Was 3rd Strike a mistake? Did Capcom go too far ahead of themselves?

Will SF4 direct SF’s story into all new direction?

I mean storyline wise. With so many problems unresolved from SF2, did SF3 come too early. Also making Alex the new main character was a mistake, especially considering they left Ryu’s story unresolved. Not that I don’t like Alex, but SF wasn’t ready for him. What’s your take on this?

I don’t think the SF3 series was a mistake at all. I’m also not convinced it was the massive failure that people like to say it was…especially now, some 10-12 years later, when as recently as a few months ago the game was one of the most played games in Japanese arcades (a place where arcades are still relevant).

Of course, SF3 came no where near SF2 popularity and influence, but then again what other fighting games ever do?

Considering the context, I think Capcom made some pretty logical decisions regarding the direction of the series at the time, however changing tastes, over-extension of the SF brand, and technological issues prevented SF3 from really taking off.


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I hope you’re right.

But, then again, SF4 was released in a completely different context than SF3.

3 was released amidst a storm of SF games and spin-offs. 4 will be released in a comparative drought.

The original SF2 was also released in a drought…seeing as there really wasn’t anything like it around.

Of course Sf3 did well in Japan. It just failed everyplace else. No advertising, no home ports, and the stupidest thing they could have done is replace almost the entire cast with a bunch of weirdos. I still played the hell out of Street Fighter 3 but any remaining casual fans who just loved their favorite character just gave up when they weren’t there.

Plus, SF3 a new generation came out in 1997, and I heard it didn’t make any real profit until 5 YEARS after it was released. It cost a bunch, made shit. In most industries, thats a failure. whether or not it is a good game is irrelevant, it failed financially, and that’s probably the main reason there are no SF3 chars in SF4. Most casual gamers don’t give 2 craps about SF3 anyway because they either never heard of it, or they haven’t played Street Fighter since HF or SSF2. Hopefully, they will buy SF4 in droves so we don’t have to wait ten years for another game.

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After 6 years and 7+ rehashes and spin-offs featuring the same characters, I don’t think it was that crazy for Capcom to try to introduce a new cast at the time.

And, you’re right. Alex is a weirdo. Overalls with no shirt? Kinky.

People are always raising the whole “5 years to make back what it cost” argument…and every time I have to wonder how people expected them to make back their costs so quicky without a console release.

Every other Street Fighter series and spin-off had some sort of representation on PS1, one of the most successful consoles ever with a massive user base. SF3 did not, because it was simply too much for the thing to handle.

And, sorry, but a dying Dreamcast isn’t a good substitute.

I’m sure Capcom knew all this when they developed SF3, and so it begs the question…did Capcom see SF3 as a short term investment or a long term investment?

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IMO, one of the mains reason SF3 didn’t do well is the fact that it left so many fans feeling empty; we didn’t get any closure. We didn’t know if Charlie was ever discovered or if Bison ever really died. SF3 was a great game but it just came too soon. Seems like Capcom is filling up the void now with SF4.

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I think a majority of the fans don’t even know the storyline.

Uhhhh… I believe that’s why SF4 exists.

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So true. The only part of the story some of my friends knew was that Bison killed Chun Li’s father and Guile’s friend. And they knew that because of the JCVD movie. That was until Alpha 3 came out.

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SF3 was not a failure, otherwise they wouldn’t made iteration after iteration, it wasn’t as popular as SF2, but its fighting system is arguably superior to SFIV. Times change, people move on, I agree they may have deviated a bit to much from the original cast, Alex, etc were fine, but Twelve, although cool, looked like he belonged in a Dark Stalkers game than a SF one.

I think the biggest culture shock, is while SF2 is supposed to be cartoony and zany, overall it was a somewhat realistic fighter, sure you had hadokems, and sonic booms, and blanka :confused:, and a stretchy dude, damn it, you know what I mean. And SF3 just took the wackiness even further minus the original cast. It shifted probably a little to much. So the cast issue was possibly a mistake, everything else IMO is pretty solid.

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So it certainly wasn’t a mistake, just not a popular evolution as SF2 was to SF1.

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Capcom took way too long to get to SF3 IMO. The endless SF2 upgrades were kind of annoying because they seemed to come out every other week. By the time ST was announced, I stopped playing and started playing more SNK games because it seemed like Capcom was just going to spend the rest of eternity upgrading SF2.

I like SF3 quite a lot though. Yeah the characters are a little off beat, but that’s good. Can’t tell you much about the stories cuz I honestly don’t know 'em, but I guess we’ll find out what happens to Ryu in SF4.

your main point is the storyline in a fighter? :confused: