Was that really jwong?

Earlier today I played a few matches before heading out. First match, I play a guy by the name eg_jwong. I was skeptical of course but he chose Rufus so that made me think it really could be him. I chose my man hawk and off we go. Now I’ve seen Justin play so I’m fairly certain I know what to expect… Complete and utter domination. Two rounds later I end up with the W. I’m sitting there scratching my head wondering if I really did beat jwong. The guy only had 2k bp and pp, but then again that doesn’t mean anything. So now i’m wondering if that really was jwong. Can anyone here confirm or deny if that really was him?

well that’s the name he used at Evo this year. On the one hand I would say that it could be him maybe trying to really learn the matchups against the newer characters so he doesn’t end up with his dick in his hand like he did this past weekend, or it’s some chump using his name as a gamertag/PSN ID. Really no way to tell, but maybe it was him. How close were the matches?

Unless he made a brand new account then I doubt it was him because he’s only recently joined EG.

Well he knew what he was doing but it didn’t seem like he knew hawk very well or played too many dive happy hawks. He would basically try to anticipate a jump with a j.fk and when close he’d go for dive kick shennanigans. His connection wasn’t all that great which actually screwed up his links and allowed for a pair of spds. I would simply cross him up or empty jump

Spd and catch him with a standing fierce kick since I knew he would jump. To be honest I was expecting a closer fight. I sent him a message asking him to confirm his identity but I never got a response.