Washington DC MONTHLY! Jan 21st 2005

Another monthly, lets all come out again and support the scene.

I need players to bring SYSTEMS/GAMES AND TVs!!!

The venue is at a LAN place. Its in a shopping center, elite Air Conditioning, mad places to stuff you fat face.

I want players to request off WORK, get off their lazy butts, and support the Nova/DC scene!!!

Where: C3CyberClub 571-323-1091
46950 Community Plaza - Suite 201A
Sterling, VA 20164

When: **Jan 21st 2006 **

Time: 4pm

Venue Fee: $2

Entry Fee: **$5 per game **

Games: MvC2/3rd Strike/GG #R, DOA4

Platform: ps2 = 3rd S - Dreamcast = Mvc2 - GG #R =

Please post up, show your support in the scene. This can be a monthly thing, and this is great for the community but I need all the players to support!!!


yes, better location for MD players (not sova =(.). im definitely coming :slight_smile:

me = there

What?! No SoCal?!:wtf:
If u need TV’s and a ps2, Flash can possibly pull through again in the clutch.

The #R players should return, with more coming this time hopefully.

#R = PS2

ahhhh damnit, one problem, jinmaster.

you put the tourney on an air force weekend :’[. that means no ride for me unless someone could bring me >:[

The GG battles were sick. Wish I had skillz, after 3 rounds I put it down, yall were just too good and I’m rusty. Those players dont get enough credit for that game, theres a lot more technique in Guilty Gear then people think.

Better get a lot more players for #R this time. We’ve got a lot all around but half of them don’t show up or don’t enter the tournament.

Also, no I’m not giving anyone a ride unless they are on the way this time (metro or Devilj1n’s house). Travel time was too long last time (getting lost just made it worse).

I’ll come for 3s again… hope some people want to play NGBC, too.

I can bring a ps2 with several games and a 15" tv.

What do you mean ‘air force weekend’?

Can anyone pick up my man MagnetoManiac???

Also, when did #R come out on Ps2???:confused:

Years ago? #R was on PS2 well before X-BOX or PC.

I’ll play some NGBC, but I’m not that great at it. Just played a bit a while back, so still getting the feel for it.

I’ll meet you up at the Station the day before Gwyrgyn Blood, think we should bring the TV again? Maybe this time they’ll use it instead of just my PS2.

I will try and make it this time, honest… seeing as how I used to live in Sterling I really have no excuse…hopefully I can get a decent amount of people to come with…

Please bring a tv and all that junk again!!! :lovin:

nvm lol its like a once a month thing where my dad has to go to air force but its not on this date when he double checked. so i gotta ride now :tup: :tup:

damn, this is the same day I leave for Hawaii. There’d better be another one of these, I live like right around the corner from this!

Im in, I missed the last event cause of complications and I wasnt able to get a ride…

ahem…Gwyrgyn Blood Im the person who u said would give me and DevilJin a ride but because u couldnt decide I wasnt able to go.

Basically i would really appreatiate you givin me a ride. Im sure ur him and his bro a ride, i would like to come too, since u left me out last time…

I can bring a ~19" tv and GG#R. If we really need it my crappy ps2 also, but it takes like 4 minutes for it to read a game thanks to the worn out laser.

Okay well, I can only fit 4 people in my car so assuming you, DJ, his brother, and Eli, that’s a full boat already.

Like I said though, I’m not going far out of my way, so if you could just be at DJ’s house that will be easiest on me.

thats not a prob, ill be there, thx