Was this a good deal?


Happy new year everyone. My brother and I have got into ssf4 and were looking into arcade sticks. I did my research on what sticks to buy and madcatz was having a sale on there ps3 street fighter 4 te sticks buy one get one free. I went ahead and bought it. Was this a good deal? Is there anything I’m missing? The cost $150 total.


Yeap, those sticks are perfect for you and your brother, high quality sticks that will last a long time. Great time to get into it.


If only Markman’s madness was predictable, I would have been able to take advantage of that outrageous deal. Damn him and his spontaneous bursts of awesomeness.


You got a VERY good deal.


$150, Buy One tournament edition stick and get one Free?

…Fuck yes:tup:, Thats a marvelous deal.


Nice find Vallista! It’s even more fortunate that you have someone close to you that you can practice with this early on. While you play SSF4 keep an eye on other upcoming fighting games you might want to get into, so you can jump right in with your SF fundamentals and get ahead of the curve!


cool thank guys. That deal is going on madcatz website. I would hurry up if anyone looking for sticks.


yes, that was a good deal! :slight_smile: