Was the brady guide wrong about Ryu being better than Dudley?

As u saw in the Ryu vs Dudley tournament and if u didn’t


So what happened, no Frankie3S, MMM or Aex Valle or worse.
Is Ryu inferior to Dudley or was K.O to good of a player, even though he uses Yun.
Maybe Mopreme was wrong and it was in the tournament as well

Maybe if we had Daigo using Ryu we would have won, as u notice in the beginning in the vid, above the energy bar the Ryu players needed to win less fights however Ryu lost WHY ?

Input would be good to hear

I don’t know what the strategy say about that matchup but from my experience Ryu have the advantage in that fight. He doesnt completely out-match Dudley in every way but Ryu ground game is a little superior to Dudley, c.mp, st.mp, st.mk, st.hk, c.mk are excellent pokes that can maintain Dudley at bay if you use them correctly.

If you look and the tournament again Ryu was ahead in win vs. Dudley until K.O took control (K.O is a beast!)

Manjin man I wrote this line already but I wonder if Daigo , MMM, Frankie3S or Alex Valle used Ryu would it have been diff
Also Ryu’s HK is supposed to outzone Dudley

P.S also what is Mopreme’s real name, as he wrote the rady guide didn’t he ?

The guide says Ryu can give Dudley trouble with his HK, which he can, but it’s not like it’s the end-all, be-all demise of Dudley. The thing I’ve found is that Dudley can mix it up on Ryu in a dozen different situations that keeps him guessing with each knockdown. K.O. is a sick player, and he utilized his mixups, juggles, and the corkscrew super cancel to rock the Ryu players. I think when you play Dudley to the fullest of his ability that he can easily handle Ryu.

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O/J but seriously that can’t be right, where Ryu was once the envy of SF. Now u got man getting beat by Chris Eubank looka likes

What about Ryu’s move where he can throw Dudley in the corner and then Shin SRK him and also hop over him when he’s on the floor.

Mopreme’s vid people and what the hell is his real name dangnabit ?

You can say that for every other character in the game, that’s why I enjoy 3rd Strike so much, even low tires have a chance of wining

I don’t get the question? Why would the guide be wrong because you saw some vids of Ryu getting beat by Dud?

The guide jsut tells you who has better tools but you still play the game and anyone can win that’s the whole point of playing :tup:

In the sense, if u have the guide look at Dudley and on page 141 it sayd Ryu is an unfavourable person for Dudley to fight.
However that vid proved otherwise unless the Ryu players were crap as lets face it, most of those players do not use Ryu as a first choice.

HOWEVER they are very good players but not with Ryu, so where were the TRUE Ryu players ?

Also K.O doesn’t use Dudley as his first choice, its Yun

Dude it’s one vid :confused:

So every time you see a vid you change everything around. I saw a guy beat Ken with Q I guess Q is top tier now.

K.O can play anyone people even say that he has the best Makoto the guy is top tier and probably can beast on people with Sean.

The guide is ocrrect because it looks at the tools each character has it does not look at K.O vs someone that is just not possible. I don’t understand you logic.

Dude I totally understand what u r saying however all I am saying is that was one LONG vid.

Also that Ryu didn’t run the show, to how then guide said his most favourable match was Dudley and Dudleys most unfavourable match was Ryu.
If u look at the guide for e.g Elena most favourable match is aginst Ryu BUT Ryu’s unfavourable match is against Chun Li.

So the way it could be thought if Ryu faced Dudley IN THEROY he should be much more better win ratio wise.

K.O is good but is he that much more superior then most JPN, as before K.O came Ryu was only what 5 matches ahead.
Unless the players I wanted should have been there, that is all.

Ryu was wining the tournament until K.O step up, so that means K.O is BROKEN! lol!.

sry for the late reply to this but I didn’t see it until now. To answer your question, YES! If Daigo, Frankie3s, Georgia would have been there the result would have been a lot different, but you can’t say that because almost everyone that play Dudley in that tournament weren’t Dudley players also.

Didn’t u 4get 2 tell me Mopremes name as well ? and u say above about Dudley players, then what the hell was K.O then a normal YUN user cause he might kid BUT he don’t play

If K.O, Daigo and somebody like RX become a 3 player team, just don’t even bother enter the tournament and just give them the trophy

There are a lot of great players in Japan and they play single elimination so anyone can win.

I really don’t get what are you trying to tell me here…That Daigo, K.O and RX are gods? They are impressive 3rd Strike players all right but no one is unbeatable NO ONE!

As for not mentioned Mopreme, well I have never consider Mopreme to be a Ryu player, sure he is good and knows a shit load of stuff but I have never see him play Ryu in a serious tournament like EVO, SBO. In my opinion the best Ryu players right now are:


3s comes down to who the better player is, not what char has the better matchup. What they said: any good player can win in 3s. Don’t think the world is ending because a Dudley beat up Ryu. It will always be a “better on paper” matchup for Ryu but that means nothing at the end of the day w/ this game.

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