Was the 4/20 Oil Spill an inside job?


Here are some things to support this theory:

  • Jet fuel does not burn hot enough to melt steel.
  • Footage shows explosives were placed on the oil rig before the attack to cause the towers to disintegrate into dust.
  • The rig fell exactly into their footprint, taking the path of most resistance in about 10 seconds, the same amount of time it takes an object to fall that distance in a vacuum.
  • The rig tossed massive steel beams 200 feet in each direction, too far to be explained by a gravity collapse.
  • Survivors and firefighters report explosions at the BASE of the oil rig at the same time as the planes hit it - how did BP do this?
  • Pools of molten metal were found 7 stories under the rig 6 weeks after the attack. It takes 3000+ degrees Fahrenheit to turn steel into liquid. Where did this energy come from?
  • The top of the rig began to collapse sideways, then righted itself, falling into it’s footprint. This is impossible with only gravity working to collapse the tower.

Now why would Obama blow up the oil rig? He wanted to invade England and he’s been looking for weapons of mass destruction there for years unable to find them and this will give his justification to invade England

What do you guys think?


hahahaha cause ya know…obama didnt want a second term or anything.


9/11 was an inside job, JFK was shot multiple times, we never landed on the moon, and the jwong-daigo rufus-guile match was staged. :coffee:


Come on, it was 4/20. They were smoking some bomb weed


It’s also been said that Jewish oil rig workers were supposed to get a phone call telling them not to go to work on the day of the accident. Upon further fact checking, it was discovered that there is no such thing as Jewish oil rig workers.



The Patriots are fucking with us. They’re about to store Metal Gear Ray down there.


God damn it, stop counter trolling sigley or I will call the police.


Dammit. I came in here to post this.


no but it was caused by gross negligence just like 9/11, by failure of leadership to act on explicit warnings just like 9/11, and was Bush’s fault just like 9/11.


Barack Obama blew up the oil rig because he wants there to be more proof that government has to control businesses, thus he is another step closer to ensuring complete government control, thus creating the USSR 2.


meh. might as well give the government control of the oil business since private business clearly dont know how to handle a mishap.


I do believe that it?s the first time in history that fire has ever melted steel. I do believe that it defies physics that the oil rig ? deepwater horizon, which collapsed in on itself?it is impossible for a rig to fall the way it fell without explosives being involved. This is the first time in history, steel was melted by fire. It is physically impossible.


neither does government. remember katrina?


or the BP oil spill?


This made me chuckle a little. :lol:


Good shit, Luc :rofl:


If only rep was still around, I’d get Prem just to rep this :rofl:


so bush did enough in 9 months that 9/11 was entirely his fault but obama had 16 months in office (and 6 years of democratic control in the house) and he was unable to fix bush problems? even though he appointed someone to overhaul the MMS and instead they decided to focus on offshore wind energy?

i don’t think its a bush/obama thing, it’s more of a government is useless type thing. 41 cents out of every dollar i earn goes to some sort of tax yet they don’t produce and now they want to keep expanding it.

although this has really shown how lame obama is

where is the guy that could pump everyone up like in his elections? he should be pulling a rudy guilliani in the gulf. rudy didn’t fix nyc after 9/11 but he was there letting people know what is going on.

i can’t sit here and say we’d be better off with mccain but we’d be no worse off and that is what drives me crazy. you don’t see us connected. maybe it would be better to have bush in office because you have someone to blame but with obama everyone just gives him a pass

it is really looking like obama is in over his head with this presidency thing. there’s also a huge disconnect between what the people want and his agenda.

there’s this feeling with this oil spill like katrina where it feels like no ones in charge. and i really think we don’t know how to run this country anymore. these elections are the latest sport, like march madness. root for your team and hope they win.


Why am I not surprised you said this? rsigley hooking fish since 1875:cool:


Dinosaurs didn’t exist