Washington State University

So as if it wasn’t already completely hella boring over in these parts, i just got out of the marine corps and my wife goes to school here and now i have to stay so IF ANYONE PLAYS AROUND HERE LET ME KNOW… (3S, CVS2, A3, ST)

Sorry man, I don’t live in Pullman, but that avatar is a classic havent seen it for a long time haha.

Doesn’t Jalbert go to school over there?

I’m down for 3s just about all the time.

found my origninal account woo

When I was in Pullman years ago, I fucking hated their campus so bad. I hated that Pullman was 439580439580943 miles away from human civilization. I doubt I’ll be going to that school in the future.

I would say something nasty about WSU and how this year’s Apple Cup was the worst game I’ve been to, but we’re all Seahawks fans here. And everybody’s on the same team when it comes to cutting in line going to the stadium bathroom.

word. im sure we could all say some nasty shit about Pac-10 teams in general (or even specifically the Washington teams). But a horrible year is a horrible year…:annoy:

Bump from the dead for the new school year…

If anyone in the area wants to play, hit me up.

Are there fighter peeps down there? I am curious.

Not really that I know of. Spent a while at our new union building playing some SC4, couple decent players and a couple total scrubs.

I’d be willling to drive the hour and a half drive or whatever from Spokane.

hey, this is my first semester at WSU, pullman. i haven’t played in a while, but i’m down for some third strike! i used to play mvc and mvc2 in japan, but i’m pretty sure my combos are old and obsolete.

Check your PMs.

Awesome 3s games w/ Gregbot the other night. Much rust was shaken off, and Pullman has gotten that much better. Also, CvS2 and Pride FC came in the mail today, if there’s some sort of CvS2/Pride specific lurker in Pullman perusing the forum.

Hey, I can dream right?

Pride FC, as in the mma game? That game was awesome.

i had a lot of fun playing 3s. i’m looking forward to some future matches JALBERT! haha. JALbert pretty much owned me, but i put up a good fight. i still have much to learn…including more than 2 characters ahhah!

Fuck yeah it is. Nobody gives it any credit, but it’s actually pretty deep and fun. I’m still learning new shit all the time about what characters have…

Bump from the dead. Had some pretty good games of SF4 at the CUB, talked about getting this thread back going. Anyhow, I’ve got 3rd Strike/AC and CvS2 on PS2 with two sticks, as well as SF4/Blazblue/SC4 on the 360, only one stick though.

Couple guys (Mick and George I believe) were talking about setting up some tournaments, they have a PS3 setup with SF4 and Blazblue as primary games I beileve.

If anyone wants games I’m almost always down in the evenings, PM me if you don’t have my number.

First off, f*** all you Pullman haters. :lame:

Second, I go to WSU, I play SF4 and BB mostly… I don’t have a whole lot of time for gaming now that school’s back in session, but if tourneys start going on, I’d be down.