Was A3 really that much better than A2?

I’m curious as to what people think since the Alpha Anthology has been announced.

I would hope that only people that have actually played both games on a tourney level can give a good answer as to why they feel the way they do.

This is a serious question for serious niggas. Let’s get it!

i’ve only played alpha 2 on a tournament level. i never really liked alpha 3 from the time i frst picked it up… just felt “unstable” of sorts to me… i felt it was awkward to control and didn’t feel that solid, although, from the matches that i’ve seen in alpha 3, compared to those i’ve played in alpha 2, i can say that alpha 3 is MUCH deeper in terms of the actual fighitng system. the other thing that i hated, honestly, was the ism system.

Heh, you’re going to piss off a lot of OG heads. All the old heads (and a lot of the new) think A2 is >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> A3. VC’s and CC’s, weird hitboxes and a bunch of other stuff make it crap apparently.

Note that I don’t agree, i’d play A3 over A2 anyday.

I think SFA 3 has some all-around more variety in playstyles due to the multiple ISMs and whatnot. I know it all boils down to V-ISM and (more recently) crouch cancels and shit like that, but you can still have some kicks with other styles and vary your game a bit.

SFA 2 is kinda cool…but the CCs are more retardingly simple than the VCs. It was all about the low RH into whatever-special-move. Take away 45% at level 1. You don’t need as much timing as the VCs, just spam the shit out of the buttons. Oh yeah, and the ACs were a bit more powerful and abusable (like Ken’s kick AC). And if you weren’t using Rose, Ken, or Chun Li, you were out of the game.

Then again, both could beat the shit out of SFA 1.

Both completely different games.

A2 was more “tight” imo. You had to have real good zoning and footsies. Level 1 supes actually worked, and alpha counters were a big part. Oh yeah, ticks and throws are actually good in A2.

A3 was a lot crazier and required a lot more technical skill on the whole IMO. Specific matchup stuff and glitches. As good as CCs were in A2 offensively, they were INSANE in A3. Infinites turn people away too.

Both games revolve around meter. The guy with meter has a HUGE advantage against the guy that doesn’t.

I like A3 more because I’m better at it. :stuck_out_tongue:

IMO, The isms are what made it fun. The roster alone was beautiful, bringing back great characters and introducing others. The isms themselves were pretty balanced, and in some cases (Adon) you really were playing different characters. Very nicely done, and was played on many levels of competitive play.

i don’t think i’ll piss off anybody

  1. most of the people here have heard me bitch about the stupid reasons i hate alpha 3 before.
  2. i actually play alpha 2 still
  3. i think both are good in their own way, but my style prefers alpha 2
  4. it’s fact that alpha 2’s not as deep as alpha 3 (base it on 3 isms adding to depth, introduction of “kara”, juggles, and tech flips*, just to start out with)… you can’t deny that.
  • thanks caliagent#3*


Yes. Yes, Alpha 3 is THAT much better than Alpha 2.

…really, I don’t know. It’s like asking if 3rd Strike is better than GGX#R…they’re pretty different games. The things that I find to be stupid about Alpha 2 tend to bother me more than the things I find stupid about A3. While I may talk trash about A2 every once in a while, it and A3 (and for that matter, 3S…people winning nationals with SA3 Ryu, now, I’d have to give that game another chance anyway), are good games.

I know what people mean when they say A2 seems more solid…but A3 is, to me, more interesting.


If you liked ST, for some reason I can imagine you would like A2 more. No as much “bullshit” and insane juggles and counterhits, and anti-airs that TOTALLY shouldn’t be anti-air…

But once you really get into A2, I think it becomes much more frustrating. Losing half your life because you weren’t ducking a half screen away when they activated CC sucks. Knowing that the huge damage custom they did is so easy any idiot could do it sucks more. Getting past a Rose mashing low strong sucks if you’re not used to it. Getting alpha-countered for huge damage sucks. Eating a Ryu lvl1 FB from sweep range because level ones are actually good and you weren’t already blocking makes you feel stupid.

But using your head and your skills to get past all the easy cheap stuff makes it all worth it :wgrin:. Like ST. Delayed Alpha Counter reversals are pimp.

It’s not as bad as earlier posters make it out to be either. There’s the big 4 yeah, but it’s not as bad as mvc2. Sakura is good, Rolento is good, Zangief is good, everyone else can win (mostly)

lets not get into this again…!!! PLZ

Alpha 3 > Alpha 2 end of story, Everyone is played in A3, everything about the game was superb, if only CAPCOM made Alpha 3 without Crouch Cancel infinites, the game would not be broken. It was the best game to watch back in the days. only reason we dont hear of A3 is because :: sigh :: console versions, long live the arcade version of A3!

A3 had the better line up, more juggle possibilities, VC’s were more skillfull then CC’s and in generel a bit deeper gameplay then A2. Sure some stuff is just wrong like infs and crouch cancels after already damanging VC’s and stuff like wacky hitboxes. I also like the faster Speed of A3 in generel. I really hated that Alpha Counters were so abusable in 2. However both are good games, I just like A3 more.

A3 is a good game but the infinites f*kd it up.

Duh, A3 has a three in it, that makes it one better than A2.

Gameplay wise, Alpha 3 has it all over Alpha 2 but I gotta tell ya, stylistically it is definitely a step backwards in my opinion. I dislike most of the presentation in comparasion to Alpha 2, whether it be character art, endings, storylines, backgrounds, or theme music, it just seems to be influenced by the wrong sources such as the Sakura comic and feels less like “pure” Street Fighter than Alpha 2- which heavily referenced earlier Street Fighters and the Animated Movie as it’s conceptual framework.

Alpha 3’s art was too comical, colourful and gimmicky in comparison to the sharp anime style found in A2.


Everyone has a chance in A2. The game also didn’t have wacky juggles or physics.

In my personal SF heirarchy, it goes…ST>A2>HF>A3.

Actually the reason so many characters can compete is because crouch cancel is an equalizer :sweat:

Yeah I was gonna say this. I -love- the presentation/production values of A2. Though the music in A3 was great, everything else I like better in A2.

And maybe it’s nostalgia, too, A2 just gives me warm feelings.

As for gameplay…I think both games have aged poorly. Vism/CC is just gimmicky, and A3 just seemed sloppy (I mean, tech flips ala Fighting Vipers? 3 isms, boat load of disposable characters, block meter, AC’s raped to the point of retarded, goofy hitboxes, infinites etc.). It also doesn’t help that there are 4-5 different console versions all of which sucked in thier own way.

And as someone else mentioned, comparing the two is really like comparing apples to oranges. The gameplay mechanics are radically different from A2 to A3.

etc.). It also doesn’t help that there are 4-5 different console versions all of which sucked in thier own way.

I thought the Sega Saturn version was tight! Very good in my opinion, especially with the Saturn controllers or a MAS stick… sweet! Then again, I’m probably the only person who plays it on the Saturn.

Dark Legends was a decent and unique fighter for its day.

I think that A3 is too wacky… Is like less SF and more something else. Hard Punches / Kicks in counter make you flip?? You FLIP?? Can be HIT IN THE AIR?? Two Buttons Throws???

I like more A2, even if it is more broke. But that is because it DOES FEEL like SF. A3 w/ all the classic rules have should been the ultimate game, but i can*t stand the new system.

Also, CvS2 EATS a3 for lunch. The same concepts, better gameplay rules, more Isms (grooves) Characters, pressentation, everything.

P.D: I would love an SF like A3, w/ al the characters and multiple isms. A CvS2 but only with Capcom systems and stuff in it.