Was wondering if I might commission a colab art for my arcade stick


I am aboslutely terrible with photoshop and I am trying to make a collab of Taokaka from Blazblue. I will supply the photos I just need a bit of help making them into a collab. If you are able to help please send me a private message with a possible preview of what you are able to do. I am sorry if this is the wrong discussion for this.


Apologize more sincerely.


Why wouldn’t you post this in the template thread or…even…in the tech talk forum at least. You’ve been here since February!!!


If you’re going to correct him at least send him to the right section.
Image Mish Mash.



I always saw requests in the Tech Talk template thread. That section only has 25 pages and it’s from January I think. Don’t think majority of people even know of its existence.


There’s a thread but it doesn’t belong there. Should be closed to be honest.