Warriors Fate: Street Fighter story thread, revived


Thanks much for the kind words, Shockdingo. I think too often writers for things like SF just spin their wheels and think more about how to keep characters “iconic” without really thinking about how to make them appealing. I mean, someone like Ken is a perfect example. The guy’s ALREADY iconic. Start taking some risks and actually make him do stuff so we can give a damn about him as a character. We also keep seeing the SAME kind of relationships over and over again. Yes, we get the Ryu/Ken thing…MOVE ON. Geez, Capcom. They need to look at other ways these characters can interact with each other in new ways and for new reasons and in a SERIOUS manner.

It reminds me of my easy-fix for El Fuerte. Now, I LOVE playing as El Fuerte…but the character is fucking garbage. He feels like he’s made with contempt for the audience. Why the HELL isn’t he a rudo? A heel luchador. Then you make him want to take on Zangief to prove himself. A fiery, young up & coming wrestler that wants to make a name for himself by taking down one of the biggest, toughest guys around. It’s a NEW east vs west style…with Zangief as the nicer guy. Plus it’s a David v Goliath set-up but with a reversal or roles. Bam! You have something for Fuerte to do and Zangief to do.

Oh and I love Q. Mysterious blank slates like that can be a lot of fun to tie elements into. I also love his look for some reason. Simple but iconic.


…And I am out of my depth here. :frowning:

I think I’ll leave the narrative discussion to y’all since I no longer have anything to contribute.


Never feel intimidated man, sure you can go back and look at some stuff to supplement your insight and arguments, but feel free to jump in when something pops in your head. I didn’t know too much when I first joined SRK, but I just jumped in, shared thoughts and learned along the way. If you have a theory, but it later turns out not to be accurate, it’s fine and if anything, can potentially lead to more discussion.


What time is it? Theory Time!

  1. Juri’s special eye has been in R&D ever since Sagat was being scouted by Bison. That eye was meant for Muay Thai’s Emperor of Destruction.
  2. Blanka’s physical mutations are simply a manifestation of his near life long use of, and learning to embrace, natural energy.
  3. Oni’s physical mutations are simply a manifestation of Akuma’s extended use of, and learning to embrace, SnH’s killing intent.
  4. Charlie is a tactical speedster. His techniques combine a minimalist use of ki and exploit his flight knowledge from breaking the sound barrier.
  5. Ran Hibiki is responsible for Sakura seeing Ryu and Sagat’s 1st fight and the shoto-prodigy’s connection to her brother Dan. The high school journalist wished to confront her father’s killer for closure after the tournament and Sakura tagged along.

I’ve thought it be nice to see Akuma target the next generation and seed a future rival or heir. Ryu having already used SnH, and chosen to not embrace it, is hardly suitable for a death battle at this time. While Ryu’s potential is explored further Akuma could pit the promising Sakura against the zealous Adon. It was hinted that Adon sought out the master of the fist; not yet worthy of a death battle, Adon could wish to prove himself at any costs. If history repeats itself, Sakura could awaken SnH within herself. Either’s victory would be fortuitous for Akuma. Now if Capcom could legally use Karin, her family ties to the Illuminati could conveniently place her in a position to help her Rival School alumni.


That could work, Juri could easily be seen by Shadaloo as nothing more than a test subject for it.


I actually love that idea


Just asked Ono a very important question on Twitter:

@Yoshi_OnoChin it would be great 2 know what really happened from SF1 - SF4 in SF5 a la TK6’s campaign mode. Ppl are confused by SF’s story!


So, Cammy seems to be fine in SF5?

Decapre’s USF4 ending was kinda ambiguous in that it seemed that Cammy had followed Bison in exchange for decapre’s life.


Street Fighter #continuity?lol #shittystorypresentation


If you see it on its own yes it appears kinda ambiguous, but in the context of all endings (how it was meant to be seen), you see Cammy later visit Juni at the hospital (in her ending). The bargain she made was to give Bison Decapre back in order to save her life, ie Decapre’s freedom in exchange for Decapre’s survival. That’s why Decapre tells her it’s ok, it is to absolve Cammy of all guilt for the choice she knows she has to make. Cammy clearly cares for her sisters and I believe this will play an important part in her upcoming story.

We learned from Decapre’s prologue and ending that she is the unstable experimental predecessor to Cammy, and her “failure” is what inevitably lead to Cammy’s “success”, that’s why Decapre hated Cammy I believe because she had to suffer so that Cammy won’t. This instability also meant that she cannot survive prolonged periods out of stasis life support.


This idea was actually part of the fan fiction I posted in the SFV story thread. Except in my take, Bison wouldn’t take no for an answer and kidnapped and forced it into Sagat. Effectively Sagat became a brainwashed Manchurian Candidate awaiting activation for Shadaloo and he thought the kidnapping was just a bad dream. Sagat would (like a Manchurian Candidate) not remember his actions during activation, so he could simultaneously be both a good and evil character.


That sounds about right. Decapre’s one moment of stability was to comfort her little sister. It was heartbreaking for Cammy, but it had to be done.


Hello. Reading everyone trying to make sense and arguing to death about Street Fighter Lore has been quite interesting for me to read.

I would like to add what I feel is a very important piece to an this complicated puzzle.

**I have conclusive video evidence that Street Fighter: The Ties That Bind is 100% NOT CANON **

In case it does not timestamp properly, at 1 minute and 53 seconds you can clearly see Cammy fighting Viper in the OVA. Cammy clearly does not know who Viper is. This is supposed to happen before Street Fighter 4, as we all know


38 minutes and 55 seconds in. Cammy finds Viper in the actual Street Fighter 4 game. She does not have any idea who Viper is, until she realizes she’s the woman that Chun Li told her had been obstructing her investigation, in Chun Li’s own arcade mode. (4 minutes and 54 seconds in) as well as Crimson Viper’s arcade mode (23 minutes and 2 seconds in).

This lack of cohesion shows that TTTB is not canon. Knowing that TTTB is not canon, there’s no reason to believe that the Aftermath trailers are either. I will agre that the Juri OVA is most likely canon due to all the consistencies and lack of inconsistencies, but that’s about it.


Nonsense. All you found that is that the rival battles are not 100% consistent with all the OVAs, prologues and epilogues. But we already knew that for years. The rival battles, much like the win quotes are what if scenarios meant to reveal stuff about the characters and their relationships. For example, Guile’s rival battle in SSF4 is Bison. You’d think he’d make a big fucking deal about finding out that Bison is alive, but he doesn’t, not once at any point in the story later on, - because the rival battle did not necessarily happen and most likely did not.

Also you boldly exaggerate when you say ‘the lack of cohesion shows that TTTB is not canon’, which is totally not true. All of this anime material was produced intentionally by the same people and was clearly intended to build off one another. I don’t understand why this is so hard for some to accept. The animes produced for SF4 are not like the SF2 Animated Movie or the Alpha anime movies. They were commissioned by Capcom, for Capcom, and were released alongside and INSIDE SF4 at the same time.

Aftermath Ova > TTTB > Juri OVA > SF4 Prologue > SSF4 Prologue > SF4 Epilogues > SSF4 Epilogues still rings true.


EXACTLY. Took the words right out of my mouth. Furthermore, it’s same to assume that some of the rival battles happened, while some did not.


It should be noted that without TTTB, Seth and SIN’s entire shtick wouldn’t make sense because BLECE (the machine you see in the back of his stage and in some endings) was rarely mentioned or elaborated on in the game, if at all. BLECE is the reason why Seth has all these different moves from different fighters and almost everything we know about BLECE is from TTTB. We were meant to watch TTTB to understand the game’s story and without TTTB there are things that would not make any or complete sense. This is just one example of things in the game that build off the animes.


Whether the battles are consistent or actually happened or not doesn’t matter. It’s the fact she doesn’t know of her identity.

Ken and Ryu Part 6100 might not have happened in Street Fighter Alpha 2, but they sure as hell knew each other’s names.


So you are going to dismiss all the facts (and there are MANY) that support the notion that TTTB and the OVAs are canon, because Cammy doesn’t know Viper in a battle that most likely never took place? Or do you have some other profound evidence to present?


I’m not happy about it, but I must admit that he has a point: A certain rival battle might not have happened and just be a what-if scene. But if a certain canon scene plays before that hypothetical battle, the what-if scene shouldn’t contradict the previous scene.

That’s the point of being a what-if scene:
If Cammy had met C. Viper at this point in the story, they would have had this dialog.

The rival battles are possibilities. But to be a possibility, their dialog cannot contradict stuff that’s definitely canon and that happened before. Otherwise, it would be an impossibility.

For example, it wouldn’t make sense to show a battle between Ryu and Sagat in SF4 where they act as if Sagat got the scar from Ken. Rival battles don’t necessarily have to have happened. But whatever is shown in them has to be based on the previously established canon stuff. Unless you want to explicitly make the scene an alternate universe scene. (Like in This specific scene plays in the continuity where Superman by raised by the Soviets.) Which is clearly not the case here.


Alright, I’ll bite.

Does Cammy actually find out who Viper is by name or who she really is working for in TTTB? No.
Does Viper know who Cammy is in TTTB? No.

The conversation they have before their rival battle does not contradict TTTB and is still a valid conversation. Viper actually puts out her hand for Cammy to shake, almost as if to bury the hatchet after what happened but Cammy pushes it aside. Cammy’s statement about Chun Li doesn’t contradict TTTB either and only demonstrates that Chun Li and Cammy are in touch and that Chun Li is relating to her updates on her investigation.

Sure it would’ve been more obvious if Cammy exclaimed ‘you again!’ but instead Cammy says the next obvious thing, who are you. As in what is your name? Who are you really working for? What the fuck are doing here? Why are you following me? What is your true intention (which by the end of TTTB was not clear anymore). All of these questions could’ve been and were likely implied by Cammy’s one question ‘who are you’. Why would Cammy ask that? Because even though Cammy would definitely recognize the face of the woman who beat the crap out of her, she doesn’t actually know who or what Viper is (no one does by this time in the story), ergo her question is 100 percent valid and does not contradict the events of TTTB.

So really your evidence isn’t really evidence, it’s bad writing but it does not contradict the canon and it certainly does not negate it.