On the one hand, it sucks that vasili had to exit unceremoniously in the fashion that he did. And who am I going to turn to to beg for translations about SF character move names (right now trying to muddle through Honda’s SFA3/SFIV moves, but I still have many to fill in… Gouken, Oro, Remy, Q… ARGH)? BUt seriously, he brought this on himself. I’m pretty sure I was the first one to call him out in this thread about the whole Gouken/Gen being zombies to be total bullshit, not because it couldn’t happen (as noted, Capcom has done equally stupid things, plus early storyboards suggested that Gouken was considered a jedi ghost or something originally), but because of zero evidence. No, horseshit like “different coloured auras” definitely doesn’t count, especially when every actual shred of evidence - both in-game and outside - show the exact opposite. I don’t know why he insisted in going down that path and defending it so stubbornly. But I digress.

But wait: There are actual bad translations in the guide? Damn! Where? As I said, I usually just gloss over huge chunks of the guide since it has been unreadable for so long, so I usually just look it up for bio data.

And Saiki’s back, holy shit!

re: NEW SF Plot Guide

Thanks to vasili’s maddening decision to transliterate instead of translate, I have not actually read huge portions of the SF plot guide in years. Maybe now I’ll actually get around to reading it fully again! Maybe I’ll finally be able to chuck version 4.4 (I think this was the last version by Tiamat), which I never deleted because I could actually read it!

re: Names

I’m a bit torn on this one. As an english speaker, I’m more familiar with using the english names, and of course the english names are instead “official”, but wasn’t the whole point of the guide originally to keep track of story as told by Capcom of Japan? Wouldn’t that include the names? Otherwise, we’d have to accept (even though it’s been overwritten now) that Cammy being Bison’s lover was also “official”. But I guess we can make an exception for the names, and only for the names, since everything else has more or less been unified.

re: Poison

I was definitely championing Poison to be referred to as a “she” from the beginning. Yet another point that vasili was flat out wrong on.

re: Shun Goku Satsu

I’m not sure if it was YagamiFire that first posted it, but I first read about the concept of the SGS actually being a physical attack (more specifically, a series of rapid fire pointblank Hadoukens) years ago, and that made a lot more sense than the whole “transporting you to hell for demons to pray on”, so I tacitly accepted that version of the move as being more accurate, though I can’t recall if I said anything about it in this thread. Saiki, you’re going to have to come good to explain the original version if you choose to defend it. :stuck_out_tongue:


re: tier list

I agree that the tier list doesn’t need to be chucked. If anything, revise it down toe fewer tiers like it originally was. It’s pretty reasonable to assume that Gill, Oro, and AKuma are on a tier to every one else, and either SFA3 Bison or SFIV Bison (not sure which is stronger) is right underneathe them, etc. Just make sure to list it as CONJECTURE - really, there’s nothing wrong with conjecture in the guide - and it’ll be fine.