Was Championship Mode Released?!?!?!?!?

i jus happened to b playin resident evil and went to my friends list and somebody on my friends list status said ) Street Fighter 4 Act Req: Championship

wtf…its kinda weird cuz he live in new york and i live in ohio so we in the same time zone but i didnt get no update or nuthin wen i put the game in…another thing is last night i was playin wit alot of people and the servers went down for like a good 10 minutes…we couldnt create matches or search for em…so iono…its crazy

Same here…in one of my friends status…its like that only…
Arcade Req : Championship …

but he is sayin he didnt get any update either… no idea wats goin on…



Yea I’m wondering the same thing cause I see one of my friends playing the same thing. . . .

Dude, I’m not quite sure why you blurred his gamertag in the pic, but FYI, it is still clearly visible in the URL and some other spots on the page, such as each and every orange section heading…

yup I forgot to blur the url and friends list :slight_smile:
he is not interested in spreading his tag tats why…

Now its fixed :slight_smile:

Man I sure hope so.

I still am seeing nothing.

Damn! I knew it.

ya update wasnt released but i keep hearing information that more info / release date will be told to us soon so maybe this is just preparation for it. last night i couldnt create a player lobby for like 30 min, kept saying it failed. hopefully it’ll be out by next week : (

I wonder what it means by championship then damn teasers.

maybe its gettin ready to come out…i heard they did that with re5 and den a couple days later the versus mode came out…damn capcom!!! lol

They just might be getting ready to upload it. There is a wide spread problem of finding matches, so they may be doing… something. What I don’t get is that content usually comes out on Tuesdays (I think, someone correct me if it’s not). I really hope this does not go on through the weekend. I mean, it’s the weekend! The only time a lot of people get to really sit down and play.

well all i kno is it better come out soon…im gettin impatient…lol…anybody here feel free to add so we can get some practice in…im always down 4 practice

im getting an issue with ranked/player matches not finding any sessions. maybe this has something to do with it?

Willing to bet that they’ll announce PC and leave us disappointed until a random update happens.

Haha, probably. Either that or they’ll announce Q/Sean as DLCs.

Q FOR DLC yang and/yun too if yall have time :slight_smile: DUDLY(im a bad speller) any way balance patch b4 any thing and champoinship mode b4 any charecter related stuff "better to do it right the first time then to fix it later"qoute me on that :slight_smile:

sgt bowser ur gen is really good…i had to play real conservative cuz if i made one mistake u would punish da shit outta me…lol ggs tho(i kno this was off topic)

cant wait