Was everyone bad when they started?


I am not trying to complain in this thread, but I find it kind of disturbing how bad my win loss ratio is online. I used to play Mortal Kombat, and I considered myself decent at it, around a 40% win/loss ratio.
I just got SSF4 about a week ago, and after spending about 5 days playing offline as Akuma and practicing, I decided i would try my hand at online. After a long time of playing though, my win loss record was 1 win and 33 losses. I knew that I wouldn’t be good at the game, but 1-33 is AWFUL. Did anybody else start off this bad, or maybe I am just not cut out for Street Fighter…


nah its probably just you


you def gotta practice for more then 5 days to expect to win. Practice another week or so, a few hours a day, don’t forget training mode, and then hop back online. You will at least be somewhat competitive then.


yes. like all things, you don’t get good without practice.


Getting good at fighting games isn’t something that happens in a day, a week, or even months. Everyone sucks when they start.


these are the questions I ask myself when I lose:
1)Why did I lose and how can I prevent that from happening again?
2)What is my opponent doing that I am not punishing or reacting to properly?
Then, depending on how bad I lost I try recording the dummy to do what my opponent was doing and see what my options are. This helped me out a lot actually.


i started off worse since it was HDR when i began to actually grasp the concept of fighting games and i didn’t even have wins by 50 + games.


Well I dunno about YOU GUYS, but I for one was born from an unholy union of Daigo and Justin Wong [sako watched] and was nailing 150,000 game win streaks over 16 games inbetween my mom wiping my ass. Also jetpacks.

What a weird question, of course everyone sucks at the beginning. I made a habit of losing 3s chun v sean matches. c.lk x2 dash throw = OMG IMPOSSIBLE MIXUP.


Can’t speak for everyone, but I was terribad when I started playing. It took months of beatings in mvc2 before I even really understood what was going on.


I’m still free and I’ve been playing for a while lol


Yup, everyone is bad at first. Don’t worry about the wins. Some advice that will make you better faster.
Stop jumping so much. Your new, of course you are jumping too much. Just like this Ken Player I played earlier today[media=youtube]dQ9WNFY9l4E[/media]


Everyone starts out this bad, EVERYONE. Fighting games aren’t as simple as other gaming genres (sans RTS). It’s a very steep learning curve, that requires you to actively think, and figure out why you lost or won each and every match. Only when you begin to understand why you lost a game, can you start to figure out ways to start to improve your game. Think of it like starting any other hobby or sport. You’re going to suck in the beginning, that’s normal, but it’s entirely up to you to figure out how much time and dedication you’re willing to put into this in order to become better.


I could do TOD combos on marvel on day one. Also when I was born I could walk immediately, fuck a stroller, I walked my self out of the hospital.
All sarcastic stuff aside no one is good at anything when they first start it




I started out with Street Fighter II Turbo and I was BAD ASS from the start!

and by that I mean I was really bad and constantly getting my ass kicked.


when they started, at what game? if you’re talking about like starting at vanilla street fighter 4, definitely bad, and they gradually became better, when you say starting at something like Super AE, then just a bit


Another thing to think about, you are just starting this game, many people you are playing have a 1-3 year head start on you :slight_smile: You will catch up.


This. SF4 has been out in some form since early 2009 (2008 if you want to talk Japan arcades. :stuck_out_tongue: ); So people have had a pretty sizable chunk of time to get good at it. Expecting to compete with folks who’ve been playing for 2-3 years after a week or whatever is…asking a lot. :slight_smile:

Stick it out. You’ll improve. And there’s some good advice in this thread about how to do so. (Mostly, figure out what you’re doing wrong. :slight_smile:


Was I bad when I first started…? Well, let’s put it this way: If my present self were to face my younger self in any traditional fighting game (SF, KOF, or whatever) … My younger self WILL get outright destroyed under ANY circumstance. My younger self would not have so much as a chance to even put up a fight!

Back in fourth grade, my first serious arcade fighting game was the first CVS and MVC2. I’ve lost to SOOOO many A.I. opponents it is not even funny. Geese Howard drove me CRAZY! Bison kicked my ass up and down the stage. I lost most of my matches against human opponents (my Mom AND Dad included). The only characters I used were Ryu, Ken, Kyo, Iori, Blanka, and (for obvious reasons) Mai!
I was no good with any of them. All I did was simply mash my way to victory. Randomness. No strategy. No knowledge of fighting games whatsoever.

Then… I got older and wiser… and by sixth grade I got into Tekken 4, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and then back into the first CVS (I could never get a hold of CVS2 for some odd reason)! I was not too good at those either! I stopped because of it. Then recently, on in 2006/07, I got back into fighting games again and this time it is permanent: My friend brought 3S, KOF98, Tekken5, and MVC2 at my school… the students, some of the TEACHERS, and myself went crazy on our last day of school. My Dad spent some time during the summer teaching me how to actually play KOF and my buddies gradually help me smarten up as I played SFA3 and Melee with them!

Each time I came back I got better… and better. And, now thanks to SRK, Orochinagi, Dreamcancel, Fighters Generation, tournaments… and youtube fighting game videos, I am more adamant about fighting games than ever. It’s all about progression…


You played fighting games with your teachers? Somebody get me a time machine, I need to go to this niggas school for a bit.