Warriors Fate: Street Fighter story thread, revived


Isn’t that what the actual nationality is for?
For example, Guile is much taller than Ryu anyway (182cm) because he’s American and Ryu is Japanese. And Sakura is just 156cm or something like that because she’s a Japanese girl. (Ken’s relatively small size would then stem from the fact that he uses the same character model as Ryu and therefore needs almost the same height, so yeah, he would have to be smaller than average.)

So, I know what you mean and what they intended, but I don’t get why they had to do so. “People in the western world are taller. So, make the Japanese guy taller to match the American standard.” Pretty nonsensical in my opinion. Their actual American stereotype character, Guile, already has quite an impressive height anyway.
And 170cm for a Chinese woman is very tall anyway, let alone 173cm.


It makes sense because of the “legitimacy” thing I had mentioned. Making them all slightly bigger and ALL close to the average or above the average height, it adds legitimacy to them as “fighters”


Hi guys! Ehhh umm late again…

I don’t know if we have the same use of the word ‘Succumb’, but Gouki has already…ummm…let himself be one with SnH already. Would that count as 'Succumb?

Because it could be the word ‘succumb’ be used for those practitioners who went berserk and that’s why they ‘succumbed’ to it. So with that usage of the word, Gouki didn’t ‘succumb’ to it.

But in any case, Gouki won’t be ‘lost’ to it anymore. He’s already proven that he won’t go berserk after using SGS, that’s basically the barrier to show if you can take it or not.(i.e…, using SGS is the move that crosses the line into fully embracing the willingness to cause the loss of a life) After that, you just go and strengthen yourself further and further. Even up to the point as Oni he isn’t a berserk being. He is fully self aware.

And here we have to determine what we each mean by ‘Lost’ to it. Losing your humanity? or Going berserk. So I’m using ‘Lost’ as in going berserk, but if you’re using ‘Lost’ as losing your humanity, then well yeah , that’s Oni. But a fully self aware, non-berserk Oni.


I think that’d be the real danger with someone like Akuma/Oni. He’s so steeped in SnH, he wouldn’t become a slavering madman like E. Ryu…he’d go fully beyond human and become Oni…something literally akin to a demon. More monstrous because he’s not some random beast, but a driven, directed engine of death.


Yep yep, an engine of death, though that’s what Gouki was anyway wasn’t he? Just…more effective.


Well, Oni as an engine of INDISCRIMINATE death :tongue:


Hey guys, anyone managed to check out the Charlie book yet? Been looking for some info and am really curious as to how good it all is.


I have not. Swinging by my local comic book shop today though and he might have one in for me.


Something bothering me… I always thought the Satsui no Hado is Shoto exclusive… But seeing Necalli and the theories about him having It as well let’s me rethinking it.

Why should it exclusive to a certain fighting style? But if it isn’t why people as Sagat in his past where he was driven by hatred and rage never had a burst? Or even Guile or Nash…

So what is so special that only Ryu and Akuma have it to such extend?

Is there something more to it bar the rage hatred and wanting to kill stuff? What do you think?


The SnH is just a chi-gathering method. If you’ve never been exposed to that methodology, you wouldn’t be able to harness it (without dumb luck). That is actually why Sakura is a prodigy. It’s not because she’s a tough teen (there’s PLENTY of those) it’s that she managed to learn the Hadou principle of chi gathering simply by seeing it in action. It’s like learning the Force by observation (assuming a universe where anyone can learn the Force).

Think of it like a particular method of drawing in breath to sing. Only people that have been specifically instructed in that particular method (which could take years to do) would have access to any “corrupt” form of it. Sure, other singers could stumble upon it…but they were trained to use different breathing methods so those odds are EXTREMELY low (so much so as to be unrealistically improbable). Is it possible for another, separate group of singers to have, in total isolation, discovered the same breathing method? Sure! Totally possible.

Hence, someone like Necalli (if he uses SnH) can exist while someone like Sagat would NEVER stumble across it.


Hey all, I probably haven’t visited here in at least a few years, but I wanted to ask a favor.

I’m aware(at least I think) that a couple of you own Gamest Mook World Series No. 4 Street Fighter III fan book. I’ve been buying some mooks lately, but I’d like to know what’s in them, especially since shipping prices from Japan are absurd. When I looked up this particular Mook, a couple of auctions mentioned that illustrator Katsuya Terada contributed some art to the book. Is this true? If so, can I possibly see a scan of it? He’s one of my favorite comic artists, and if he did fanart of my favorite game, well, that’s exciting to me.

Thanks in advance guys!


Sorry Scissorman, I can’t help with this particular mook. Pretty sure someone here will be more helpful. But since you mentioned that you’re buying mooks/books and want to know what’s in them, I think first you could decide what you want from them. Character’s stories? Artwork? Interviews? I think that would be easier to indicate a book/mook for you…

Changing the subject… does anyone have the japanese version of Street Fighter Zero 1 and 2 for either Sega Saturn or Playstation 1? I have a question about the manuals. I remember when I rented Alpha 1 for SS, the characters (only the 10 playable ones, not the 3 secrets) had their moves displayed as drawings (instead of in-game captions) just like in the Super Famicon/Nintendo manuals. But, at least for the SS Alpha 1, those were black and white. My questions are:
1: Are those drawings in color in the jap version of those manuals (either SS or PS1)?
2: Do the Zero 1 ones have all the 13 characters?
3: Does the Zero 2 manual also have the moves shown as drawings? Or are they in-game captions? (If memory serves me right, SFC manual has in-game captions).
I’m planning to buy those and scan those small pictures, I always thought they were really cool back in the 90’s.

Any info would be really appreciated.


The above is incorrect. The Japanese manuals for SF2 and SF2T for the Super Famicom have full color drawings of the special moves. The American manuals have monochrome drawings for SF2 and the same full color drawings for SF2T as the Japanese manual.

About “Street Fighter Zero 2” for Sega Saturn:
Looks like this specific manual only has in-game screenshots. There are a handful of generic artworks, though.


Just looking for artwork. Do Vasili10 or Sano still post on here? I thought they had a copy of it.


I was talking about the SFZ2 manual for Super Famicon.

The SFZ2 manual for Super Famicon is the same with in-game captions… so I think that they did the drawings only for Zero 1… Thanks DRW,


I have All About SFIII New Generation and Gamest Mook 185 SF III


I have All About. Is there any artwork, developmental or otherwise, unique to Gamest Mook 185?

All About SF3 The Fighting Bible has a group shot sketch by Nishimura Kinu that isn’t in any other book to my knowledge.


^Who dat above Ken? Mel Masters?




Been a while. Sorry to dredge up a couple month old conversation, but it’s not as though anything else exciting is going on right now (i.e. no real SFV story info yet and I don’t feel like speculating; I’m just elated that Capcom has finally updated the weight values for their characters to more realistic values).

ON the canonicity of OVAs, Capcom lolstupid, etc:

Note: I have not seen any of the SFIV OVAs despite having them all on my HDD. I also don’t know SFIV’s story that well - I had a good handle on what the game’s story was supposedly like before the game was released (i.e. back when Gouken was basically a Jedi ghost), but since then, it’s generally been a huge mess that I haven’t bothered to follow seriously. That, and Vasilli’s guide became unreadable. I have only seen a handful of endings and prologues, etc.

I do not know if the OVAs are canon or not. They may or they may not be. I don’t think it matters too much for the reasons that YagamiFire said. But it’s not so much that it’s a case of Capcom being “incompetent” per se. There are a couple things at work here:

  1. Unlike, say, a Mortal Kombat or a Metal Gear Solid, there is no ONE head honcho in control of Street Fighter. At least not with regards to story. Ono’s in charge now (well, as of SFIV), but he’s not a story guy. He’s more of a hype man. There have been different teams and different story writers working on the various Street Fighters at different points in time. These writers, who may not all have the same competency, may or may not coordinate with each other fully, so stuff gets re-written, glossed over, or outright ignored. This is especially prevalent when the IP went dormant for so goddamn long.

Furthermore, commissioning different companies to work on different media is different than doing stuff in-house. worstfighter is right: Canon or not, the real purpose of the OVAs (and comics) was to hype the SFIV games themselves. Capcom probably gave them a basic story framework to use and that’s it. They could also have given them story info early then changed things later on. Any actual bearing on events depicted in-game is probably coincidence.

  1. While there is a general framework for the story, no one at Capcom cares enough about canon to be really strict about enforcing it. As I said, no one person is sufficiently in charge of the entire IP like Boon is for MK or Kojima is (was? :frowning: ) for Metal Gear Solid. So whoever wants to do something with the IP is given fairly free reign to do what they want as long as they’re respectful of the source material. See also: Udon comics.

In addition, I think this is apparently a JPN cultural thing: When it comes to story, they seem to dislike explaining things in detail much. Especially in-game. It’s not just Street Fighter, though SF is especially bad since they don’t like to explain anything in-game. Final Fantasy games have a LOT of crap in them that’s not explained that only get real attention in their Ultimania books, though at least the games are generally better at conveying their stories than SF games have done to date. Of course, that’s most likely because the story is a focus in FF, not so in SF.