Washington D.C. I need competition

I’m fairly new to fighting games and I need live competition, I’m posted In NW DC so if anyone could point me to a gathering for tekken 6 or mvc3 so I can learn I would be very appreciative.

Check the DMV thread. I know they have gatherings in Virginia and Maryland if you’re willing to travel outside the city

I would love to but I don’t have a car and I cant get to Xanadu with ease

Hey man, Me and a couple others in D.C. get together sometimes (nothing formal, it is pretty random) and play. Shoot me a PM with your contact info and I can call you when we going to push buttons. We also go to xanadu and other local spots from time to time. I usually drive the people that I can fit too ~ I live in dupont NW

Check out the College Park thread. We meet up on Friday’s and Saturday’s on the UMD campus. We also have sessions over people’s houses. I’m in Hyattsville, so NW is not far. You drive or you Metro it?


this place has a night for fighting games. marvel is in the lineup. pretty accessible by metro.

I use Metro

Yeah yo, you should come out on Saturday and play some. Free entry and loads of coed bitches with loose morals lol

I’m down for some games in the D.C. area. I live way down in Calvert, but I work in Bethesda, so I can easily go anywhere that is metro accessible.

I recently moved to Fairfax, VA and looking the scene also, I play SSF4 mainly.

Id also be up for some games if anyones up for it. Im in silver spring, getting to xanadu is a pain in the ass (and the one tourney i tried to go to didn’t even have ae) so good to hear that there are people closer to home. Pretty close to umd so ill keep a look out on that thread to.

I’m at GWU (Foggy Bottom), Med Student. And I’m looking for someone to try to play against (UMVC3) so I can improve at fighting games in general…because I kinda haven’t ever really tried to get good.

I use PS3.


So do any of you guys have a spot where we can play? Fairfax is a hike for me, but would be doable on weekends. Silver Spring and GWU are relatively close to where I work, so I could meet up after work.

Yo, I go MC, so I’m super familiar with the area. You wanna get some games in this week. I live in Hyattsville, so I’m close to you.

I definitely would at some point dude but i actually went off to college pretty recently (at st. marys col of maryland) so now I’m like 2 hours away from where i usually am. Im gonna try and get home on some weekends so ill hit you up whenever I’m in town next cause id love to get some games in.

Haha! No biggie. Good luck with this semester.

My name is Don and I am getting back into SF4. Add me on PSN - ilovecola_man. I am currently playing on pad as I have just moved here (Fairfax/Centreville, VA) from GA and left my stick at home. TE stick is on order and hopefully it gets in by the end of this week. I had a top 100 Sagat on PSN a year ago, which probably means it was top 1000 on XBL. lol. I cannot find any competition online for some reason so I do not know if everyone plays exclusively on XBL.


I live in NW DC, off of 16th street… If anyone wants to try to work something out message me

In the nezt 3 days (9-12.5) me and my friend visiting dc. Any evening casuals?