Washington DC Monthly Results 1-22-05

3rd strike:
1.Eric K.
2.Steve H.
3.Rugal B.
9.Eric V.
19.Jeff Martin

26 people total.

1st MagnetoManiac
2nd Victor
3rd Eric V.

1st Gwyrygn Blood - Potemkin
2nd Tomass - Anji
3rd Dan L - Dizzy

First of all i’d like to thank all the people who came out and supported the fighting game scene. i’m not that familiar with the 2d scene but i’m glad that many people showed up. special thanks to all the people who were running brackets (eric k, dan, and justin) and getting stuff done. eric, sorry you lost your stick; hopefully it’ll show up and you get it back. i’m tired, more props later. if something needs to be edited on this post, let me know. you can also pm me full results and i’ll post them.

edit: full results 3s

Damn J beat Vic AND Eric V? craziness

GG is backwards, Tomass got 2nd, Dan got 3rd.

i seriously had some mvc2 steroids in my food. i lost the very first round to eric, beat a few people, then ate, then just came back. i wasnt even expecting 2nd.


bracket makers - quit matching me with good people all the time :cry:

sirjiggles - u didnt have to embarass me like that lol

first guy i played - close ones, good games


eric - you took me out once but didnt finish it. and thanks for supporting me vs victor with that godly cable advice. best cable in the world :D.

b1gazn - thanks for rooting for me too. the cheering took away my nervousness and gave me confidence :D. also big thanks for letting me use ur stick since mine broke down in the middle of match. ur p360 and modded buttons PWN

victor - didnt expect you beat u 4/7 two sets. ALL the games were close, not a single round had 50% or more when it was over. too bad they werent recorded, those were the hardest matches i’ve played.

ypei/rugal - good games, good to see you guys too. there wouldnt’ve been MD without you two.

tomass - nice meeting you, keep up that mvc2 and you’ll get really good. u got me with IM :tup:

good games to all i played. oh and was there a team tourney for marvel? i dunno if there were any MD other than ypei and rugal but i completely forgot about it after single tourney. if so who won, and who played?

Thanks everyone for coming out. Thanks to Jaguar who ran the tournament

I am in the process of chaning the Venue. The owner wants more money. I am going to get a bigger place, and starting making these monthlies a little bigger.

I think everyone will be happy with the next monthly, so look out and tell your friends little boys and girls!!! :lovin:


ok i would just like to thank the people running the tournaments good job guys kept things running smoothly.

now onto the players

Dan- good games in guilty gear, maybe with a little practice i can be back to me old self

Rugal- Excellent 3rd strike matches man, also nice chatting with you again your gonna have to get bmore and come on up some weekend. been forever since i got to hang with you all.

Alex- We didn’t get to play any, but you and johan can come up anytime and we will get it on then.

Steve- nice meeting you, gg’s we have to play in gg# sometime after i knock off the rust.

All marvel players- gg’s better gg’s next time hopefully, if you all ever get some free time, hit me up on aim “thetomass843” and maybe we can game in my basement, i have a marvel cabnet, and an aero city cabnet, also 3 other setups.

Guilty Gear players- get off my character damn you all…jk. Anji was in full effect this tournament.

Mark, monty, jeff- Bout time we get some hagerstown gamers, good games, i will probably play you all soon.

It was fun to finally get back in a tournament, havent’ been to one in over a year. Maybe i need to leave the house more often. Also seems like everytime i goto a damn tournament I am getting off of nightshift and never get sleep. Next time i am taking a vacation day.

oh and i almost forgot Jimbo gg’s, beasting with oRo. i am expecting top 5 outta you next tournament.

oh and quit trying to rub the skin off of it…wtf!:rofl:


oh shit you got an mvc2 cab tomass?

i forgot are you MD or VA? maybe we can get some games in with a few other people :smiley:

it was odd that there were a lot of anji players.

why is it that i am put back one standing each turn. that i go to

I was one of the Anji players, lol. I havn’t played GG in a tournament in a long time… well, let alone play guilty gear seriously in a long time. it was pretty fun. makes me want to pick up the game more. Tomass made it clear of some things I should really be doing with Anji, though. lol. Good shit to everyone.

Still need major improvement in 3s… guess I’ll keep practicing.

Had good matches with everyone I played. Thanks to the tourney runners, things ran very well.

See you all next tourney.

It was a good time, I hate Chun, and will be off to go fight khang’s chun for like a year before I walk into another tournament.

Very impressive turnout for 3s, maybe next time we can run things better and have 2-3 TVs for singles so there is time for a 3s team tourney.

Good job everyone for showing up & a special thanks to the 3s players for… i dunno, being real or something like that. Seeing as how i only play 3s, you folks have a special place in my heart. Keep practicing & coming out!

MagMan: I hope you Marvel guys enjoyed my tv :slight_smile:

First of all, mad props to Jaguar for coming so early and organizing everything. Robin, thanks for all that help; the majority of the brackets/match advice was from him. I think it was quite obvious it was my first tourney(my bad Charles!), I hope everyone had a good time. 3S turnout was incredible, I was expecting half the amount of players to show up.


Rugal, I really appreciated you lending me your stick for the finals, that stick was too good:sad: . And I apologize to everyone interested in doing the 3s team tourney, I just wasn’t in the right state of mind at the moment. I can guarantee one next time if the heads come through again. Good to see team Choke Artists come for this; Grant go home and full parry Chun SA1!!!:sweat: Phil, just stay calm and you’ll do your thing. Thanks for the great mod; the stick works great but I still suck with it, hah. VA isn’t quite as hopeless as it seems it appears, shout out to my boy Wojito for taking Tekken, and good shit to Jensel in Marvel that shit took forever:wgrin: Give Wojito a couple months and he’s gonna start beasting in 3S as well, look for it!

yes sir thank you very much man. i needed those warmups :D.

edit:thank you ramza :D. was that you i was talking to getting the bread?

Where is Eric K from?

Just to let everyone know.

Va won Tekken/Soul Calibur/MvC2

unknown 3rdS

Either way, it would see VA won this Monthly :wink:


VA won 3S as well :sad: but its all good. Good shit to everyone, sorry but I had to work.


Yeah, awesome turnout for 3rd Strike this time. Good meeting up with Eric and the gang again. Saw my main man on Xbox Live, Shin Takuma. Glad to see you came down. Hopefully you’ll get yourself a stick and start playing offline one day. You better enter 3S tournament next time too. LOL.

I got my ass whupped way early cuz my other main man beasted me with his Ken. Gotta learn how to stay on the ground against his ass. I’m too used to being able to jump all over Chun Li n Yun. Oh and good games to Rugal B in the first tournament match I had. I was surprised my Ibuki even won a match against that bitch. She just can’t keep the pressure off of her like Ken can that’s for sure. You ended up zoning me out pretty good with those pokes and one c.MK to super = half my life. LOL. GG’s

Oh and Eric…I’ma fuck up da bitch that stole your stick.

Congrats on getting 4th in the tourney Ultra. Low tier POWAH! :cool:

Yeah it was a real fun night, for the most part. Nice seeing again/meeting Grant, Phil, Eric, Pete, Pat, Charles, Steve (Krost), Aaron, David, JB, Alex, Rob, Rugal, and I’m really sorry, there are a few other guys I have in my head, I’ve just always been awful with names, but good games and good times to you too. You guys I’d played previously, like last semester, have all gotten considerably better in just the last few months since we last played. All of you should PM me or im me on AIM at UltraDavid to say what’s up. The tourney was real cool and just hanging around and playing casuals with everyone was great. I got to play 4 matches in a row at one point, so that was interesting. I don’t get to play games very often, especially considering I don’t have a television, a PS2/XBox/anything else, or any games, so it’s great to get some in every once in a while.

But yo I was right; those two game-losing missed supers DID haunt my dreams last night. Down, down-forward, forward, down, down-forward, forward, punch. Something to remember. Nothing to do now but not do it next time.

Hey Eric man, what a dick thing to happen, some ass stealing your stick. This should have been your night the way you played and ran things, what a shame that some retard nearly ruined it.

Anyone gonna post up full results?

Yeah, I’d like to see full results…if only to see UltraDavid’s Q in the top five for 3s. That shit is HAWT.

The semis and the finals for 3s were so intense. Grats to EricK for taking that shit. Whoever was recording some of that should definatly post up what ya got. I’m sure combovideos.com or somethin’ would host it.

Shout outs to RVA peeps, Grant, DevilJin, Eric, David, both Steves, Pat, Phil, the oro and Hugo players, the guys playin’ battle colloseum, the super nice GG players who helped get a 2nd TV set up for 3s, and pretty much anybody who showed up and played hard. Shite, i can’t remember a lot of names, please don’t hurt me.

For anybody wondering, at the tournament my name was Aaron, but on the brackets my name was “Manassas Power.”

You sir, are the man, and your dudley is a fucking animal.

God bless you and your progeny for all time.

MD always wins at #R. Lol, top 5 was like 4 MD 1 VA I THINK, mighta been all MD.

Nice to see the #R tourney got alot bigger then last time, even with a few people missing from the tourney(Steve H showed up late, Cj/John S. not showing, the SoVA guys skipping out, etc.)