Warriors of Elysia

I don’t even know if this should be off-topic or not?

What is this? It’s like they got hold of the MK engine and a lot of desparate chics.


Warriors of Elysia

BOO! Needs more Bridget Riley, Michelle Krasnoo, Mer Mer Chen, Christine Bannon-Rodrigues, Lucy Lawless*, Renee O’Conner*, and Hudson Leick*.

*reprising their roles from Xena, of course.


I heard it’s coming this October and it has a deeper story than Mortal Kombat. Should be interesting.

Sounds like a game that needs to be in every gamer’s library.

It’s does seem very likely I will pre-order it. lol

What? Affinity hyping over some game other than KoF?

I’m not hyped, just curious about how it’s story will pan out. The digitized characters look far better and better animated than the best looking Mortal Kombat games that used the same process. It really gives an idea what MK would’ve been like if they stuck with tradition.

how deep? balls deep.

well id better get going now thanks for reading