Warriors Fate: Street Fighter story thread, revived


I’m the one who constantly links those videos whenever somebody is confused about the story of SF4.

What? Why should he do that, or rather: How should he do that? The SF5 story mode is already a coherent story by itself. Just watch any random video by someone who played it from start to end and you have your plot. Unlike SF4, SF5 doesn’t require any pasting together. It’s already a full movie as it is.

O.k., the drawn cutscenes could be pasted together, but even they are pretty coherent. Either the chronology is clear or it is unimportant. If an event concerns two fighters equally, it is shown in both characters’ cutscenes.
The SF5 cutscenes aren’t a puzzle like SF4, so you can watch them right after another and you understand the plot. Unlike SF4 where one scene might start in one character’s ending and continue in another character’s ending and without a connected video, you only see bits and pieces of the plot, but never the whole thing.

What I’d like to see, though: A video (or maybe a bunch of screenshots) that puts together the ending sequences (including the texts, not just the images) of SF2 as one coherent storyline.
I’d be curious if somebody manages to put all 15 ending sequences (everyone from “Super SF2” minus M. Bison of course since his ending is definitely not canon) into one consistent, non-contradicting row of events.
Alternate version: Only the 12 regular fighters, without Balrog, Vega and Sagat.
Alternate version: Only the eight original fighters, without T. Hawk, Fei Long, Dee Jay and Cammy.


Thank you!

Yes, and it’s about damn time.

Hmm. I would need footage of HD Remix to do that, and I don’t have a PS3 anymore, nor do I have recording software. For SF IV, I used files from my PC versions.


No, no. Not “HD Remix”. “HD Remix” is not and never was canon. It was a collaboration between Capcom and UDON and I’m pretty sure UDON did the story.

I’m talking about the regular games:

(They can be played with MAME.)

The challenge here is not so much the video itself, it’s the fact that the SF2 endings were not created in a way that each ending is another scene in an on-going storyline. It’s more the classical way where each ending is the player’s fighter winning the tournament.
So, trying to harmonize it is something that would be done after the fact. Maybe it would require filling in the blanks with some made-up storyline.

The important thing is that you don’t omit the on-screen texts.
I mean, everybody can take a screenshot of Honda defeating another sumo fighter and include some random text. But the challenge is to include the texts that are shown. And that’s the problem: Honda talks as if he has won the Street Fighter tournament. So, you would have to make up a scenario where he hasn’t defeated M. Bison, but where the words that he speaks still make sense.

Also: You cannot just declare that each fighter fought a replacement body of M. Bison. :slight_smile:
And you cannot declare that the final battle was a 12 vs. 1 fight, so that each fighter is the winner.

Likewise, you cannot create a scenario like in that Aftermath trailer where five fighters fought Bison at once in a forest. The final battle must have happened like in gameplay, i.e. one fighter against Bison.
Whatever happens between Bison and the other fighters after the battle is your choice, though, as long as it’s still in line with the endings somehow.

But: It has to be a scenario where Bison’s ending would have happened if he had won the tournament.
I.e. the way UDON presented it in their comics where Akuma fought Bison while the others destroyed his Psycho Drive doesn’t work here:
If you invent a story where some fighters enter Bison’s base and arrest his henchmen while Bison is occupied fighting the finalist, then the outcome of the final battle wouldn’t matter: Shadoloo would be destroyed anyway.
So, the scenario needs to be created in a way that a victory by Bison would have made his ending come to pass, but where it didn’t happen because he lost.

So, this is more a challenge of creativity: In how far can all of these ending scenes connected as one storyline?
You can freely choose the order of the endings. And if a scene has a cut, you can include other scenes in between. (For example, there’s a cut between the empty podium and Ryu walking into the sunset. So, you can include someone else’s ending here.)

If we completely ignore Akuma and the idea that he killed Bison before the final battle (because this fucks up everything since many of these endings cannot happen anymore), in how far can these endings be connected to one consistent storyline? Does it work with all 15 fighters? Or maybe the non-Shadoloo fighters? Or maybe only the original eight? Is it even possible at all?

This doesn’t need to be made as a video, at least not for the first try. Just a written text that says which part of which ending happens when and what additional storylines would have to be included to connect them. Just to see if this can be done at all.


Sooo, do you think you could pull this off? Merging the SF2 endings into one coherent storyline without removing anything?


I don’t think so. Again, I don’t have recording software, and if I did, that would require a LOT of guesswork, blank-filling and speculation, even for me. SF II wasn’t made with narrative cohesiveness in mind.

The Alpha games, however, I could see myself tying together to make some sense.


“Alpha 2” is pretty easy. Since every fighter has his own rival, you could just play all of the endings one after another. They usually don’t interfere much with each other.

“Alpha 3” is a bit more difficult, but still doable.

The original “Street Fighter II” (minus the four Shadoloo fighters), including my own rules of using all endings exactly as they are, could be done if it wasn’t for that damn picture of Dhalsim standing on the winners’ podium.

Tell me what you think about it:

(We assume that all 12 fighters are present in Thailand to watch the final battle.)

The final battle:

Ryu is the finalist after having defeated Sagat. He defeats Bison.

At the battle scene after the fight:

Ryu’s ending, part 1: The award ceremony happens while Ryu is already gone.

Bison leaves the podium and is confronted by Guile and Chun Li.
Bison sends Balrog and Vega after them. These two are stopped by Honda and Zangief. Honda defeats Balrog and Zangief defeats Vega.
Guile attacks Bison.

Guile’s ending, part 1: Guile grabs Bison. His wife and daughter appear, preventing Guile from killing Bison.

Chun Li arrests Bison, Balrog and Vega.

Zangief’s ending: Gorbachev appears and congratulates Zangief (in this context, for helping to bring Shadoloo down by defeating Vega). They do the dance.

Blanka’s ending: Blanka’s mother appears.
Ken’s ending, part 1: Ken’s girlfriend appears.
(These two endings could also happen before the award ceremony.)

In the evening:

Dhalsim’s ending, part 1: Dhalsim rides home.

Ryu’s ending, part 2: Ryu walks into the sunset.

Aftermath (the order of these endings might vary):

Ken’s ending, part 2: Ken marries his girlfriend.

Chun Li’s ending: Chun Li tells her dead father that she has destroyed Bison and can get back to being a normal girl.

Guile’s ending, part 2: Guile lives with his family.

Honda’s ending: Honda tells his students about discipline and about him winning (in this case against Balrog).

Three years later:

Dhaslim has a picture of him on the winners’ podium with Bison and Sagat on place 2 and 3.
–> That’s actually a bit problematic.


Double post.


Sooo, did you find any flaws in my outline?


AH ok I found out from PXZ2 that Vega stole Ingrid’s Hair Pin/Brooch(?), you know one of those things she wears on her hair. He is using it as one of the few items to power up his Psycho Drive. #notsayingit’scanon #atleastit’ssomething #whothehelldoesthestreetfighterwikia Why is that 16 levels of hell and all that made up nonsense still under SGS section.

Also I realised a lot of people don’t realise that SnHnMRyu and Oni are not the berserk warriors that SnH practitioners are warned about becoming if they use SGS and fail to control themselves. SnHNMRyu and Oni are actually self-aware and aren’t indiscriminately attacking people in any berserk fashion whatsoever. This can be seen in SnHnMRyu’s (Damnit I don’t like typing ‘Evil’ Ryu) quotes anywhere. Same for Oni and his quotes. Actually you know maybe I’m just being sensitive after re-chancing upon the Wikia and the descriptions there. Bah.


I strongly recommend reading and posting in the SFV story thread. Capcom has been divulging some neat info and we have a translator who can explain the Japanese materials.


Thought I should probably make those aware of a new sort of plot guide in the works I’m compiling. I still need a lot of help on some sections but it’s coming together daily. The links in my sig.


**For those of you who have been saying “I thought Street Fighter 3 was the last SF (for Street Fighter) game for Capcom!”, allow me to clear up the confusion. SF has an “original era” and a “revival era”. The original era began in 1987, when SF1 became available to the public. This era ended when Capcom stopped producing SF3:3S arcade cabinets in 1999/2000. During that time, Capcom decided not to make anymore SF games, and it would not change its decision until around 2004 or 2006, when convinced by Yoshinori Ono. The revival era (2008-present) began with the release of SF4. You can choose to acknowledge or ignore the “revival era” SF games.

So anyway,

“Original Era” SF:

  1. SF1
  2. SF2 series
  3. SFA series
  4. SF3 series

“Revival Era” SF (as of 8/16/2016):

  1. SF4 series
  2. SF5

Just telling the public what they need to know.**



I mean, it is true that Capcom was in a different state during the “Original Era”. But the games are one series, SF4/SFV are canon with the older games.


**Well, there have been Looney Tunes cartoons produced from 1987 to the present day. LT (for Looney Tunes) cartoons were originally produced from 1930 to 1969. In 1969, the final 1930-1969 era LT cartoon finished it’s theatrical run, and Warner Bros. had no intention of making anymore LT theatrical shorts until 1987. Many recent animation books don’t acknowledge the 1987-present era LT cartoons but consider the LT era as being only from 1930-1969. Though I believe there are some animation books that acknowledge the 1987-present era LT cartoons.

SF is similar to LT. The “original era” SF games are like the “1930-1969 era” LT cartoons and the “revival era” SF games are similar to the “1987-present” LT cartoons. Some people acknowledge the “revival era” SF games, some people ignore them. It’s up to you whether you want to acknowledge the “revival era” SF games or not.**


I don’t think SF3 was intended to conclude the series. Capcom halted their entire fighting game division because the cabinets were making less money during the decay of arcade culture. Had the genre remained profitable, I have no doubt SF4 would have come out years earlier. I’m not knowledgeable about animation, so I can’t speak on Looney Tunes.

SF4 had multiple reasons to “revert” the series to before SF3. Capcom wanted the World Warriors to be relevant and call back to SF2, so the game was set closer to SF2 than SF3. SF3 was also poorly received because it traded off so many fan favorites for new characters. The new characters aren’t bad, as Ibuki/Dudley/Alex/Makoto are still pretty popular, but how SF3 handled its roster rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.


Agree, In fact it wasn’t even just the street fighter franchise that has been reverted to it’s well known popular/pop culture state but the many famed franchise that jump in the bandwagon trends of futuristic and aftermath state in the mid-late 90’s era. While some did prequels than so far away future, That is the time many fans are expecting something else “beyond” after a given state of conclusion to a previous popular climatic event like people having children, marriage, new adventures, apprentices, retirement, new conflicts and everything entirely different from what made the previous to loved and enjoyed.

It has done good for a moment of time till the early 2ks but the latter the farther it gets the more it alienates, the returning fans and their subscribers to dislike because of losing it’s original identity and formula of what makes them interested with it. That even the new trends and hype of the mid 2ks only make it totally damage and loss everything that makes it masterpiece and independent from the past trends… This make the many recurring franchise stale and frozen because it cannot cope up and fit the later trends because it became entirely different. so the time in 2005 on wards many had chosen to be restarted and rebooted like the many remade from movies, comic books, novel video games and the many fictional media to bring what made it to be a masterpiece.

Lately some had been adopting political influences and controversial issues to ride with the trends like the new era of comic books that is so broken and cause to damage continuously the characters identity and reputations to promote other characters. Which I dislike those practiced. IMHO I’m thankful for SF not being like those in the new soft retcon.


The thing is, I do want the series to move past SF3. I want to see Ryu reach his peak, and the other characters to complete what they started over 25 years ago. I want to see their effects on the world, and the new generation they inspire.


If and when they move past SF3, I would like to see (at least 6 of) the world warriors from SF2 to return as secret challengers were we find out what they have been doing. In the case of Ryu, defeating Oro (or Sakura) under special conditions brings out his seasoned apprentice mixing senju arts with anetsuken to over whelming effects. Defeating Sean under special conditions has Ken test your character’s fist against his now tempered flames.

RE: using dead or maybe past prime characters…
If they want to use some older characters, they could have someone recall a past fight with them. Want Goutetsu in the game? Have Gouken or Akuma recall a fight with him to another character during story mode. Maybe Sakura spends a summer under Gouken or Elena speaks with Akuma under the best of conditions.

RE: new generation of inspired warriors.
While not everyone would take on an apprentice, I could understand a few successors.
-new sonic soldier (with alternative military branch)
-a “strong” student of Chunli, Dan, E.Honda, Feilong…
-Mel masters…


I think it was. Capcom wanted to take SF in a new direction but the fans wouldn’t have it without Ryu and Ken so they were added, even though they had no purpose originally. Consider the facts.

  1. Ryu wasn’t even intended to appear and his legacy is of no consequence to the central story of SF3. Items previously central to Ryu (Satsui no Hado problem, rivalry with Sagat) are never even mentioned
  2. Shadowloo gets only a passing mention by Urien as a defunct organization
  3. The final boss, Gill, isn’t even evil
  4. Gill’s ending brings a conclusion to Street Fighter
  5. 3rd Strike endings provides a convincing denouement for everyone, with no contradictions outside of Urien’s ending (which would make Gill’s ending impossible)

You can put me into the “Original vs Revival” camp because SF4 makes a mockery out of all this for the sake of more $$$. The main impetus can be money, same as for almost any work. But SF - SF3 is completely different from postmillennial Street Fighter which is nothing more than fanservice with horrible character designs, a nonsensical story, and pointless cruft like official swimsuit mods.

Good stories have an end, and the mainline continuity of Street Fighter ended in 1999 when 3rd Strike was released.


Most video games franchises will never have a definitive ending because you always have to leave room for a sequel. Which sometimes becomes frustrating with things like Darkstalkers which left loose ends that probably won’t ever be resolved.

In Street Fighter’s case there’s still Gill’s prophecy which has never been resolved, and it even comes up again in SFV’s story.

With SFV closing all of the doors that SFIV opened up again (the Dolls, Shadowloo, Satsui No Hadou Ryu, Dictator) I really can’t see them not directly dealing with the prophecy the next time around.

…There is still a chance for them to be funny and resolve the prophecy in between SF3 Second Impact Giant Attack and SF3 Third Strike giving us yet another interquel, but I’m going to reluctantly doubt that’s what is going to happen.