Warriors Fate: Street Fighter story thread, revived


So, apparently the Shungokusatsu has been revealed in the new trailer.

They show what happens when he’s doing the attack. No, demons no hell from what it seems.


I’ve got a question and maybe you have some suggestions:

In Dhalsim’s ending in “Street Fighter II”, we see a photo of him on the winners’ podium, with Bison on place 2 and Sagat on place 3:

Pre-“Super Turbo” games had two generic fighters standing next to him, but a drawn artwork from 1991 confirms that this was always supposed to be Bison and Sagat.

Alright, so the ending is shown from the perspective of “if Dhalsim had won the tournament”. Fair enough.

But here’s what I find strange:

In “X-Men vs. Street Fighter”, we have the same image in the background:

It’s not in full view, but the lines indicate that this is most likely supposed to be a podium and therefore a callback to Dhalsim’s SF2 ending.

Now, I know that XMvsSF is not canon, but that doesn’t matter:
The game never happened within the regular canon. But in the alternate universe where XMvsSF happened, the SF2 tournament probably happened as well, hence the podium.

Now, I doubt that Dhalsim is supposed to be the canon winner of SF2 inside the XMvsSF universe. And I doubt that he has a picture of someone else on the podium.

So, my question is: What happened after the SF2 tournament, so that Dhalsim got a picture of him standing on top of the podium with Bison and Sagat on place 2 and 3? How did this picture came to be in a situation where Dhalsim didn’t win the tournament?


It’s just that; a callback.


Yeah, but a callback to a situation that can usually only happen in a certain situation: If Dhalsim wins the tournament.
So, if he has that picture in that scene, it means of two things:

  1. In the “X-Men vs. Street Fighter” universe, Dhalsim was the winner of “Street Fighter II”. (Unlikely.)

  2. For some reason, Dhalsim getting this picture happened regardless. Even in the canon outcome where he didn’t win the tournament, the situation somehow ended up in a way so that he got a picture of himself standing on the winners’ podium together with Bison and Sagat.

And I’m curious if anybody can come up with an explanation how possibility 2 might have happened.
If you created a “Street Fighter II” anime and you were supposed to include that Dhalsim artwork with the photo, how would you do it?


The picture doesn’t show anyone in the podium, it could have been Magneto and with someone else character Sf or Xmen.

There might have been no SF2 events that take place in XvS since they were in Alpha representation in that game. It might have been Alpha-XvS and no Sf2.


You don’t say… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


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