Warriors Fate: Street Fighter story thread, revived



Also…fucking sheep. I really miss the Alpha series backgrounds. They were WAY more bad ass and interesting than what we get in the SF4 generation…


It’s such a random ass stage. Iguanas, sheep, swans, the skeletal remains of something as big as a dinosaur, and now he is saying maybe we’ve seen the top of it? The Venezuela stage looks like fucking Niagara falls, I have no idea what stage he is referring to.


First half of the first story is up


Awesome, I’ll check it out when I’m free!


Great! I’m actually half way through the 2nd part of it and will be posting up that conclusion today.


Just put up the second part of the opening snippet. I think Shockdingo might particularly like parts of it.


Someone on NEOGAF noticed that the beginning of Nash’s theme in SF5 (http://www.capcom.co.jp/sfv/bgm/002.html)

…is very similar to the music that plays during his Alpha 2 ending: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISHyYnlBQzs&feature=youtu.be

I dunno, that’s pretty darn convincing.


Whoa, didn’t realize that, nice find!


Wow that is an awesome find actually


Long time! Pretty big post!
-Are the handheld-exclusive SFA3 characters (Ingrid, Yun, Maki, and Eagle) considered to have cannonically appeared in the SF story during the events of that game? I know a lot of SFA3 is already disproven, but I’m confused as to non-child Yun and Ingrid actually existing at that time.

IMO yes. I’ve always held that the latest version of the game is the most canonical. The inclusion of Yun isn’t that big of a problem, remember in the new timeline SF2 and SFA3 practically happened simultaneously and occupy the same point in time. Yun appeared in SSF4 which happened about 9-18 months after the end of SF2/SFA3. It’s not a big jump to believe his presence in SFA3 (or Sakuras or the other kids from that era who appeared in 4).

Ingrid is literally a god who we prefer that she doesn’t exist but she does.*

If memory serves me right, Yun (and Yang) was in fact in a movie with Fei Long. That totally ditches the “time traveler” theory. Even though his winning quotes indicate that he was actually interacting with the 1990 characters. Maki and Eagle are ok too. Eagle is still after Sagat and Maki after Guy. The main problem was Ingrid. She simply doesn’t fit anywhere in the storyline. We could say she’s like Uatu, the Watcher, that simply observes the events without interfering. Her jap story clearly says that she’s after something that belongs to her and that such object was being used to fuel the Psycho Drive, while her overseas story makes a total mess by calling her power being Psycho Power. That led many to believe that Vega had stolen her power and decided to call it Psycho Power.

*-How much info do we have on the Dolls? I know there’s one for every calendar month or something, but I don’t know how much difference there is between individual dolls (“does only Decapre have blades?”) and how much involvement other characters had with the project. (Dictator/Rose, maybe Claw since he heads assassinations?)

We know that there are 12 and Cammy was the Alpha Doll (13). We their names, that they have been kidnapped, and brainwashed. We know that Cammy and Decapre are the only two dolls that were not kidnapped and that they were genetically engineered using Bison’s DNA. You will find a lot of artwork depicting some of the other dolls carrying weapons such as hatchets, quarterstaff, nunchucks, spear, swords, guns etc.

Those artworks aren’t official. Back in 1998, Capcom made only one artwork with all of them and some of them had that weapons/tech stuff. Decapre didn’t have her blades then. That was inspired by UDON’s view of the Dolls story. Back in Zero 3, Decapre was kidnapped from Russia, but I bet that it happened when she was still a baby or so. Remember that Cammy had a birth year back in SSF2 and since Decapre had her country flag as Russia on her USF4 profile page, I still think that counts. But, it would make more sense if she was kidnapped, experienced, becoming a failing product and Vega’s scientists creating a clone of her from scratch with Vega’s DNA and accelerating her growth to a 16yo.

BTW, does anyone here have the USF4 jap collector edition that comes with a small artbook with the new characters? I know there’s some info about Cammy and Decapre there. I think it said they were sisters or something like that. I also would like to know if there’s something about Decapre using her blades to make Cammy’s scar.

*We also knows that Bison somewhat cares about them, not necessarily romantically. He was really pissed off when Seth and Juri attacked the Dolls facility. In fact, it was that attack that forced him out of rest to exact his revenge. Remember, prior to this attack it was Bison/Shadaloo who saved Seth at the end of TTTB, but Seth just had to bite the hand that feeds him (who could blame him considering his origins?). Also notice how Bison was willing to bargain with Cammy to get Decapre back, Bison could’ve destroyed Cammy and taken Decapre if he wished but chose a more diplomatic approach - most likely because he didn’t want either or both of them to die IMO.

Again, I don’t think TTTB is part of the canon, since it doesn’t say anything about that in the games. About Vega caring about them… I don’t quite believe that’s the case (at least until now). While both the Dolls and Seth have once turned against Vega, Seth and the other clones were all made from the same genetic material. So that’s why I think Vega wanted to ditch them and decided to keep the Dolls.
In Decapre’s ending, it was clear that Vega wanted Cammy to willingly leave her life behind and follow him, so he used her feelings for her “sister” and made that bargain. If Decapre’s ending is canon, much of Cammy’s aftermath in the 4 story will be retconned.
Something that I noticed about Cammy in SF5 is that she makes the same salute from her winning quotes in Zero 3 during her selection screen. It could be nothing… but how I wished that Cammy was now a double agent… like she was always meant to be pre-SSF2.

Bison also imbues the Dolls (at least Decapre but he helps Juni/Juli during in game fights) with Psycho Power, amplifying their strength. He isn’t known to do this with any other human being.

Juni also had Psycho Power. Probably all the Dolls have some of it. Something that Seth never had….

While most believe that his demise was the one from Zero 2. I STILL believe that he was involved in the Psycho Drive explosion. I don’t remember seeing bullet scars/marks on his body in SF5. But that skin type/grafts… could be the result of serious burning.
What people seems to forget is that Nash saved Abel (officially confirmed in SF4/SSF4 artworks book) and escaped from that burning lab (which Studio 4C made just like Vega’s island from SF2). I’m pretty sure that this was a different event from the Psycho Drive explosion (since there’s no mention of Nash being severely hurt after saving Abel). So Nash could have saved Abel before any of the Z2 or Z3 events. OR, he saved Abel after his transformation, but I highly doubt it.

I don’t remember who questioned about this a while ago, but this piece of information was placed in the guide LONG before Vasili started to write it on his own. For those who doesn’t know, in the beginning (back in 2000… ah those were the days), it was meant to be a SFZ3 story guide that slowly grew to the SF plot guide. And I remember that the info about the shoulder blades being able to channel the Psycho Drive energy was already there. Since there isn’t too many books about SFZ3 story (I think only AASFZ3 covers the story, but who knows), it shouldn’t be difficult to track that info down. But I’m pretty sure that info was a stretch from Vega’s section on the SF2 Fanbook. There, we have some info about the characters, while I believe most of the info there was concerning the SF2 Movie aspect of the characters, it surely gives us a nice view about a few curiosities. Vega’s section mentions that it’s rumored that he could have had some training under the same master of Ryu, since Psycho Power and Hadoken seems to have the same kind of nature. Says that he could be some kind of immortal being that can convert people’s hatred to force/power that he could use. Mentions about his eyes turning white during the fights, so that his opponent wouldn’t predict any of his moves. The fact that Vega throw away his cape is only when he admits that the opponent is strong enough, but it’s also a death sentence because Vega will fight with all his might. And finally… mentions about his armor that was made by Shadoloo and that a device on it could increase his psycho power.
So whoever said that, didn’t make that up… at least not totally. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I just bought AASFZ3 so maybe (with the help of some translations from REAL Japanese speakers) we can shed some light on a few situations…


I’ve got a question about the height of the fighters:

According to this site, Chun Li is 5’5" (i.e. 1.65 m):

Same is written in this official picture:

But according to the SNES intro, she’s 5’8" (1.72 m):

I’ve noticed this discrepancy with Ryu and Ken as well.

So, where do the two different height values come from and which one is the correct one? And why are there two different values at all?


I have that book too, but I don’t have it all translated. So I dunno where that info could be…

That’s the overseas measurements (which usually is crap). Go with the japanese measurements info. Not only it’s the original but also doesn’t have much discrepancies like you mentioned… I think only Sakura’s height suffered a small change between Zero 2 to Zero 3.


If it helps, the height on the card is directly from SF5 in game.

Edit: to make matters worse, in game her height is actually 5’6"!


Let’s wait until the jap version with meters and centimeters is released…

I’m pretty sure it’ll match the SFIV info (which matched the SF2 one…)


Since I’ve seen this discrepancy before, it’s not a new problem, so we don’t need to wait for anything. I will have to compare the values in the Japanese and in the American manuals and games of SF2 and SF2T for the SNES. (Fortunately, I own the Japanese manuals.)

What’s strange is that the values don’t match in the first place. Weren’t they able to correctly convert them? Or did the Americans think that a fighter who is only 1.65 m is too small and therefore they declared new values?

I’ll also have a look into the German manual. They specify the values in centimeters. I’m curious if these are the Japanese values or the converted American values.


O.k., I’ve done the research. I just took three characters as examples.

First of all, the values in the Japanese SNES game and the Japanese manual are identical.
Also, the values in the American SNES game, the European game and the American manual are identical. don’t know about the European English manual, though.

(By the way, the German manual (which is based on the American manual, but uses cm) doesn’t match with either version.)

Japanese: 175cm (= 5’9")
American: 5’10" (= 178cm)

Japanese: 176cm (= 5’9")
American: 5’10" (= 178cm)

Chun Li
Japanese: 170cm (= 5’7")
American: 5’8" (= 173cm)

So, not only do the values not match between the countries, but they aren’t even identical to the one from SF5 or that wiki.

How can there be such a huge discrepancy in things that are purely numerical values?


Huge? Those you posted have an inch or so of difference…
They changed the characters stories… Those stats are minor details.

Most local manuals just make those things up. I remember the brazilian TMNT Tournament Fighters manual listing Shredder’s height as 2m 6cm (O.O) when the in game height was 6’2" (1m 85cm). So…


Sure, but unlike the backstories, which are “analog” information, the stats are “digital”. Therefore, a discrepancy is pretty strange since they just would have needed to convert one from the other. Not really comparable to a localization team who tries to be a bit creative with the backstory.

And if it’s 1 inch or 10 inches doesn’t really matter. It’s a difference. And therefore, one might be curious why this happened at all.

Furthermore, I’m asking myself why this official picture here:
lists yet another height. 170cm is pretty different from 165cm.


Well there’s a few things to consider…

There are time gaps between some of the games where age may change peoples heights.

There’s also the matter of different graphics being used across some games which can create a discrepancy in how they want to model the character for stance and animation and such, which can result in them tweaking the characters height.

Finally, across areas, average heights vary by a fair amount so if the intent was to make someone of “average” height in somewhere like Japan, localizing that could realistically include adjusting up to a higher “average” for a different area. Marketing usually gives information to companies to do things like that because it creates more familiarity and ability to identify with characters. It’s weird to think about but it makes sense. If Ken is 5’9 in Japan and is supposed to be an American athlete hot-shot (which he is) and marketing finds that 5’10 is the average for such a person, they dial him up the inch to fit that average. If you do this across everyone, you have a listing of characters that are closer to the taller average heights of western audiences vs Japanese audiences, making those characters, again, more identifiable and, for purposes of a fighter, more “legitimate” in a lot of peoples eyes.