Was this already known?(kinda n00bish q)



(copying and pasting from other thread just cause I’m lazy)
Ok, I just wanted to know if this was already known…
I found about it like a couple of months ago, but I didn’t post it cause I thought it was already known(and I was hella busy). Then a couple of days ago I went to the arcade like after light years of not playing decent comp, and I pulled out some combos that used my “finding”(lol). And these peeps told me that they never saw that anywhere else(and they are like crazy DLers from #gamecombos and ish) so I thought maybe it was worth mentioning. So if you already knew about it please let me know, I’m not a n00b(for those who don’t know me)nor a pro. BEHOLD!! This little thing I found about Storm(and not sure if it was already known):

You can combo (in corner) his s.HP into his s.HK. You gotta be close, tho, so you have to dash after a jump in(like you didn’t already…) . This effectively boosts her combo damage ~+11. So you can “upgrade” her classic
-(s)j. HP, ds.LK, s.MK, s.HK, sj. HKxxAD DF+HK, land, s.LK, s.MP, s.HP, s.HK
(~70 something of damage) into
-(s)j. HP, ds.HP, s.HK, sj. HKxxAD DF+HK, land, s.LK, s.MP, s.HP, s.HK(86 damage to cable).

You just have to adjust your timing, cause opp is higher.

Other “boosted” combos: (against cable)
-(s)j.HP, (s)j.HK, ds.HP, s.HK, sj.LP, (optional:sj.MP)LAx2xxLS
~90 damage

(with Mags Proj.)
-(s)j.HP, ds.HP, s.HK, call Mags, sj.HKxxAD DF, sj.LK(whiff), s.HK, sj.LPxxLA(x2)xxLS
~100 damage(w00t!!), DHC into MT kills.

There are MANY variations, I’m just listing the ones I like to do most. If you try to go for an AD combo(like magic series, AD, magic series etc.) the LS won’t do its “full” damage, only 3-4 hits cause opp is so high.

Ok, if you didn’t know about this, I hope you find it at least interesting, if you already knew, just ignore it.

BTW, Shaolin Soccer = Best. Movie. Ev4r.


yes shaolin soccer is an awesome movie!! too bad those dumbasses over here screwed everything up but showing EVERYTHING in the trailer!!

they showed everything!!! damn it! that’s like seeing the matrix reloaded with the architect scene!

hmmm post related? awesome combo!


Are you sure? I haven’t seen that one done before in any combo vid I’ve seen… And I’m not talking about a s.HP, s.HK after FS has been activated, but BEFORE, like at the start of the combo…

Just checking.

And Shaolin Soccer pwnz j00.


It’s not a popular combostarter…but yeah, it’s known.