Washington DC Monthly Results 12/17

Great tournament, a lot of ppl showed up and supported the scene. See you guys next week.

First off, BIG BIG shout outs to the players who help me run this event and who also brought TVs and Platforms/Games!!! This event could not happen with out your dedication!!!

Eric Lee
Flash (for bringing 2 TVs and 2 Ps2s with GAMES!!! )

Again, thank you guys a lot!!!


Tekken 5

1st Wojito
2nd Jinmaster
3rd Rugal B
4th YPei
5th Whodat
5th Jer
7th Millionz
7th Xeromos
9th Grim
9th Paik
9th Jaguar
9th Raven
13th Dummarg
13th Eric Lee
13th Adil
13th BB
24th Hiroke

Soul Calibur 3

1st Jinmaster
2nd Jer
3rd ChillJon
4th Guex
5th Steve Harris
5th Rugal B
7th Grimm
7th Whodat
9th Dummarng
9th Milllionz
9th Misato
9th Krimson
13th Flash
13th ALpha
13th Jaguar
13th Epyonie
24th Raven
24th Renegade
24th Seth


1st Dan
2nd Steve Harris
3rd Jermey
4th Gunflame
5th John C
5th John S
7th CJ
7th Patrick


1st Rugal B
2nd Victor
3rd Eric Lee
4th Manuel
5th YPei
5th ShawnLoagan
7th Ernesto
7th Peter
9th Adil
9th Bruce

3rd Strike

1st Eric Lee
2nd Eric K
3rd Victor
4th Steven Harris
5th JB
5th YPei
7th Robin
7th Aaron
9th Steven Nicholes
9th BB
9th Jinmaster
9th Xeromos




shinshay!! T5 is too good right?

Alright, I got 9th in SC3. Did better than my mentor, Flash. I was hoping to make a name for myself, but oh well. Next time I’ma see if I can get some intense 3rd strike training from Eric K (Ramza). Hope we do it again next month.

Steve is all over the place.

hot shit

yo jin thanks for throwin that sickass event. my bad for that vf4 outburst. i was just pissed off cuz nightmare ringed me out 5 times. its all good tho. there’s always another opportunity. GREAT JOB BY EVERYONE!!! big ups to krimson who keeps getting better.


if you need tvs for the next event, i have no problem bringing the equipment.


wow how the fuck i get 4th in tekken when i dont even play that game. anyways GG’s to everyone.


eric lee- damn had to get you first. thanks for the housing/ride. you did good in mvc2 but FORGET MVC2!! its over!! stick with 3s :wink:

big pete from va - you had everyone ROFL when u were hyping up that tekken5 final…you dont even play the game, but damn. lol. good shit for being the loudest and funniest person there.

eric k - man FUCK urien, FUCK makoto; overall, FUCK 3S!! haha but nice games to you. i’ll have to get my mindset on 3S to get a better chance at beating you! good shit

jinmaster - thanks for the tips and thanks for holding a great tournament! your tournaments always draw out good comp. and always runs smoothly

team VA - good shit, had a lot of fun playing against you all. come to the silver spring gatherings!!

rugalb and steve h - owning everyone up in every game they entered. WE ARE THE FUTURE OF MD!! haha

robin - the anchor!! we couldn’t have done it without you. gg’s in 3s and mvc2.

3s crew - sorry that i couldn’t play more, but i was too busy being called everywhere to play. we’ll get some good games in next time!!

hmm cant think of anyone else at the moment…i might add more later…

see you at the next one!!

good shit indeed… hopefully next time we can get another d/c and more marvel heads :stuck_out_tongue:

it was a fun night indeed, and tekken finals were intense as hell ( rofl at pete )

big shout out to MD marvel players for the good games… and props to rugal b for the win…

see ya guys around next semester, i get to play with SoVa cats for a month now :stuck_out_tongue:

it was fun, next time i’ll bring more people to play GGXX#R
thanks for hosting the event.

Props to Jinmaster for running this shit smoothly, esp. with all the games goin on, thanks for stayin afterwards with your DC, I’m sure all the Marvel heads appreciated that.

goddamn rugal there isn’t game on this earth you can’t play, haha. Good shit in Soul Cal, Tekken, and Marvel. LOL, same with you Steve, but less SC, more 3s!!!

LMAO Peter, fuck Spanish soccer commentators, fuck Lil Jon, you are the hypest of them all!

Shout out to my Annandale/Starland affiliates, thanks for all the actual equipment and shit you brought. Flash/Crimson/Daniel/Jaguar good shit in in SC/T5, shit was hectic to watch when flash and crimson/daniel were playing matches at the same time:looney: def. up for more vf4, i would’ve joined the casuals if I wasn’t still in 3s.

WOJITO!!! FUCK YEAA!!!, lol peter makes Tekken so much more enjoyable^_, but good job once again man, NoVA savior!!! haha

alex(ypei)- lmao stop being such a 3s whore and just stick with Urien!!! You know none of us can fuck with that shield:smile:

good shit to john(devil jin) and your brother; nice to finally meet you man. If I come by Dre’s or UMBC, I’ll call your ass up; that Ibuki is too nice.

robin- lol i’ll try to bring pat’s ass next time if you head up here again man, that man is ONLY about poker, good shit in 3s too

and of course eric, don’t think I’ve ever actually played you in a tourney match before, that shit was pure giggity.:wgrin: Gonna keep working on my game, no doubt, thanks for the whupping though^_

I know I forgot some good peeps, but good shit all around. SOMEBODY GIVE PETER A MIC!!!

Omg, I used to be good at Tekken and now I can’t fuck with it. Too many Fengs, Ninas, and Steves so I can’t really do shit, but I think that I might start practicing hard core in it again…who knows.

Jinmasta thanks for the tight tourney man. That place is really laid back. You gonna have to show me some Nina.

Eric K: good job on making it to the finals, you had me shook for a second when we played earlier in the winners bracket, but keep working on your game cause you gettin mad nice. :tup:

DevilJin01/JB and BB: nice to meet you guys offline for once, too bad I didn’t get to play that ibuki and Alex in the tourney cause they were looking mad nice.

Robin and the rest of VA crew: nice seeing you guys again, damn I miss GT for sure.

Shawn Logan: I knew that I saw you somewhere before, I met you over Spracks house in Sova. Damn man, my mind is really gone haha. We’ll have to play some more when you get back.

Nice Team/Singles MvC2 Tourney, I got mad lucky but I wish I had taped that shit from the singles. Either way I’ll post up the vids after I finish editing cause that shit was mad funny.

See you next tourney.

Definatly liked the venue, Jinmasta. Snacks inside the place and Chic Fil A right around the corner.

Good meeting Devil Jin, Eric and some other peoples, whos names I can’t remember.

Nice seeing you again, Ramzaand Robin. Hopefully next time I can actually make it for casuals.

Good to see Guilty Gear’s still around. Maybe next time I’ll actually play, lol.

Too bad I couldn’t make it…

…anyway, good shit to Eric Lee and Rugal B. for winning 3s/Marvel.

Top MD, what’s really good?

Oh, and it seems like there was no one here… have more people next time and there’s a better chance I’ll show up. Pho rill.

that is a really nice and really disguised way of saying u guys need to get your shit together/u guys suck.

yeah i tried gettin on aim the day of but u werent on. then i tried callin cockman but he didnt answer my calls, as usual. i might try and hit the next one if i get some practice in. i dont wanna scrub out in cvs2 like i did at nec. and we can def get some poker in Robin.


rugalb and steve h - owning everyone up in every game they entered. WE ARE THE FUTURE OF MD!! haha QUOTE]

Now that is funny :slight_smile: I had to look on SRK to see this i need a real good laugh thanks


haha what do you mean by that?

Man i wanted 2 play in the tourny (-_-) but i had to work open till close.
But next time i will show up with my friends and we will take GGx back…wait better yet we will show up with food and drinks for everybody lol. Damn i hate missing out on good tournements…o and thanks for invite’n us 2 your tourney jin…laters

I mean what the fuck I said that shit was funny. U people out there are jokes to say the least. How can any of you be the future of Maryland when most of you suck. :sad: :confused: Matter of fact i can’t think of anyone that is new school that doesn’t suck. Sorry to break the news to you but your garbage. Step your game up before you talk abut being the future of MD. We don’t want the rep that people like myself,will martin, sparatik, issac, jody, skisonic, hanif, eric lee, koop, darryn, tracey, ed, ray, joe, kid, jason, gimpy, pete, frody, mike, nokato, even will halstock earned to be tarnished by some scrubs. Future? If your the future it looks pretty fucking bleak.

“It’s hard to run with my foot in your ass”


maybe next time some team tourneys for GG and 3s? just a suggestion so don’t send me ne pm flames

lol, good shit coming out of nowhere. hmm i wonder who retired you? and steve has beaten you many of times. if steve sucks, what does that make you? and besides, “the future” was an inside joke. but fuck that. last time i checked the only game you were decent at was cvs2. me rugal and steve are good are a variety of games. sorry but i think you should just stay in retirement because its too late for you to be good at anything else.

who is trying to shit on those people that you listed? did i ever say i was better than any of those people? try again

ummmmmmmmmmm this got really really stupid so


when is the date for the next tourney?? is it set yet