Washington DC Monthly Results 1-22-05

I wish I could’ve watched more of the matches. Good to see everyone again, I know I missed out on names. David(MD), whenever you get around to getting those vids uploaded, PM or post them up please, thanks.

GGs to all the #R people, fun stuff.

Im real happy to hear that more 2d players came out this month!!!

Tekken had 18 players, but I decided last second to have it at the tournament, and posted the thread on TZ 2 days before the tournament.

Again, the upcoming DC monthly will have a waayyyy better venue. I hope more players come out!!!


It was fun. Shazay seems to have gotten better, although I didn’t get a chance to see him play too much (sure was busy). Nice to see a few new faces as well, and the revival of Tomass.

There seems to be a growing number of people who know me that I don’t know, hopefully I can fix that next time.


Yeah, good playing with you man. Gotta love that Tengu Stone.

Aaron, awesome games man. Thanks for taking me out nice and early again with that Ken. He seems to be Ibuki’s like worst matchup. He has has DP’s/reversal SA3 to counter her rush game and his c.MK and and awesome AA options (HP DP and air EX tatsu) just keep her grounded. Can’t pressure you with jump ins/kunais like the others. At least I can jump on Chun Li. I’m pretty much forced to stay grounded against Ken unless I knock him down. Gonna have to work on a different approach against Ken players if I want to get anywhere next time. Casuals were fun as well. Your Yang was pretty strong. c.LK to EX mantis hurts Ibuki’s feelings. LOL. See ya next month man.

Yeah Miyagi…get those vids up when you come home from school foo! :cool:

Wow…I got 16th at the tournament. That’s crap. I at least tied for 5th last time but that was cuz no one showed up last time. LOL. Gonna have to work on strategies against Chun and Ken. I can deal with Yun but Chun and especially Ken make my Ibuki wanna punch a wall. :arazz:

holy fucking shit. that’s a lot of money i coulda won. nah jk good shit gentlemen. TOMASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS <333333333

of course, im booked every weekend for work…but <3 nonetheless. jinmasta…you KNOW 3S is serious :wink:

grant/phil. you fucking dickslaps. grow some skills. i guess you’re gonna have to revisit harbor hall a lot more on the weekends. DISAPPOINTMENT!

I let my guard down, it will not happen again

Yeah…enough people showed for a 32 man bracket in 3S. Not to mention 3S was on the big screen tv this time like it should have been! It’s the NFL of 2d fighting games these days and last time they had old and busted MVC2 on there. Nobody wants to see that. :lol:

Next time I suggest 3rd Strike and # Reload for the big screens. 3S is a no brainer but # Reload is gathering a larger scene and should be represented as well. 2D 4EVA!!

GG’s everyone. I can’t believe I made 5th in 3S, apparently I was in the NFC bracket and played several easy matches for Chun in a row. A Ryu, Aaron’s dudley (which i know how to beat), and Pat’s Alex (who hadn’t played in forever)

However, that dream came to an end vs Makoto (eddie) and Q (David).

Good poker too. Losing two all in’s with flopped sets to rivered straights really stings.

Oh, and if you left something at the tourney (not a T5 stick), and would like it back, let me know what it was and I’ll give it back to you.


Wow, what a tourney, i didnt think this thing was gonna be this big. nice number of peeps.

First and foremost, good shit to jinmaster for throwing this thing, even without u even being there. althought a bunch of peeps did want cvs2.

To the peeps who won, congrats. MagMan, good shit coming back from losers. Eric K, its an honor to have ridden in your car on the way home. i mean just seeing u there after the tournament just sitting there like a prize fighting boxing champ after 12 rounds was just awesome. u even gave advice to someone after the tourny. its good to see a new champ thats willing to help out others. u could very well be my new hero.

Random poker was fun. just watching some of the hands reminded me of, well never. i dont even think i played like that three years ago when i started to take shit seriously. robin, on your second all in, i wanted to push on the turn and protect yoru hand, but i felt like the dude woulda called with his nut straight draw. i had a straight and flush draw plus any pair got me the pot but i figured he woulda called with 7 outs or so. turns out he hit so i thought it was a good no bet on my part. just really horrible luck on your side.

ultra david, what can i say, your top tier. Q, is the man, although he stands no chance from a roundhouse kick from chuck norris.

good shit putting a new name to a face. 10x good shit. major improvement from last time we met.

nice seeing md attend. roogole, steve, charlie, anyone i forgot, good seeing you all again.

as for me. well im still not sure if ima start playing again. only time will tell. maybe ill get the drive back in me to play again. and if eric says its ok.

PVFP/Isaac G.

ps. FUCK U to the chump who stole a Tekken Stick

Pat, That guy would have folded if you pushed. I turned 2.50$ into about 25$ against him heads up, b/c if he didn’t hit anything, he folded. He never once tried to push me all in.

Then I went and lost 7 bucks on the last hand cuz I was being dumb and he had TPTK.

That guy is just TOO tight. He only bet or called when he had a hand. It was like his hand was written on his forehead. Which was why he made so much money off the super donkey.

Alright nice to meet alot of you at the tourney; this is David (MD) for those who dont know…

sorry for not being able to post but there were complications at the home front. Eric K. you fought a nice ass battle dude. Props to the SC3 VA team but I was rusty as shit with my Mitsu, I dont like to be a sore loser but i hadnt played in 3 weeks cause i was only playin 3s really. Ill get u next time!!!GAARRR~!

Here are the Vids on my filefront: (unedited)

NOTE: These are the finals and Winner vs Loser Finals. So basically all of Eric K. vs Rugal B.'s matches and the final final shit is Steve H. vs Erick k. Eric Was Mokoto the whole time for those who werent there so it aint hard to tell whos who.

As for upcomin events I’ll definatly be at the next one but ill do better fo’ sure.
How many people would like me to host a tourney in MD every now and then too?

ok this stick situation is settled now. I apologize for jumping to conclusions, but the reality of the situation is not something I considered happening at the time. I’m going to get it back this week. I’m definitely guilty of this, but everyone label their shit please, and please at least try to verify your belongings or friends before you walk out the door, things like this can be avoided.

robin, yeah i guess i see that now, in hind sight. it was only his second or third hand he played and recognized he was fishy. i learned many moons ago not to bluff a fish. even if he was a tight fish, a fish is still a fish.

eric, you are def my new hero. you got a STOLEN stick back. im guessing u told your phone to ring with the person who took your stick to be on the other end. something that chuck norris would do.

also anyone have plans on going to that richmond tourney in feb. i think i might start playing again if the nova peeps are down for it again.

Did somebody say…RICHMOND TOURNEY?! I’m there.

edit: or atleast, I was until I saw the price. 20 bucks on top of gas? yeah, no thanks.

I left a notebook there at the December tournament, can you help me with that? ;o

MvC2 in a white case?

No and No. I’m starting to doubt if anyone is going to claim it.

I will represent at the RVA tourney. Poker will be present!