Was SF3 everything a sequel should've been?

Recently I’ve been spending a heck lot of time playing 3S on my PS2, brings back so many memories and I didn’t appreciate how amazing the graphics are, even by today’s standards until Capcom starved me of new sprites (Bastard bitches!!! :pleased: ).

Now comes the topic at hand. A lot of people expected SF3 before its release to be something OTHER than what was given to us, even today with the possibility of an SF4, people all have their expectations on something, certain characters, hopes, graphics, gameplay etc.

Keeping our expectations aside, was SF3 everything a sequel should’ve been?

Gameplay-wise, SF3 took a winning formula and made it SO MUCH BETTER. Ex moves, parrying etc. it’s fucking amazing what you could do in this game - I love it. Graphically, I don’t think there will ever EVER be a 2D game that is as stunningly beautiful as SF3, it’s gorgeous to look at and to play. Even though I am still somewhat angry that Capcom ditched many favorites (Biiiiiiisaaaaaaaaaahnnnn! :sad: ) and took the SF story to God knows where, overtime I will admit the characters of SF3 grew on me, I actually kinda like them.

When compared to the SF2 cast, the SF3 cast isn’t that bad? Although at the time, the SF2 cast seemed original, in reality were they really? Many of the SF2 characters actually seem better than their initial designs because of history, anime, other games, movies, toys etc. The SF3 cast didn’t have that, they still don’t and I feel sorry for them.

I actually REFUSED to play SF3 when it first came out, I took comfort in the Alpha series because it had many of things SF3 was lacking, especially Alpha 3 which can be regarded as one of the best fighting games ever (IMO). Many years after it was released I finally brought myself to play SF3 and I haven’t stopped since. That tells you something about SF3, it really is an excellent (flawed but still) sequel to SF2. It could’ve been A LOOOOOOOOOOOT better if 3S had more oldies though.

The saddest thing would be is if Capcom makes an SF4 and completely ignores the cast of SF3 (and SF2 naturally).

The thing is, SF3 was like SF2 all the fuck over again, but for a different time. I mean only 8 characters (9 if you include pallette swapped Yun/Yang) to choose from. Which was a great disappointment considering that Alpha 2 had twice the amount at the time.

But I really don’t know. It’s hard to say, I posed a question long ago whether or not if SF3:3S was released first, would it have garnered more support than SF3:NG. But I’m sure the very same criticisms would come up.

The inherent problem facing releasing a sequel is that everyone get’s their FANFIC PENS out and want something like the old one, but not too similar, but different enough to actually entertain them.

I’d be lying through my fucking teeth if I were to say I’m not holding my breath for confirmation this Sept that SF4 is a reality, because really, it’s probably the first thing that popped into everyone’s mind post SF3. I would like to imagine that Capcom actually gives a rat’s ass, but considering the string of dung (sucessful dung though) they released the past few years leads me to think otherwise.



I’ve been playing some Double Impact lately (New Generation and Second Impact) and I love the way the series has evolved. I think the SF III cast is more interesting than the SF II cast.

Also…The SF III series with Third in particular had such a style to it. The music was damn good and everything was consistent in terms of visuals. Its such a breath of fresh air after playing other recent Capcom releases that are just mismatches of new sprites and sprites so old you have to carbon date them.

I was playing Marvel VS Capcom 1 today for a bit and I loved how consistent everything looked. In Marvel 2 the background and flashy effects take away from the style of the game, but at least they don’t make the sprites look too flat.

And I like the Super Art system, and the fact that different supers give you different meters. It helps to make a character feel like your own, because you have to adapt your game to how much meter an SA gives you.

sf3 looked ugly what are you talking about. the pallette colors were all dull and it showed in the special moves and characters and everything. also the characters all looked like douchebags from ryu to ken to the weird ass anime charaacters.

so no.

3s > world.

Nope. SF3 was a great game and all, but as a sequel it fails badly. Thats why it flopped.

Way to tell us why you think it failed?

Of course it flopped, it’s a fucking 2d fighter, I think it served it’s purpose as a sequel well. Well, the 3s part.

…I must agree. This is an improvement for Capcom in its’ creative periods(prior the new mellenium). It took them a while to bring the next Street Fighter tourney to the forefront, yet they continued the backstories of Alpha to explain the end days of Shadowloo. I was quite surprised at the cast and could not predict the the change in main character focus. Alex is an awesome design, minus the make up. A grappler protagonist is a great idea, Capcom.

Capcom was very consistant here and borrowed elements from different games in the series to complete 3. The EXs from the movie title was a tactical improvement which complimented the new defense, parrying and added a more skill-driven fight system to the popular franchise. The other and most noticable element to this masterpiece was the animation. Many game sites complained about the vivid display, but I had to contest. This is artwork, and quite the distraction. The backgrounds were well animated until 3S, also, took on a mood engine based on the owning character. I can tell who was who from this display.

Capcom also changed gears of the game several times by music. The theme was changed from your usual pop to jazz to jungle to hip hop, on just three discs. Capcom even employed Canada’s own hip hop artist INFINITE to do tracks for the 3rd installment, which was quite interesting and unexpected.

All and all, up to 3S, I had nothing but high admiration for Capcom’s effort. I griped over the fact that they reused backgrounds for certain characters in the trilogy ender, and also was detached from the story idea because of the inconclusive endings, with the exception of Oro’s and Urien’s and a few others…

Hope Capcom could get their development team back up to speed or…buy SNK from Playmore. hahahahhahha

I think it evolved the game, but because fireball traps and old traps don’t work anymore, it pissed off a lot of people. It changed the game from a skills based game to a mind game.

actually when snk first went bankrupt Capcom offered a large amount of money to buy SNK IP’s but Playmore offered more money

I’m so glad Capcom never listens to their fans. The biggest complaint at the time of SF3’s release was the character selection. People still bitch about it but in my eyes there has never been a more creative, better cast. Esp. the 3s characters. And going with an entirely new cast as opposed to bringing over characters from SFII was a good move. In the long run even though they new it would cost them fans they didn’t compromise their artistic vision. Well, maybe a little (they originally didn’t want to have Ken or Ryu in it).

Yeah, they originally didn’t want any old characters, but that’d sadly be a bad idea.

I’d like to see four replacements instead of shotos + chun…

It would have been better if they had just kept the second impact system, added the new characters, along with the revised parry system. I suppose it’s alright as it is know though.

Gameplay wise the game did a great job by adding new elements and such. All of the asthetics were greatly improved as well and it’s a top notch game.

As for the characters, well I’m kind of half and half on that one. Some of them bland, and some are great. I think Capcom could’ve gotten away with an entirely new cast though if they had struck while the iron was hot. There were four revisions of SFII, Alpha 1 2 and 3, and SF Movie before we got any official sequel. I think people just got tired of waiting and just didn’t really care about it when it did come out. And then besides that all thier favorite characters were gone.

Of course none of that has to do with actual gameplay itself, but I sometimes feel like Capcom did itself in when they reinvented the fighting genre, then made everyone wait for the sequel you know. If SF4 ever does come out I hope they can strike a good balance between old and new characters to appease more mainstream folks along with the usual great gameplay.

I think 3s is a bit more balanced than 2I. If Chun Li only had one stock of SAII instead of 2, and Ken had 2 medium length Shippu bars instead of 3, 3s would be perfectly balanced. As it stands though Chun is a little too powerful. Still fair, but she needs nerfed just a little.

I don’t like the boss or the crazy ‘utopia’ storyline at all. And Twelve and Necro could have benefitted from better design. Otherwise, you couldn’t ask for a better sequel and it will be pretty hard to top if SF4 ever surfaces. Nice varied character roster, great artwork/design, perfect evolution of traditional SF gameplay, etc.

Yeah, since when do long-barred powerful supermoves get 2 stocks? :sad:

Stupid Chun.

The Genei Jin bar should be a little longer, too.


Not to jump on your argument, but it can be argued that SF2 has just as much if not more mindgames than 3S or any of the newer capcom fighting games. You should hear my brother and I breakdown the basic shoto vs shoto match in SF2. I think you would be completely amazed at how mind games are so apparent in og sf. Hehe, better yet ask Apoc to describe the endless mental chess that happens when HF is being played. :karate:

As for SF3, I like many others balked when it originally came out. Even today, I don’t really care for the game or any of Capcom’s newer stuff (I don’t hate them, just prefer to avoid them). I know I speak for the minority on Srk, but I actually never got tired of playing SF2. Even to this day, I’m still learning as new counters and strats are constantly developing in all the matchups. Imo…why mess with perfection :wink:

I think Chun should have 2 stocks, just lower the damage on the super by 20-25% or so. What I REALLY want though is to lower her defense to about Remy level. That would balance her right up.

SF4 I believe should have a balance between old and new characters. SF3 should’ve had a few more SFII characters, just to please the fans. Sure it might kinda suck for some of us who like new characters, but if we want this game to be successful (and we do, to ensure more 2D fighters), we need to make more casual fighting fans happy. I’m thinking characters like Honda should come back, characters that have their own fighting style that didn’t show up in SF3. That’s what I love most about 3s, the fact that all the characters have their own specific play styles (not counting shotos), and I definetly want Capcom to keep that going.

What I most want from SF4 though, is STORY!!! I’m sick of Capcom just giving us a half-assed story and expecting us to be happy. I hate endings that don’t have to do with anything (Remy, Elena), or don’t wrap up the story (Necro). Have the endings well played out, and tell the fans what ‘really’ happened a while after the game is out (by comic maybe, or something online?)… I dunno, just ideas. And remember Capcom, the final boss has to be badass. Sagat? Badass. Bison? Badass. Gill? Blondy-bear.

Finally, what’s really important for us fighting fans is a good balance. Keep in mind that Capcom don’t really know how the game really is balanced until thousands of hardcore fighting fans figure all the characters out. Do you think they realized how powerful the Genei-Jin was when they made it? Did they know how utterly worthless Twelve would be? Or how many hit confirms Shippu had? Well I dunno how the best way would be for them to figure out balance, but I just really hope they do.

EDIT - whoa sorry, kinda lost track there. Lets just say SF3 wasn’t, but 3rd Strike was the sequel we wanted.

SF3 is a good game, but a sequel? If MvC3 came out tommorow (hahahahha i know) but had 1 v 1 matches with some new game mechanic(no assists) would it really be a true sequel? Regardless of the fact that it had marvel and capcom characters, if the game plays extremely different then is it really a true sequel?

If you ask me SF3 from a storyline perspective is crap. It skips all the build up from the SF2 storyline and skips kinda far into the future. It might have been better suited to be a “far into the future”/“alternate reality” type game for SF. I mean if you think about it, it was meant to take place when ryu and ken were presumably retired (not playable characters at least) and thus sean would represent their style. There would also presumably be characters that carry on a fighting style or small traces of the original sf fighting styles in new characters.

It really doesn’t seem like a true sequel to me.