Washer problem help

Is the washer that goes between the pcb and the plastic on the Sanwa JLF really needed? I only ask because like an idiot when I was putting extra springs in my joystick to stiffen it up, I wiped off the grease that held it in place. So I figured I would super glue it back on. Well after many plays, the thing has come off, so I decided to just take out the washer altogether. The stick feels a tad bit looser, but that’s about it. Is there a special kind of grease that is used for this to keep it in place, or will I be fine just not using the washer at all? Will it wear or tear any parts in the joystick if it’s not there? Thanks for any help

Sorry, I don’t mean to come off as impatient, but any help is greatly appreciated :lovin:

Yes, you are being impatient. There are many threads about this. Search…

Get all that glue off there. Then get this http://www.ellsworth.com/display/productdetail.html?productid=336&Tab=Vendors to regrease your stick.