Was Super Smash Bros the first fighting game with that style of jumping and etc?


Or Nintendo copied the idea from another game?


What do you mean by…“that style of jumping”?


the vs game of mario bros 3 and the previos version of that for arcade come to my mind as the fathers of the concept behind the party game smash


I’ve been playing fighting games for years, I could be wrong, but I think SSB is a unique fighting game.

There may have been another before it, but there’s not many like it even today. The only truly similar game I’ve found is the PSN game kung fu fists of plastic.


The mechanics have been used before, mostly in other fighting games, platformers, and whatnot. SSB is likely the first to mix those together with that much polish.


i agree with this. ssb is really similar to the 2 player mario 3 vs games you encounter.


Stop making threads about you being too lazy to do your own research.