Warriors Fate: Street Fighter story thread, revived


I’ve got a new story-related question and as mostly, it refers to SF2:

What is actually the nature of the SF2 tournament? (In the way it was seen pre-SF4 where its final battle was merged with the end of SFA3.)

Bison hosts it, right? But it isn’t held on his personal ground like “Mortal Kombat”, but all over the world.

So, did he announce this tournament to the public and then it was a major event? Or was it some private thing where he sent invitations to all participants and they duked it out among themselves like they always do? And the spectators maybe don’t even know that they’re specifically watching a tournament fight instead of just a regular fight.

The backstories of the fighters seem to suggest that this tournament has a certain popularity. For example, Honda participates to make sumo more famous. And Zangief even gets visited by Gorbachev in the end.

But on the other hand, none of the background graphics suggest that this is anything but a regular street fight between two combatants.
Even the final battle takes place in front of some palace/tourist attraction site, with maybe 20 people in the audience. At least this final battle could have been held in a stadium to show that this is really a major event. But instead, it looks like your average fighting place where two protagonists just happened to meet each other.

Another thing: In how far was Bison’s involvement common knowledge? I mean, he’s the final opponent, so it must have been known somehow, right? But he’s a criminal. How would the public react to that?


Here’s my take:

There was definitely and absolutely a worldwide ‘World Warrior’ fighting tournament (Dan remarks to Blanka in his SF4 prologue how he is bitter for not being invited to it, Fei Long made a movie about his experience mentioned in his SF4 prologue).

Shadaloo’s involvement as the sponsors was most likely secret. Some had their suspicions like Guile/Chun-Li and they joined to find out the truth. Others joined purely for the fight, completely oblivious to Shadaloo. I doubt Bison was officially part of this tournament either, rather he was overseeing things because he had his own agenda. Originally, his motivation was to look for fighters to kidnap and brainwash into Shadaloo soldiers. By the time Alpha 3 came into the picture, that motive evolved and included a more personalized motive of finding a perfect host body (one that only the strongest fighters can provide). These motives had to be secret otherwise no one would’ve joined. Only those investigating Shadaloo or are personally aware of Bison would’ve known or strongly suspected his involvement or that the tournament set up was criminal in nature.

The final opponent wasn’t fixed either, because this is a tournament so 2 fighters would fight their way to the top as the finalists then duke it out for the title. In reality, there was no ‘final boss’. Bison would’ve likely only intervened at the end to claim his prize, the winning fighter’s mind and body. He would also likely want to test the champion himself before committing to the abduction.

There was likely personalized invites to make sure certain fighters are aware of it, but also they probably did what SIN did and just advertised into through public means. Flyers, ads, word of mouth etc. It was definitely an international affair much like SIN’s tournament, and there was certainly prestige associated with winning it.

The tournament likely took place all over the world and only moved to Thailand because that would probably be the point of convergence for many stories. Even without Shadaloo’s involvement we can assume it was going to end up in Thailand because Sagat would likely have been in the final stages and I suspect they would fight in his hometown. The Shadaloo aspect of course also plays into the Thailand situation because little did anyone know that there lies their main base of operations, and that an international armed force was just waiting to strike.


Pretty interesting thoughts.

Funny little side note: While the game reflects what you say, the art and story book “Complete File Street Fighter II” gave every fighter a connection to M. Bison.

Is it mentioned somewhere that this was true before “Alpha” came out? Because as far as I see, the whole brainwashing thing was invented for Masaomi Kanzaki’s manga. The game itself gives no indication that Bison wants to brainwash the fighters. It’s more that those are the opponents that he needs to overcome before world domination.

But the four grand masters do have a special place in the tournament after all. So, maybe it wasn’t just a regular single elimination tournament. It could just as well have been a tournament where they fight until only three fighters remain. Those fight against the first three grand masters. Then the winner of the Balrog fight vs. the winner of the Vega fight. Then that winner against the winner of the Sagat fight. And then that winner against M. Bison.

At least in the actual SF2 games, Bison seems to be a regular participant: Ryu’s and Dhalsim’s ending both show him on the winners’ podium. So, it’s not like Bison just jumped in and challenged the tournament winner. He was a participant himself.
Either he was a regular fighter and just happened to be the one to get to the finals. Or he, as the host, reserved the right to fight in the final, Shang Tsung-style. But it was definitely not some surprise thing, like in: The last remaining fighter had just defeated Sagat and now Bison steps out of the shadows and challenges that fighter right here.
I mean, the fight against Bison takes place on a separate background. So, the battle was planned. The question is, though: When did it become known that Bison would be the final opponent?


Would anyone know the story behind this picture?
I know its from a Secret File. It’s reminiscent to the R.Mika and Nedeshiko faux magazine cover for SFA3 Secret File.

All’s I got from it was the blonde guy’s name, I think it’s “Haugen”

The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Omg that fake newsletter is SOOO cute. I’m only here for a quick Visit, so I’m just gonna say Ummmm I think that’s a play on Hulk Hogan’s name and it sounds like Pulk Hogan. Lemme see, in a fight between Gief and Hogan, Gief knocked him off the ring with his double lariat. Then Hogan went berserk and was just going around, I think theres something about a woman who couldn’t get away from Hogan’s berserking fast enough, when Sean jumped kicked and knocked him out (Poor Pulk) Everyone there didn’t know it was Sean they were just saying he reminds them of Ken Masters. ok bye see ya guys in a while!

The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Come on guys, no talks about the new Story Mode trailer?

Also, anyone following SF Unlimited? The latest issue seems to imply that Ken Masters is a racist.


I assume the talk about the story mode trailer would happen here:


Wait what? Ken’s implied to be a racist?!


The gist is that Ken and Guile came to Balrog’s new company that he started following Shadaloo’s demise under suspicion that now he was tied to the Illuminati. Balrog welcomed them into the office and told them that he was willing to keep the past in the past for the sake of business, then Ken reveals that he bought his company earlier in the day and now Balrog was his underling. Balrog threw a fit and they fought, all the while Ken was rubbing his boss status over Balrog in his face. Balrog gains the upper hand until Ken hits Guren Senpukyaku and knocks Balrog out the window. Cammy manages to catch Balrog and so the interrogation begins. Throughout the interrogation, Ken messes with Balrog’s stuff for absolutely no reason other than that he can.

So basically, three white blond folks gang up unprovoked on Balrog and then play the victim when he gets upset over it. Oh, and shoutouts to Sean being Ken’s personal driver and bagboy.



So you’re implying that Ken, Guile, and Cammy were all made out to be racist, or just Ken?


Everyone’s a little bit racist.


Guile and Cammy were dragged into it, Ken was the primary aggressor.


Ken is not a white blond though. Ken is a mixed race half Caucasian, half Asian man who spent a big part of his life in Japan away from the racist culture of the United States. His natural hair is dark and he dyes it blond. Don’t project your own distorted view of the world onto these fictional characters.

Ken treated Balrog like shit because Balrog is a “villain” with an extensive and likely terrifying criminal history.


It was meant to satirical to highlight how awful Udon’s writing has become the past few years. I get what they were TRYING to do, but the way they contrived them fighting was so bad that Ken came off as the bad guy more than Balrog did. It wouldn’t have been as bad if Balrog didn’t come up front with saying he was willing to let bygones be bygones for the sake of business.


You’re missing the part where Balrog tried to lie/avoid giving information to Ken/Guile


Ok playing through the story mode of Nash. So is his Alpha 2 ending now the true one and he was actually dead in Alpha 3 already?

Found this. They are even talking about A2

So how is Aloha 3 fitting in the whole story?


Alpha 2 is true now, and Alpha 3 (like a lot of that game’s story details) has been retconned out.

We’re also discussing story more actively [here](The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION! if you’re interested.


Thanks will go over there. But could You answer just one more… What has be rectonned as well from Alpha 3 or better… What can be considered as canon


That’s a really loaded question.

Basically, there are a few big changes you have to come to terms with for Alpha 3 to be canon.

1- Alpha 3 and SF2 are basically retellings of the same basic story. Yes, SFA3 = SF2. They in fact occupy the same point in the timeline of the Street Fighter series and involve many of the same characters. SFA3’s story being the newer and most update-to-date version of these events overrides many SF2-introduced plots it contradicts (Sagat for example). When no contradiction occurs, both SFA3 and SF2 stories end up being true (for example, Ken, Hawk, and Chun-Li’s SFA3 and SF2 endings can all be true with little contradiction between them).

2- SF4 is a sequel to SF Alpha 3 AND SF2 (see #1). This is evidenced by many things but most pertinent is the depiction of SF2’s conclusion in the Viper Aftermath Trailer. In that portrayal, the final battle of SF2 is an amalgamation of several SFA3 endings put together with a little something extra added. Much of the prologue in SF4 follows the endings of SFA3 rather than SF2, for example Ryu, Guile and Fei Long (there’s a ton of these that I can go into detail if needs be).

3- By far the key thing to ignore in all of this is the question of who killed Bison. Alpha 3 and SF2 shows us how everyone and their mother fought Bison and perhaps even killed him. We know from SF4 that none of them did. What remains after that in each character’s ending could be canon. For example, Fei Long’s SFA3 ending involves him killing Bison then making a movie about his experience with Shadaloo. In SF4 we find out that Fei Long did indeed make a movie about his experience with Shadaloo, but also that he did not kill Bison obviously. To understand which parts of the SFA3 endings made it into the canon, your best gauge is to see the character in question’s respective SF4 prologue (i.e. their story in the sequel). Capcom did a good job of remembering many endings in their SF4 prologues and do give a sense continuity between the chapters.

This is a loaded subject, so there is a lot of details that I left out to save time, but this is the fastest way I can answer your question.


OK thank you very much… Now I will go to the other thread =)