Warriors Fate: Street Fighter story thread, revived


The only real difference being that Krauser never holds back - he fights at his full potential throughout and Terry only beats him with a few lucky strikes in the brief moment where he lets his guard down. Unlike Bison who, as you said, lets his arrogance get the better of him and drops all the Psycho stuff to mock Ryu and Ken. Given that Ryu and Ken only manage to hit him once he fights them “at their own level”, Bison would probably have defeated both of them easily if still using his powers.


I am firmly in the camp that a boss can (and in many cases should) be more powerful than the heroes…especially in the case of someone like Bison. Bison doesn’t have to be beat by strength or even skill…he’s beat by the flaws in his own character. Someone like Ryu or Ken can persevere and keep getting back up and fighting…and Bison loses because he is arrogant or dismissive.

It’s one of the big things I think people miss with Akuma in general…the dude’s a GIANT failure and is doomed to absolute failure. He’s on a path that will NEVER let him be as powerful as he could be. Especially now with the full-on adoption of Mu into the canon. No matter how powerful you are, ANY amount multiplied by 0…is 0. The power of stillness, calm and peace is ALWAYS able to trump violence. Ryu is on the proper path…and Akuma is too foolish (just as when he was younger) to see that. Goutetsu saw Gouken would surpass him…and Gouki didn’t even understand why.

That’s only for big bads though. I love in books like Ryu Final where the power gap is much closer between world warriors. It totally feels like Ryu could lose to Dudley legitimately…and he wins through superior tactics, not incredible force of arms. That is awesome and both fighters come out looking amazing and it’s hard to know who will win in a rematch because Dudley COULD learn from his fight.


A little off-topic question: Does anybody of you own an arcade board of “Street Fighter II - The World Warrior”? I’m looking for one.


Nope, sorry. I don’t have one.

This what you’re looking for?


Yes, that’s it. That’s even the revision that I was looking for, since I’m specifically looking for revision USA 910214 (the one where the chip labels have the letter B on it) and no other one.

How did you find this? If I enter street fighter pcb into eBay.com, it just doesn’t appear.

However, I’m not sure if I’m willing to pay $179.99, especially since I’m only really interested in the SF2 board itself. The CPS-1 board would be a nice replacement board, but it’s not that important. I already own one.


I just did a search for “Street Fighter II arcade board”. I do a lot of side business on ebay so my ebay-fu tends to be pretty good :wink:


Since the seller didn’t enable international shipping and since the idiots at eBay don’t even allow me to contact the seller, specifically because he doesn’t allow international shipping, I assume that eBay doesn’t show results for non-international-shipping products if you do the search from Germany, even if you’re not logged in.


You want me to send him a message for you?


Thanks, but it’s not necessary. At least not in the moment. I’m in communication with some people from an arcade forum in Germany. $170 is too expensive anyway. I would only need to contact that seller if all the other options don’t work out.


Okie dokie.


Personally, I blame Ono. I mean, aside from that, the reason we see Gouken today is because of the fact he ignored this tidbit from All About Street Fighter Zero (Warning: This is Vasili’s translation. If anyone has an alternative and better translation, please provide):

Emphasis on “transparent fighting spirit” due to the fact Gouken’s was colored in his SF4 ending.

Here’s what Vasili gleaned off from Complete File, which was back when Tiamat ran the guide:


To be honest, this was IMO a necessary evil. The franchise was dead and its plot long forgotten, rebooting the basic plot was inevitable with the rebooting of the franchise. It worked out fine.

What I am curious about is what will happen to Gouken now? Will they kill him again when he inevitably tries to protect Ryu from Akuma again? Or will he die of natural causes (but not before revealing Ryu’s parentage perhaps). Will Gouken completely ignore the Ryu and Akuma arc now that he did his part (sealed Ryu’s SNH) and live the rest of his days with peace, and the confidence that he trained Ryu well enough to stand on his own.

I also really wanna know how they intend to handle the transition into SF3 with the Illuminati or if they will just focus on the story post-SF3. I just hope it is NOTHING like the shit Udon have done.


I don’t think that the designers ever cared about what’s written in these books.

I just wish that they had done a real reboot, i.e. started from the beginning. Like in the new “Mortal Kombat” game: They should have created a “Street Fighter” game that tells the whole story from Ryu’s victory in SF1 to Bison’s end in SF2.

The problem that we have now is: The really iconic part of the series now only exists as a bunch of flashbacks.
SF2 is the most important game. But it was this game that they merged with another game (SFA3). So, in the new continuity, the old SF2 game is not canon anymore (unlike SF1 and SFA2 which could still be seen as legitimate parts of the series). But we don’t have a new SF2 either.
So, in the SF4 canon, there is no full representation of the most important game anymore.

Since all the cutscenes are just 30 seconds of the fighter’s life anyway, I don’t think this will actually be an issue. If he doesn’t appear in the next game, the question is still open anyway. And if he appears, then it will be 30 seconds of his life. So, his ultimate fate is open as well. This means: I’m pretty sure that Capcom won’t bother to give a definite answer here.

Since Charlie has that gem on his forehaead now, I don’t think they will just skip the SF3 storyline and tell a completely new plot. I’m still not sure though if the game will lead into SF3 or if it will be the aftermath of SF3.


hmm… given the translation…

emphasis and de-emphasis mine.

the man=Akuma
Akuma=/=crimson fighting spirit
a man=Gouken
Gouken=/=transparent fighting spirit

note: spirit would never ever mean ghost in this context

This transparent fighting spirit should be void of the SnH that Akuma’s fighting spirit would have; SnH makes Akuma’s battle aura wicked while the power of Mu makes Gouken’s battle aura seemingly altogether different.

It seems the notion of “a ghostly gouken” comes from a misinterpretation of this translation.

There are similar word choices within these translations that seem ill suited for the intent of the excerpt you showed but this was not one of them… Still, I’m not in the habit of retranslating translations from broken english. More than a line or two tends to give me a headache.


It’s the 30th anniversary in 2 years time, I get a feeling, given how Capcom is obsessed with DLC, that they might, just might, add a mode which remakes SF1. Intros and endings for everyone.

Maybe we would actually find out if Mike has been retconned into Balrog that way!


Nah! I doubt it.

Besides, SF1 is the least interesting part of the whole story. Regarding my suggestion to do a full reboot, I would suggest to make the final of SF1 the first battle in the new game. Nothing from that game really mattered. Ryu just fought a bunch of random opponents. The battle Ryu vs. Sagat is the first thing of actual relevance, so this should be the introduction fight.

P.S.: Please don’t forget to tell me your SF2 tournament schedule in the private messages.


You never know Capcom!

Yes I’m currently working that out, I’m going with the idea of the tournament actually having 2 separate brackets, one for the West and one for the East, with the winners of each bracket facing each other in the (supposed) final.


I’m really curious about it.


A full-on reboot would have been the best choice with a game just called “Street Fighter” just like what Mortal Kombat wisely did with their franchise.

It would have given them a chance to tell an actually interesting story (which MK has shown can be done in a fighter) and clean up the, frankly horrible state of the canon which is just all over the place.

As for Gouken…I’d LOVE to see him actually go in a direction as a character. Achieving Mu doesn’t mean much if you don’t do anything with it. Ryu is his own man with his own battles to fight…Gouken should go and do his own thing maybe even develop his own side-plot.

Hell, here’s one…Gill is threatened by the existence of Gouken’s mastery of Mu. Mu represents a perfect state of balance WITHOUT opposing forces. Gill represents the power of balance of opposing forces which embodies the entire concept of the Illuminati religion. Gouken would be walking heresy. You would set up an awesome Gill/Gouken rivalry.

From this you could split up the main threats of a story.

Gill wants Gouken to be destroyed to show that a balance of equals is far more powerful than the balance that comes from naught. The faith of the Illuminati would be shaken so long as Gouken even exists.

Ken finds out his family has been involved with the Illuminati and now the madman Urien is looking for him to pay his debt to the society. Urien would not be above making Ken’s life a living hell, deploying his super-soldiers like the Twelve series to harass him. Ken finds an unlikely ally in the form of the Russian mutant Necro who gives Ken the inside scoop on the Illuminati though that relationship isn’t perfect because Ken was born with EVERYTHING and Necro, a poverty stricken boy, was born with NOTHING and he resents Ken on some level for it. The only thing they’d have in common is their desire to be with and protect their loved ones (Eliza and Effie) respectively…which is where they’d eventually find their common ground and realize their fighting spirits are actually the same.

Akuma brings Oro out of hiding which leads to Oro training Ryu because Akuma would rather Ryu learn Senjutsu than master Mu since Senjutsu is a destructive power based on natural rather than personal energy. It isn’t the SnH Akuma wants Ryu to embrace but it’s much better than Ryu going towards Mu. In this way, Akuma would actually be shown to be a bit clever by luring Oro out. Ryu, however, would be put on a path to learn a crazy number of high level powers with his exposure to SnH (extreme personal inward power), Soul Power via his exposure to Rose & Bison (extreme mental power), Mu (extreme void power) and Senjutsu (extreme outward natural power). It’d put Ryu on course to be a real fighting prodigy.

Bison, on the other hand, uses the activities of the Illuminati to draw attention to them so Interpol (including Chun-Li and Guile) turn towards them…especially with Charlie in their grip. Bison even finds out that the Twelve project is an advancement of the Seth-series of androids with their ability to mimic others on the fly being even superior to Seth’s programmed moves. Destroying Shadaloo himself because of the obvious traitors in it, Bison goes on a personal quest to recruit 3 NEW grand masters, giving us three new villains that the series SORELY needs.

Eventually, Gill and Gouken clash…and they find they are evenly matched. Two balanced beings cancel one another out. Urien uses their post-fight conditions to strike with his own Illuminati faithful and defeats Gouken and forces Gill to step-down & retreat. Urien assumes control over the new Illuminati and prepares a new wave of research based on the captured body of Gouken.

The Twelve’s show their first sign of apparent sentience but since it is only the advanced prototype doing it, no concern is apparent. Unfortunately, the Illuminati scientists don’t realize that basing the Twelve’s on captured Seth-types is a HUGE mistake as Bison is able to begin influencing the Twelve’s with his Psycho Power since they were based on designs of bodies meant to host him. As they mass-produced Twelves, the Illuminati don’t realize they are actually making an army for Bison.

“When the sun sets on the Soliton Mountain, the black moon will break into seven pieces and fall on the people “Ultania”. Nothing can prevent this… Death and destruction will violate the land. Misery and suffering will assault the people… Then, after 130 days of nothingness, a boy who controls the elements will come to save the people.”

Gill reveals that the “Soliton mountain” is Urien who represents Earth/Metal (at least half of him does anyway) along with Electricity. The Black Moon of the prophecy is Bison who will fall on the people “Ultania”…who are revealed to be the Twelves and the seven pieces are the 7 continents that Bison threatens to rule. Bison will have an army of body’s at his disposal that will obey him AND if he dies in a body, he can just shift his mind into a Twelve and have it perfectly assume his form. Bison has reached an unparalleled level of immortality. Gill is pleased that the prophecy is coming true and that soon (130 days or so) he will be able to come forth and achieve leadership over the world and its people. What he fails to realize however is that Ryu has been training in Senjutsu…a power that calls on the power of nature & the elements instead of internal ki…and that the prophecy can take many forms, setting up the sequel.

Just an idea :smiley:

With a bit more time I could get all the necessary players something to do within the story like Juri and Guile & Chun-Li all the way down to Q.


@YagamiFire Dude, I really like that idea, one, it’s exciting, and really moves things forward. I think Ken will benefit fantastically from a direction like that. He’s in serious trouble, but not so much that it’s a no-win situation, this will get him out of Ryu’s shadow and have him create a bond with a new character. This makes me wish they had a call for Capcom writers. I’d love to see you and a few others pitch stuff to Capcom. (And the fact that you mentioned Q is a good sign of taste sir.)