Warriors of Elysia...

…is so awful:

no really… super strip fighter 4 has a rival!!! :bluu:

As retarded as it looks I gotta say I’m pretty impressed by the quality of the digitized sprites. Shitload of frames per character

When I was younger, I probably figured a MK from the future would look like that

LOL, Bikini Karate Babes actually got a sequel.

That said, that’s some decent digitized character work they got there.

looks pretty decently made (production wise) and there are worse ways to get your jollies off but it will be crap (obviously)

Warriors of Elysia = the first true next generation graphics fighting game!


Even though it’s digitized, it’s so realistic it makes even the best classic Mortal Kombats look like
Looney Tunes. The combat looks 100% more balanced and superior special animations too.
It arrives in October, but there definitely will be tournaments for this during next year’s EVO. It’s really the first refreshing NEW fighting game that doesn’t belong to a series we played before (unless you played the spoof they made on PC.)

Just like Super Smash Bros Brawl and Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm has taught us that fighting games don’t need the most depth in order to be the most fun. Warriors of Elysia will definitely be more fun than Street Fighter series, Killer Instinct series, and Mortal Kombat series combined!
Anyone agree? It really is what this industry needed for a long time. Plus this time there will be a more mature presentation, story, and lots of unlockables. I mean when was the last time we had live action cutscenes in a fighting game? This will be a must pre-order and a must buy for all SRK and fighting game enthusiasts. :chat:

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wow everyone here knows EVERYTHING about fighting games before I do. -.-; Oh well at least there’s no need for me to share information then. :stuck_out_tongue:

This game is so underrated before it even releases! Why can’t people just respect it as a fighting game despite the likely simplicity of its gameplay? That doesn’t mean the game can’t be fun to play.

Bikini Karate Babes was an intentional spoof.
This however looks like it’s making a decent effort in being more than just ‘eye candy’.
People are too spoiled nowadays by how fighting games have evolved gameplay-wise, and forgotten how even the first simple fighting games are great and fun to this day (and that especially includes Karate Champ.)

Stop being a pervert Affinity. Christ. Grow up.

So weird.

On one hand, they actually made the characters match the backgrounds, perspective-wise, even as the camera moves (intros).

On the other hand, a buncha regular women, on cheap-looking bikinis pretending they’re fighters… Even the stretching looks fake - it’s like someone said “do this” and the girl doesn’t even know what it is.

This game is awesome, lol… just came out today on D2D. Well, I mean… it’s fairly buggy, and the hitboxes seem strange… the fighting engine itself is awful. But the way they incorporated the video sequences into the action is neat. The animations/video are hit and miss, some of them are really good and some others definitely look fake.

It was a budget game, so I was never expecting much… it’s entertaining, at least. More importantly, the girls are in bikinis. Oh, and Venus is a cheating bitch. Ripped my top off and won both rounds instantly!

I know I’m bumping an old thread, but I didn’t think there was a point in making a new one.