Was this a punk move for me?


So anyway, I was walking my dog, and he decided to take a dump in this guy’s yard, to make a long story short. This guy who is a fire chief in the city that i’m in (I think he is), sees me through his window, and then tells me to clean up the dog dookie off of his yard when i get home. I live about 2 blocks from his house, so I came back to clean it up, then he tells me to get paper towels from my house so i went back and got some.

I picked it up and he once again yells at me and tells me to go fucking flush it down the toilet at my house. That fucktard.

I kind of feel bad about this…should I redeem myself somehow? Should I go to his house and punch him in the face?


man, for some reason I thought your post talked about YOU taking a shit on some dude’s lawn…then I realized the post wasn’t awesome :frowning:


What an ass hole. I wouldn’t feel bad at all. I’d be half tempted to fling poo at him.


he was being a dick. time to leave a bag of shit on fire at his door step.


It was a punk move, but you will not get your man points back by punching the nigga in the face…

Actually your man points will be revoked the moment you end up going to jail for assault… just swallow your pride(no homo)…


Step One- Pick up dog shit (use his morning paper instead of your own paper towlels for bonus points)

Step Two- Spread dog shit on his front door. Coat his windows and car door handles if you have enough time and dog shit.

Step Three- Repeat as necessary.

But understand that if he is the fire chief and your house ever catches on fire, you might be fucked.


His lawn isn’t your dog’s toilet. You were wrong on this one.


Take it like a man. Your dog, your log. Nothing worse than a douche who feels somebody’s wrong for not putting up with his shit. Literally in this case. What you should feel bad about is that you actually carried that shit home. What, he walked you and Mr. Hankie back to your place? You couldn’t drop the butt-muffin off anywhere along the way?


He has a big yard. And the shit makes good fertilzer for his grass, right? It’s just a turd.


Um guys he took responsibility for it. He came back to clean it up. Guy continued to be a dick after he came back to clean up.

No dog shit is not fertilizer. It doesn’t have those kinds of nutrients. Besides you don’t have a right to fertilize his lawn without his permission anyway. It IS bad form to let your dog just dump in peoples yards. thats what the park an shit are for.


Well, if you are walking your dog you should carry around a little plastic bag to pick up dog shit with. You gotta be prepared for that shit. Its rude to leave your dogs shit on someone’s lawn or anywhere that someone can step on it, you know, like the sidewalk or something. That guy acted like a dick but im sure if he didnt say anything you would have just left it there and then he would have had to pick it up. He could have just asked you to pick it up and left it at that after you did.

p.s. dog shit is not a good fertilizer. It wont do the yard any good and it will just dry up where it was laid and kill whatever is under it. The only thing that benefits from it is flies and such. It also looks unpleasant and smells foul.


The park is not for letting your dog shit on.


Big ups to the old man for making the TC come back not once, but twice to clean up his own dog’s shit. Not even that, but the old guy got him mindfucked enough to flush it in his own toilet!


Well you should of course always clean it up.


why didn’t you have a bag or something to pick up your dog’s shit in the first place? be a little less selfish and more considerate to the other human beings on this planet, prick.


Yeah right, i have never seen anyone with a bag while walking their dog.

Anyways fuck that guy, i’m gonna key his car.


It was a punk move for you to not take a shit on his lawn yourself. The battle lines must be drawn!


Oh yeah sure, look for man-points by doing quite possibly the most bitch thing you could, keying a man’s vehicle.

Unless you’re intending to call him out and have him watch. That’s different.

Angry women damage men’s cars while they’re not looking.


I’m pretty certain that this is RedD again. Only he would manage to sound like such a bitch online.


Just catch him when he’s slipping. He probably won’t remember you.