Was king of fighters 12 a success or failer

i’m a big kof fan and i was thinking of picking up 12 soon but i don’t see any love for it out there. i would of got it sooner but i’m poor. anyway i just wanted to know how the game was doing. is the online okay are people running tourneys for it what’s going on in the kof world???

unfortunately it was a failure
in asia just few play this game (in the arcades less than a few)
but i think the fault was of the kof community all around the world… in asia they are stuck with 97,98 (og/um),2002(og/um), in europe i dunno, same in usa and latino america… maybe because there was no k and mai, i dont know… the only thing i know is for me it wasnt a failure, but money speaking it was…

No it was a failure period. The game is incomplete.

Has nothing to do with it not having Mai or K’. They didn’t finish it and they didn’t care. So its a sloppy product. Hopefully KOFXIII will be better, but since they seem to be going down the Sega path of faggotry, I doubt it.

@ KWASIA, there are better KOFs worth playing, both in terms of gameplay and scene size.

It was a failure in profit, features and content.

It was a success in gameplay.

No…it was a failure in features, marketing, development, content, and gameplay.

It did actually make a small, SMALL profit.

It had interesting mechanics and great art and sprites.

With that said, the game is a piece of shit and isn’t even a KoF game. By this I mean that the standard KoF fundamentals barely even apply to the game.

YES YES. Tell us more about the KOF so bad that 94, 95, 96, 99, 01, 03 has more people playing it.

Could somebody please say why exactly XII fails from a gameplay perspective? I haven’t played the game, but from the match vids I’ve seen the game looks like it has interesting mechanics and is fun to play. The main reasons I’ve heard are that its “not like KOF” or “netplay sux.” Well, I don’t really care for the other KOF games (I do like Garou and NGBC though), so the first complaint doesn’t matter to me. And netplay is also irrelevant since netplay is no substitute for live competition. Can anybody break down what’s wrong with how the game plays?

Well KOF XII did not fail in gameplay, but manly people are angry at the online play and the amount of characters. For me I like the game it feels like a new game with a brand new look on the franchise.

In my eyes, they failed the fans. sloppy netcode, poor advertising, limited features and content. I don’t mind the missing moves and characters. They more then made up for it with the characters they chose and how absolutely stunning the game looks. However, they failed to make an impact on todays generation of gamers. To expand the KOF/SNKP player base which they most certainly failed to do.

KOF 12 is a fun and interesting game in it’s own right though, despite all the sandy vaginas bleeding all over the internet. A game developed like KOF 12 is a definite work in progress and for a first attempt they did an pretty good job (from a gameplay and graphics standpoint at least). Gotta give SNKP sometime to buildup the series back from the ground up. Give them one or two more games and they should be all caught up.

Warzard, it doesn’t fail at all gameplay-wise. Here’s a 25-page thread here where it’s agreed that gampley is great and people bashing it are just 12 year-olds that can’t separate features and extras from gameplay:


It’s basically a straight arcade-port. There is no explanation of the characters, their moves, the story, and basically no way to play online. When you look at it like that it’s a success, it could stand in any arcade and do well.

As a console fighter though it’s fairly terrible. Pretty sure you can find it for around 20 bucks now though, so if you can travel/have friends that will come to you, I’d say it’s worth 20.

Guess you haven’t read my post. Ha ha, I guess you’ve never played a real KoF either.

I saw that thread, but from what I saw there’s little to no discussion at all about the actual gameplay of XII. What’s good about it, what’s wrong with it, etc. That’s what I’d like to hear.

Is this the post you’re talking about Anakron? I’ll ask again, why is the game a piece of shit gameplaywise? Only because it’s not KOF?

Where did you get the numbers on profit margin?

I can’t really find any reason to want to play this game.

Too many complaints about how it’s “not KOF” (which holds true, feels like something completely different imo) from the KOF players… and then nobody new wants to get into it because of the lack of features and how stripped down it is, which wasn’t helped by the asking price of the game ($60). All in all, it feels like they took one step forward (sprites) and 20 steps back (practically everything else) with it.

I tried really hard to like XII and look past the price tag, bare minimum features, terrible netcode, dull presentation, and the overall ‘incomplete’ feel, and just focus on the core gameplay, but even then I find it really lacking and uninteresting in comparison to pretty much everything else and found myself simply wanting to play XI or 02UM.

I really hope SNKP can take it as a stepping stool and build something a lot better off of it, though.

Fan of 98 and 02 here… imo KoF 12 is a huge turn-off.

No story, small cast, crappy arcade mode, changes made not popular with fans (flameless Iori anyone?). Nuff said.

Could you please elaborate on what is typed in bold lettering?

It’s a series I really want to get into, but simply can’t. The only time I got into KOF was through CVS2. I had decent expectations for this game, bought it, played it a few times, and now it’s collecting dust. It’s a failure in my eyes, especially when compared to SFHD, SFIV, and SSFIV. KOF had the chance to piggy back off SFIV success, but botched with a few key mistakes mainly poor internet play. Why they choose not to take a chance on ggpo or something similar is beyond me.

Don’t judge the whole series based on just XII.

That’s like judging all of SF based on just SF4.