Warriors Fate: Street Fighter story thread, revived


Some of the others can help you out on the continuity aspects (your first question in particular, though, I personally write that off), but I’ll try and help out.

With regard to the dolls, they all had specialized skills. Aprile is in charge of medical stuff (I bet she also is skilled in poisoning targets) and Marz is in charge of communications, Enero is seen with a Microphone, so I’m assuming her skill is tied with audio and communications. The others have specialized weapons; Santum/Santamu has a spear and a monkey companion, Xiayu has Nunchau, Yanyu has a Bo staff, Noembelu has axes with a cord connecting them to her gauntlets, Decapre has the claws, Fevrier us the guns and ammo expert, Satsuki has a katana, and Juli & Juni are unarmed combatants like Cammy. I’ll hunt down a picture of them all

-Remy is really a blank slate, he doesn’t have much already presented, so that above theory could work, though, as I said in the SF5 story thread, making Remy Charlie’s kid doesn’t really work in my opinion, since I can’t see him completely abandoning a woman he’s hooked up with (long enough to father 2 kids), and even if he was briefly in Remy’s life, I could see Guile’s family (and eventually Guile during the post SFII downtimes) reaching out. Charlie did teach others how to fight like he did, it’s just that Guile was the only one who progressed as fast. Maybe one of the weaker ones couldn’t quite get it right, learned some other techniques and got that going? Remy’s projectile is based on light vs Charlie’s being based on sound, if I recall.


-Are the handheld-exclusive SFA3 characters (Ingrid, Yun, Maki, and Eagle) considered to have cannonically appeared in the SF story during the events of that game? I know a lot of SFA3 is already disproven, but I’m confused as to non-child Yun and Ingrid actually existing at that time.

**IMO yes. I’ve always held that the latest version of the game is the most canonical. The inclusion of Yun isn’t that big of a problem, remember in the new timeline SF2 and SFA3 practically happened simultaneously and occupy the same point in time. Yun appeared in SSF4 which happened about 9-18 months after the end of SF2/SFA3. It’s not a big jump to believe his presence in SFA3 (or Sakuras or the other kids from that era who appeared in 4).

Ingrid is literally a god who we prefer that she doesn’t exist but she does.**

-How much info do we have on the Dolls? I know there’s one for every calendar month or something, but I don’t know how much difference there is between individual dolls (“does only Decapre have blades?”) and how much involvement other characters had with the project. (Dictator/Rose, maybe Claw since he heads assassinations?)

**We know that there are 12 and Cammy was the Alpha Doll (13). We their names, that they have been kidnapped, and brainwashed. We know that Cammy and Decapre are the only two dolls that were not kidnapped and that they were genetically engineered using Bison’s DNA. You will find a lot of artwork depicting some of the other dolls carrying weapons such as hatchets, quarterstaff, nunchucks, spear, swords, guns etc.

We also knows that Bison somewhat cares about them, not necessarily romantically. He was really pissed off when Seth and Juri attacked the Dolls facility. In fact, it was that attack that forced him out of rest to exact his revenge. Remember, prior to this attack it was Bison/Shadaloo who saved Seth at the end of TTTB, but Seth just had to bite the hand that feeds him (who could blame him considering his origins?). Also notice how Bison was willing to bargain with Cammy to get Decapre back, Bison could’ve destroyed Cammy and taken Decapre if he wished but chose a more diplomatic approach - most likely because he didn’t want either or both of them to die IMO.

Bison also imbues the Dolls (at least Decapre but he helps Juni/Juli during in game fights) with Psycho Power, amplifying their strength. He isn’t known to do this with any other human being.**

-Can other Anatsuken practitioners (Ken, Sakura, Sean, Dan) use the SnH or is that something only Ryu/Akuma can use?

Generally yes, anyone trained enough in the art can tap into it, but because of its effects on the user, not everyone has the same potential to harness it and withstand it. In terms of chi, SNH is a very negative chi, but mentally speaking it is also a moral perspective and in its worldview even, which anyone can adopt.

-Does Bison still have Boxer/Claw under his employ after SSF4?

I know they are during SSF4. If I were to guess I would say yes they are still under his employment. Boxer might’ve been punished fired for stealing at the end of SSF4, but Vega will likely remain loyal in hopes that Bison will help him in his fight against aging.

-Does Urien have any actual story interaction with someone other than Chun-Li or Gill?

Urien is one of the architects behind the G Project, therefore Twelve is his newest pet project and Necro is his predecessor.

And, I have an odd theory that maybe you guys could provide some evidence for or against. We all know that Remy “moves on” after SF3 by throwing his sister in a lake and leaving, seeing a light in the distance. What if the “light” is connected to Shadowloo somehow, like a helicopter searchlight or something? We already know that Bison prefers henchmen with a simple vice that he can use as control (Claw=Beauty, Boxer=Money, Sagat=Ryu), so Remy’s desire to take revenge on his father and fighters in general would be easy for Bison to manipulate. If Nash/Abel actually is Remy’s father, Bison could use that information to lead him around against a common enemy, similar to what he pulled with Sagat. Especially if Bison knows Charlie is out hunting him during the events of SF3, it would make sense for him to take notice of a potential “ace in the hole” against Charlie and keep it in his back pocket.

**There is no reason to believe that Abel (who might look like he is 30 years old but is actually maybe 3-4 years old because he was recently grown in a lab) could’ve fathered children who would be as old as Remy is in SF3.

There is nothing to support Charlie being the father either to be honest. Any similarities in their special moves is just that, and has no bearing on their canon relationship.

I mean is it possible sure, but it would be new information and a retcon of some kind possibly too.**


Erm, but this only counts for the arcade versions and the basically arcade-perfect home ports, doesn’t it? I doubt that this poorly-converted handheld game, made by some third party developer, has any bearing on the plot.
So, I wouldn’t take anything from that game as canon.


Well I wouldn’t either for the most part but not for the reason you mentioned. SF4 rewrote the events of SFA3 and SF2.

SFA3’s endings for the most part never really happened, but generally speaking stuff that does not contradict SF4’s version of events can remain canon.

So is there a character called Ingrid in the SF canon as we know her and her story, motivations? Yes. Did she have any confirmed interactions with anyone? No.

I also see no reason why Eagle, Maki, and Yun can’t be part of that era. They went to the trouble of adding these guys with full fledged plots, quotes, and character interactions. The handheld version of SFA3 is basically the equivalent of SSF2T for that series, it’s another expansion with its own pros and cons, it’s not meant to be an arcade perfect port. The system of choice that the game is released on doesn’t diminish it I think.


Yeah, that’s another topic altogether. But it has nothing to do with the question if the GBA version was supposed to replace the currently canon version.

But the GBA endings are even worse: Chalie blows up Bison’s base every time. The end.

So, no, SFA3 for the GBA is not an update in the same sense the regular home ports with Guile as a playable character updated the arcade game. SFA3 for the GBA is just a random, sub-par handheld game with no additions to the SF canon.

The PSP version on the other hand is a completely different topic. That one is a “real” SFA3 game. But GBA: Forget it.


Weren’t there some Yun quotes suggesting that he came form the future in SFA3? You can probably bring some math and argue that he wasn’t too young, but still it seems he wasn’t intended to be canon.

I’d say than only the mentally unstable characters tap into the SnH. Ken seems to do a good job avoiding it.


The Satsui no Hado can affect ANY Ansatsuken practitioner who is strong enough to wield it and focused enough on strength to hear its call.

And Yun was just breaking the fourth wall in Alpha 3.


You talk about the SnH as if it was a good thing. To me the key is not who can use it but who can fall to it.

Yeah, I know, they wrote it like he didn’t belong there.


Well, SnH can be used without succumbing to it. Goutetsu was capable of it. It DOES, however, restrict you from being able to continue to grow. SnH is a cap on power. You can use it and grow powerful, but UNLESS you succumb to it you won’t grow past a certain point. Thankfully, that point is REALLY high (Goutetsu was a BEAST, after all).

Akuma represents someone NOT succumbing to SnH but going above and beyond what was the “norm” for practitioners of his martial art. The SGS represents the breaking of that boundary. As we’ve seen, however, it seems like Akuma WILL eventually lose to SnH…and that is a good thing. It can’t be an end-all-be-all power source.

Gouken represents much much much more growth than the SnH. That would make the most sense for why Goutetsu chose Gouken instead of Gouki. Gouken rejected SnH and developed a new power gathering method…one that didn’t have the inherent weakness/flaw of SnH.

Also, folks…I was considering doing some writing for SF following up on some of the plot points I had put forth. I love writing (I’m currently writing a radio drama for a local channel that’s going to be airing it’s pilot hopefully at the end of this month) and I obviously love SF…so it seems like a good fit. I had previously written a bit about Gouken vs Akuma…but I think I’m going to move into uncharted territory and give the community NEW stuff entirely for their enjoyment.



Is the writing going to be more reflective like your write up on the nature of the SNH, or is this more like fan fiction? Either way, I think you should go for it, man. I’m down for it.


I’ve actually done numerous analyses on Ansatsuken and its disciplines. I’ll post them after work if you want to take a look.


I’m always interested in stuff like that


It’d be fan fiction like…



Nice! I’ll have to check that out. Go forth and make awesome. I’d personally like to see more things from Gill and Urien’s POV. I’m a fan of stuff that humanizes or builds the worlds of things - like what are the Society’s ceremonies like, what are the “public faces” of key members like Gill and Urien, does Q prefer bourbon in his coffee, and does Dudley spy the sweetest rose of all…in the form of Rose? Heh, I’m just a sucker for world building and character connecting relationships.


Sweet! This is my first analysis of Ansatsuken in general, written years ago.


Very nice. I like it. A nice, concise look into the style and its practitioners.


Thanks, man! Here’s one done for the Satsui no Hado itself.


Nice. One thing I’d question though…do we know that Goutetsu was the one that created the style? I thought he was just the current teacher and there were past Ansatsuken users? I know Gouki’s early writings mention “elders” of the style that sealed away usage of the SGS.

I also liked your entries on the Hado, Shoryu and Tatsumaki principles! I think you will like how I write various fight scenes since I really like to keep the principles of fighting styles in mind.

Speaking of which…

I am working on the first part of the little project I’m calling Street Fighter V/isions…which will be stories I’ll be writing that will be part of a larger unfolding story set in the SF universe.


I don’t think Goutetsu is the founder or creator of the style. Not even Goutetsu fully embraced the SNH AFAIK but was able to tap into it when he needed it without ever being consumed by it. Goutetsu was wise this way and even he did not teach his students everything because he didn’t want it to just be a killing art. Goutetsu in a sense represents the beginning of the De-SNHing of Ansatsuken, this is why he chose Gouken as his heir. Gouken would continue his master’s vision with his students as well, teaching a form of Ansatsuken that would eventually eclipse SNH (Mu). Akuma is different in that he wants to tap into SNH the whole time because his logic dictates that if one can be powerful, then one should be powerful. This is the general story that has been repeated in the SF EU when retelling the story of Goutetsu (my favorite being the Alpha Generations version for its beautiful art).


So, even though the new stage in SF5 was supposedly “inspired” by New Zealand, Combofiend seemed to hint that it might be a reference to the Venezuela waterfall stage in A2:


Maybe Nash’s A2 death is becoming more and more canon…this isn’t the first time Capcom reps have mentioned it with regards to SF5.